Friday, December 28, 2007

what will you do in th new year

well i decided to change my wording some, was going to tell what happened thru the year but way to much bad things happened and need to change the subject before i get mega depressed decided to not even go there just focus on the finer things in life

starting with my exciting news. as you all know i have a etsy shop of my own

tonight i found out i had sold my first order on my etsy site. granted was only 2 skeins of yarn but darn it i DID IT wooohooooo

so now to add some more stuff to it because my friend kathy who has her own very succesful etsy shop gave me some pointers about how to improve mine so will follow her advide to improve it all since this year is my goal to make pots full of money and stash it all away for a rainy day hehe

now on to other subject. soon it will be a new year and while i don;t normally make new year resolutions , this year i m going to do my utmost toget this house cleaned out and make some money while i am at it hehehe, so starting next week when i have more free time, dang all im doing now is running fil to docs galore soon he will have the results and we can move foreward,

well am getting sleepy now so am going to go now and hope ya all have a wonderful new year and god bless and keep you all, remember if you Do have any resolutions come share with us and maybe we can help you thru the year to keep them. ciao for now and god bless you and keep ou safe in the new year ciao and know how much i care about you guys who are my friends and if you ever need me remember i am here. ciao and good night to you all

Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas eve

is offically christmas eve as it is 12:11 am on monday the 24th day of december in the year or our lord 2007 wow is that official sounding or what? well its christmas eve , soon we will celebrate christmas day , this year i tell ya i should have went to tahiti or some place tropical, i swear the only reason i am even doing as well as i am is my kids. they have helped me so much this year, buying each other things spending their own money lending it to me till i get paid the end of the month. im one lucky mom,

i can not remember a year that has been so bad, i want to just turn back time and say to myself this isn't happening but of course it is. well soon it will be 2008

which leads me to ask

does anyone have any resolutions they make on new years day? i have one i am going to make, i want to clean the clutter out of this house and make it livable again, one room at a time, i also want to sell as much as i can ,and save and i will make that happen just going to take alot of disipline and not buying things

hubby told me he thought i should make and sell teddy bears or dolls, i said that is a possibility. i mean with all the toys coming in out of china with lead poisening why not make a american made toy so am thinking seriously about that
i love my new sewing machine, it is my ticket to financial freedom and can not wait to get started . i got some cabbage patch doll heads from my friend fran's mom and i think i will make those first. i am debating too as to wether or not to sell most of my yarn(gasp i know , jean i can read your mind when you read that lol) but i have sooo much i am not using, i mean am not going to give all of it away or even sell all of it, like my alpacca i have, that's mine sister and dont you even think for one min i am getting rid of that THINK AGAIN!!!!!!

but i do have alot of other stuff that needs to be either used or sold. no more mrs nice wife. ebay here i come. when i think about how much i have and how i can not even get into the laundry room because the hamper is in the way because there is boxes and boxes of yarn in the hampers way why????????? cause i am a packrat, there i said it packrat PACKRAT PACKRAT i save everthing
must because we had to make due with everything and use it over and over
hey 5 KIDS cost alot to raise and yea i know they could have stopped after me but then shoot i wouldn't have my nance who i adore as a little sister

speaking of her i called her today to see how she was feeling too as we had to postpone them coming over because of my sickness and also hers, she said she is fine though so sissy better hurry up and get well before the kids get sick all over again GASP

anyways abbie got on the phone, mind you she is 4 years old and what a chatterbox, she said to me

vicki i made you something for christmas, i said you did? oh goodies i can't wait, i said you made it just for me and she replied in her 4 year old wisdom, i couldn't buy anything i don't have any money LOL out of the mouth of babes i told her i am anxious to see what you made me and thank you sooo very much, she said your welcome now say bye, i said bye and she hung up on me lol so had to call nance back. she was busy scolding abbie about not saying auntie, i said is fine lol

well am off to bed want to shout out to all of you my friends, fran,jacqui, sue, jean,joann,kari, kathy, both kathys, everyone lol

and everyone else, fiona hope your holidays are awesome, everyone merry christmas and i will be seeing you all on the boards
a special shout out to my marines. tom you take good care of those guys and they appreciate it, merry christmas to all of you keep safe and hopefully soon time to come home.

for all of you out there in blog land i hope this holiday season is filled with love and care family and friends, people who want to and do make a difference. thats what i hope for all of the world, that at least on christmas morn, that holy day for christians and all of you who don't celebrate the christmas season, whatever you do celebrate and when you can please do your very best to help others, to my family i love you all to my friends again i love you all

Saturday, December 22, 2007

winter solstice

happy solstice to those of my friends who celebrate the yule, today was a typical winter day. cold damp, painful for those of us who have health issues. i sit here tonight dreaming not of a white christmas but of a summer day, oh about 75 to 80 degrees, warm breezes blowing so i don't get to cold. i know alot of people don't agree, but hey thats why this is america so we can speak our minds without censorship.

so now on to the holidays, im not sure how the other ones are different than christmas(well i understand hanakkua some ) but i want to wish you all the best holidays you all can have.

im so far behind i still need to finish about 4 gifts not to mention not even close to have things done for my etsy shop. i need about 8 more pairs of hands. fran and i were talking about that the other day. wouldn't it be wonderful if we had all the hands we needed. for instance i am making my daugher a pair of "comfy pants, almost done all i need to do now is hem and put elastic in, then have a skirt cut out for her but will probably not get the skirt done oh well she is a big girl and will understand. the reason i am running behind is obvious and now will just get done what i can and the rest will finish after.

i was chatting with my friend jean tonight, she lives up north a ways (like out of the united states, bt won'[t say where as she would appreciate it if i didn't. anywhooo she informed me tonight that it is a balmy - 18 degrees, yes you read that right - makes me cold just thinking about it brrrrrr` anyways jean was great chatting with you, watch those fur babies for me.

while i am thinking about it, i have a couple o f requests for you

first off, please keep my fil in your thoughts an prayers, many of you know he has some heart problems that we did not know about and just found out so please keep him in your thoughts, and especially for my friend fran, her dad has some issues so please keep her and her family in your thoughts also.

well am off to snooze land. take care and a big shout out to my marines. god bless you all and keep you safe, till tomorrow, don't forget. santa is watching you :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hey ya all

sorry been so long. been sick with the crud, you know the stuff your kid brings home from work or school because others who are sick don't stay home and just HAVE to pass it around, well there ya go all this happened to me because of others rudeness. but i am use to it anyways sickies everywhere i go cough cough hack hack gimme a break

kk don't get me started lol i am feeling a tad better so am hoping to finish my wrapping tomorrow but will wait another day to venture out because unlike those kind i don't do that

been working on christmas pressents. tonight cut out some darling penguin comfy pants for dd she is going to love love love them for christmas, i also have a couple other things i want to make her, one being a skirt in this black lace and maroon fabric i am hoping to finish it by christmas lord willing and the creek dont' rise.

speaking of, please keep all of the people who have lost their homes to the devistating floods of a couple weeks ago in your prayers. fema now is just getting there to help. trust me you need to be able to take care of yourself for up to 2 weeks cause sometimes it takes the president that long to declare a national disaster.nd thereason for this i assume is because they need to see it up close and personal. i'm sure those who lost their homes to the floods and mudslides would be more than happy to showyou the problems sir. speaking of helping my dd told me that the tacoma joann fabrics is going to be having some kind of blanket making party and the blankets and i assum whatever else can be made to help will go directly to the people of centralia and chehalis. those who lost it all i am sure will appreciate any help they can get. will keep you posted as to when this happens in case anyone here wants to go and help.

i posted my famous "hogs delight " over at the crochetville site. in off topics so if your not a member you probably won't be able to see it but if you want it bad enough drop me a note and i will share with ya all Hehe see how nice i am

a big shout out and thanks to my friend kari for caring about me enough to ask how i am im doing alright hon thanks. also to my friends fran, kathy, suzee,and all the rest of you who i chat with(you all know who you are) thanks for being my friend it means the world to me to know you all care.

this christmas is going to be hard i mean already its hard, usually about this time we are getting ready to take mil shopping at the mall, now i have a hard time even going INTO a mall. i tried few weeks ago and walked right back out without buying anything with tears streaming down my face.m sure people thought i was nuts and maybe i am, but i sure as hell miss that lady she was not just a mil, she was my mom here in pierce county she was my mom when my own mom couldn't be, thanks for letting me whine and vent.i know i am a big baby but dang it i am in pain. both kinds it hits me right in the chest when i think about how much we loved her and how much we miss her. it don't seem right to celebrate christmas, but i know she would want us to go on, besides i think she is around anyways. you know the old saying pennys from heaven, how your loved one ius suppose to leave pennies around so you know they were there? well lately i have been finding quarters in the oddest places places i know i had not seen one there the day before. mom always did have flair lol im getting alot of them so think she must be hanging out here for now to help us thru.

well my peeps am off to snooze land and hope to feel better soon. take care and god bless you all hugs and love vicki

Sunday, December 9, 2007

happy monday

hey ya all, hows your month going so far, for those who celebrate the birthday of the christ child or better know as christmas are you all ready? is your decorations up, have you baked all the goodies you want to got presents to wrap or already done with those? o.k now you all want to know why in the world i am asking such stupid questions, its like this, yes i celebrate christmas, no only have about half of the decorating done although the house is beginging to look like the griswalds house in christmas vacation no baking has been done, few presents have been bought none wrapped in otherwords helppppppppppppppppppppppppppp. today is december 10th that means i have 2 weeks yup 2 measly little weeks to get done. still working on some gifts, had a order to do so of course that is coming first(almost done thanks be to the angels watching over me) why oh why am i so far behind, a few years ago alright many years ago i had presents bought by end of october( my kids knew they would not get the latest gadget, wether or not they begged to be good , some years santa grandma would break down and buy the 'must have' gift only to find it was forgotten come feb when the next must have comes out, you see i remember being a child a few(alright many) years ago and i knew that if i was very very good santa always brought me what i wanted, that was until my 11th birthday year.which will remain annonamous i begged for the original barbie house, you know the one i speak of, THE original cardboard one with lots of cool furniture ect. well i was soooooooo sure santa was going to bring it to me cause i had asked ever so nicely(and yes back them we at 11 did still believe sometimes) for that wonderful house for my barbie dolls which i loved playing with(11 year olds then are like 6 year olds now) i hoped and hoped and just KNEW i was going to get it , that is until the disaster of that awful year happened. you see its like this , i hada little sister who was the worlds biggest snoop and since she often would go sit quietly in places and not bother anyone my mom and dad never dreamed that this sweet innocent child was in fact the snooping police, sent to spoil all the dreams of good girls and boys. ah yes she struck that fateful day. i was talking to mom about how i hoped santa would bring that to me and she was sitting there listening while cooking dinner. she asked me to go find miss snoop and get her ready for dinner. and while i did this and found her she asked me if i really wanted to know if i was going to get my barbie house. i said oh yes i want to let santa know, well out of the mouths of bratty little sisters she leaned over and said i saw it, i said saw what

she said i saw your barbie dream house in the closet, i said nooooooooooooooooooooooooo oh nooooooooooooooo how could you, she said shhhhh don't tell mom cause you will get in trouble for snooping HA we all knew who that was but of course i didn;'t want to get in trouble so come christmas day i acted very suprised that i recieved that wonderful gift from the jolly old elf himself moral of this story, there isn;t one, just thought you might like a laugh but this truly did happen and i don't know yet if i have forgive my snoopy sister yet hehe jk of course i have and we have laughed many times over the years when we saw our own daughters become snoopy and also sons in my case. in years past i would buy the gift wrap it and store it in the garage, course that was when they didn't have keys to the garage or house as they were sosmall and little. in keeping with this posting please share with all of us what your most awesome wonderful fantastic present that the hohoho jolly old fat man gave you, i think besides the doll house my most favorite thing was the year when we 3 girls(and not niss snoopy as she was so small yet!!!!!)was the year when mom and dad tricked us, see my father built things, and my mom had been asking and asking for a new coffee table and end table, one day we went out into his shop andasked what those big boxes were. seems santa had a helper this year. he told us that since mom wanted her furniture wwell he had made it for her yea right dad and would we mind very much having our name put on then she would think was for us and when we opened the boxes she would have been suprised well was not her that was suprised was us you could have heard us clear across the city when we opened those boxes, see they didn't have furniture in it but sting ray bicylcles. THE top ride in those days , what a wonderful suprise that was.

so please share your most memorable holiday, it don't have to be only christmas as i know alot of readers celebrate in other ways and faiths so if you want to please tell us your most remarkable one and the one that just 'sticks in your mind as the one that was THE celecbration,, the one you remember. so until then i wish you all happy holidays

Saturday, December 1, 2007

why must things be this way

warning major rant ahead.if you don't want to read me to complaion then this is a posting you don't want to read. ok i warned you.

now as you all know my mil passed away a few months ago and while i have tried to be patient with my husbans, but the man is driving me nuts, and no im not already there but getting there fast

his latest thing is he comes home from work and looks around the house as if to say oh god shs did nothing again and frankly it pisses me off. because i do work, i work darn hard around here , maybe i can,
t clean way up high and maybe i have alot of issues with that but it realllllly hurts my feelings when he don't even ask me how i am today , just looks around and shakes his head. his excuse my moms house never looked like this (yes it did when she had gotten sicker the last few years of her life) AND its not like my house is dirty. messy yes, dirty NO. we live in a very small house and we have alot of stuff, so we need to get rid of some, yes i realize that but the only one who has made ANY effort to that is me and im sick of it. today i reached my ends whit, i refuse to talk to him until he acts like a human being and not a arrogant jackass. last night when he got home and laid down he just shook his head ad said what did you do today. oh lets see, laundry, dishes, went to the doctors, paid bills went and bought the freaking lights you wanted butthead. and now if they don't have replacment bulbs you don't want it. next time you get the stuff you want, and don't ask me to find them for you.. k now i am done ranting

how are all of you, am worried about some of you have not heard from you, you know who i am talking about girl come visit,

so who is ready for the holidays, and which traditions do you follow? we might put the tree up tomorrow if i can finish what mr butthead wants done

well till later my friends i bid you adeu and may your days be filled with lots of love and fun filled thing to do with your family and friends and remember till the season because jesus is the reason hugs and love

Sunday, November 25, 2007

hey ya all

thought i would pop in and say howdy, how was all of your thanksgivings? mine was very hard but we made it through, although i swear my mil was there. i was whipping the cream when i tried to turn the mixer off some how as i lifted it up it came back on and OMGOSH whip cream EVERYWHERE, now you ask how i could possible explain how my mil was with me? well one year we were at my house and mom wanted to make divinity. she never could make that so i said alright. so as i was pouring the hot corn syrup and sugar into the pan, and mom was suppose to be doing the mixing, well i had said something and she didn't hear me and instead of shutting the mixer off and asking me again, she turned with mixer on and OMGOSh divinity EVERYWHERE. on the floor, ceiling, on the cupboards. counter EVERYWHERE, and talk about sticky cause its full of sugar and corn syrup. gosh have not made any since. maybe this year will make some. sitting here watching the seahawks getting their butts kicked. comeon guys you guys are better than this. darn it now i have to listen to my son and hubby driving me nuts.

yesterday i sewed all day made 3 tote bags for sale, a hook case and a plastic bag holder. well until later will talk to ya soon god bless and keep those good thoughts and prayers coming, i can sure use them ciao for now my wonderful friends talk with ya soon

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

december celebrations

December 1 is . . . . . National Pie Day and Eat A Red Apple Day
December 2 is . . . . . National Fritters Day
December 3 is . . . . . National Roof-Over-Your-Head Day
December 4 is . . . . . Wear Brown Shoes Day
December 5 is . . . . . National Sacher Torte Day
December 6 is . . . . . National Gazpacho Day and Mitten Tree Day
December 7 is . . . . . National Cotton Candy Day
December 8 is . . . . . Take It In The Ear Day
December 9 is . . . . . National Pastry Day
December 10 is . . . . Festival For The Souls Of Dead Whales
December 11 is . . . . National Noodle Ring Day
December 12 is . . . . National Ding-A-Ling Day
December 13 is . . . . Ice Cream and Violins Day
December 14 is . . . . National Bouillabaisse Day
December 15 is . . . . National Lemon Cupcake Day
December 16 is . . . . National Chocolate Covered Anything Day More Info on Chocolate
December 17 is . . . . Underdog Day and National Maple Syrup Day
December 18 is . . . . National Roast Suckling Pig Day
December 19 is . . . . Oatmeal Muffin Day
December 20 is . . . . Games Day
December 21 is . . . . Look At The Bright Side Day, National Flashlight Day,
National French Fried Shrimp Day, and Hamburger Day
December 22 is . . . . National Date-Nut Bread Day
December 23 is . . . . Roots Day
December 24 is . . . . National Egg Nog Day
December 25 is . . . . National Pumpkin Pie Day
December 26 is . . . . National Whiners Day
December 27 is . . . . National Fruitcake Day
December 28 is . . . . Card Playing Day and National Chocolate Day
December 29 is . . . . Pepper Pot Day
December 30 is . . . . Festival Of Enormous Changes At The Last Minute and
National Bicarbonate Of Soda Day
December 31 is . . . . Unlucky Day

all this information was found at

thought maybe ya might want to know some of the silly things people do and get a nice laugh at it too ribbit

hey ya all

sorry have not posted in over a week, me bad , so many things going on right now, am trying to get house cleaned for thanksgiving(hubby is sooo picky i might tell him do it yourself :D) also have alot of orders i need to finish and get out. 3 tote bags sold one more for a friend and then on to christmas things also have a baby and mitten set sold almost done, also finished a scarf i had a order for and a crochet hook holder is done and waiting to be sent. also have sewn a bit more thing, sof ar 3 almost 4 hook holders a sateen pillow case, and 2 neck warmers. oh those are sooo good. i made one for dd and also my auntie.

need to get busy on christmas presents, i think after thanksgiving will take a entire day and just craft, i know i can get them done RIGHT???? ok so if i don;t is not the end of the world means more work next year lol.

what are you all up to, any special thanksgiving plans, anyone traveling on a big jet plane to go home or to grandmas house, sort of over the hill and thru the trees to grandmothers house we go. gosh i wish i could, this time of year i miss my loved ones who have gone to the other side sooo much, all i would like to do is sit down to my grandmas fried chicken mashed potatos and gravy and green beans,. oh the memories. i have alot more than that but won't bore you

today my little itsy got mad at me, i don't blame her really when i was giving her her can of cat food i accidently ahem dumped it all over her. OMGOSH was she mad at me, started meowing like i had stepped on her. so had to come in and open another can for her. then and only then would she allow me to pet her. little stinker, wasn't like i did it on purpose or anything.

well am off to clean house, just thought i would pop in and say howdy,. a great big shout out to robert , have missed ya my buddy glad your back around god bless ya all this day and keep those who are serving in the armed forces in your thoughts and when you sit down to yourbeautiful table using your best china or even paper plates and tv stands, remember those brave men and women who are giving up their thanksgiving at home se we may be free, to my marines i thank you and you will be getting a nice size b0x in a couple weeks well maybe 3 got to wait till payday to send besides gives me more time to REALLLLy stuff it full, god bless you all each and everyone of you. remember your blessings and if possible maybe reach out to those who are in need. every year we donate 25.00 to the rescue mission, that feeds 10 people on thanksgiving so little does sooo much. my wish for you all is you have a happy healthy day and enjoy all the good foods coming your way, but remember not to over eat or mr tummy ache will pop in and make himself known darn that guy, tums de tums tum as the commercial says, personally i like rolaids chewables lol ciao for now and remember i love you all

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Today is Veterans Day Thank a Veteran

Today is veterans day, a day we are suppose to do much more than have off for a holiday, why is there a veterans day. let me tell you,

when this country was called to war for anything at any time there were some brave heros who answered the call, many people say not our fight. be it as it may, it is our fight , once americans are in danger. How do we thank them? well see its like this , when you see someone in uniform, ask them for a moment of their time and then respond to them in a positive manner. recently i was at the bank when a soldier from the army opened the door for me, his mother not only taught him to be brave but also to be polite, so after i walked thru the door i turned to him and said "sir, i just want to tell you how much i appreicate you and your families sacrifices, knowing that we remain free because of people like you and i for one am very thankful" his reply was " its my pleasure mam" now you tell me why i should not thank this man, i realize he chose to serve his country, after all but i still wanted to tell him that i he was appreciated. the military is one of the lowest paying jobs for young men and women and alot of time when they have children , they are on public assistance and get food stamps, yes they have their medical paid for but often have to wait all day to see a doctor sometimes as they can only go to a military hospital if thats the only medical they have

my point is if you are thankful for being free, thank a vet, not just you'll think about it DO IT say simply say thank you!!!! and god bless you all veterans for which we would not be free, as your sacrifces are not forgotten god bless america and all of you reading this

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Etsyshop

hi the name of my Etsy shop it shadowboy

the link is

please take a peak now and then only have 2 items right now but will be adding more thanks for looking, and if you want something and don't see it there give me a shout out and i will probably be able to make it for you. ciao for now and god bless hugs

Did you vote?

today across this great nation people cast their ballots to change the laws of this land or preserve them depending on your point of view lol i personally voted with my heart and not all was a popular thing for all but it was my choice.

today worked around the house and then tonight got to talk to fran , jacqui, jean and my friend jessie whom i have missed lately. only problem i had was yahoo kept booting me off and i lost fran and jacqui. sorry my friends.

i also joined up to a new site over at kari and davids new site, the name is in my favorite places to blog, i was very happy to find that they decided not to close the board as i can only chat with a few people there, we all live such busy lives i know i love logging into my forums and see what my friends are up to.

weather here has been nice although chilly, not anywhere near what last years was, this time last year we had over 15 in of rain , this year we are actually dry wooot, not that i don';t like rain i do sometimes, but not when it makes me hurt so darn bad i can;'t see straight.

tonight i worked on the house for a while, did some laundry dishes ect. then sat and crocheted for a while. as some of you know i have a etsy shop and i FInally figured out how to tell you the name so here goes

i hope that is right if not will be back to fix it shortly lol

right now i only have 2 items in it a baby blanket and some realllly nice cashmere blended yarn. you will love it if you buy some but hurry i only have 7 skeins left till tomorrow when i am not quite so tired

(have to go to the doc tomorrow to get my meds refilled ) and thank the good lord its time as i am hurting and scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to my meds, need to reschedule so is not so long between visits i think. anyways i am tired and going to bed as soon as dd gets home and she is on her way, so until tomorrow comes i bid you all sweet dreams and lots of happiness and good health, may you all prosper in any way you choose. ciao for now

hot flash help

hey ya all i am going to give you some information that i found to be not only helpful but wonderful. as we all age we go thru changes , well thats me 50+ and having hot flashes, well my friend Fran over at told me about her herbalist and how she has a tonic that would help it, now me i am all for helping and especially naturally as i have problems taking meds that help with it like bc pills. well fran was kind enough to order me some and then i sent the doctor(and she is licensed) the money as soon as i got it, its called female serenity tonic and you take a few drops in a hot drink(i use tea as i am such a tea aholic)since starting this 2 weeks ago, i have had not ONE,. yup not one hotflash or flush as the docs call it. i did ask my reg doc about it and he said was fine to try so here is the link for ya all to chec out, btw you don't have to be going thru change as it is a tonic for all women, frans daughter and mother take it as does she. and it helps i know your thinking yea right??? but would i lie to you, i mean seriously take it as you would, but do so with a open mind and you will be suprised. take care and ciao for now

i highly recommend this site but make up your own mind.

ciao for now. hugs and blessings to you all and remember only you can support the troops. we all need to do our part. at least say a prayer or send good thoughts for their saftey. god bless ya ll hugs

Monday, November 5, 2007

what does it mean to you to be a american

As i look towards November 11th coming up i think even more about our men and women in uniform.both those who are serving this country, and those who have already given so selflessly of themselves, and their families, for all of you out there in cyber space (and where ever else this blog seems to be read)

i sit here in gratitude unlike any other you will ever know, for the men and women in uniform who died for this country so you and i can be free, so many people take freedom for granted.. what is freedom,

lets break it down

in some countries, if you speak out against the government, they behead you

in some countries, women and children are raped and mutilated because the tribal elders say its this way, would that happen in america<>its not suppose to. sometimes bad things happen but the law does NOT allow it

in some countries you

might have some dictator who decides that you looked at him wrong so your a spy(yes it does happen) then they execute you

in some countries the people don't have the right to say how they want the goverment to run, its all picked out by the good old boy system

in some countries people can NOT vote and it is useless to even try. won't happen

tomorrow is election day for some of you. in the consitutuion of the united states, we the citizen shall be given the right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. now and for always

tomorrow get out there and vote, tell your government how you want our country to be run, there are laws being made this way. get off your duffs and change this country back the way it use to be before so many evil and greedy people decided to make america THier america, . if you believe in our country post a bit and tell me how it feels to make a diff.

so for our veterans and those who are serving now i thank you and am deeply indebted to you for my freedom. and ya know something I LOVE AMERICA yes thats right i shouted it out for all to read, be proud of this country and make a diff if you can in someone life, you know the old saying its better to give than recieve. it is such a true statement,

for all my friends who are veterans, i thank you and salute you, for all of the men and women who are risking their lives in a country and region where americans are hated above all , i pray for your safetyyour sacrifices and your loved ones sacrifices also, may you soon be home each and every one of you home to live your life in freedom and love, god bless you all hugs to you all and my marines who i am in contact with all the time. i salute you thanks my friends.

Friday, November 2, 2007

its friday woooot

my favorite day of the week, much nicer than say a monday don't ya all agree. i got my machine and ya know something i have not had time to use it this weekend for dang sure . things are hectic around here. still cleaning house will probably take me till the end of nov to finish it enough for holiday entertaining. speaking of the holidays, i need to ask ya all something. as you know my sweet mil passed this last july 11th for some reason no one in the family feels we have the need to continue to celebrate holidays, is like the whole world revolved around her and i am so frustrated. fil won't leave his house, is afraid now that he will be robbed. odd he didn't think ANYTHInG of leaving mom there alone defensless. makes me angry , but i guess it don't matter now.

and hubby he says its going to be awful for HIM, what about the rest of us i ask, you don't understand he says. i who have lost my entire family except for brother and sisters don;'t understand? this hurts but i say nothing as i know he is grieving but dang it, we are important too. kids are pretty much the same way. don't feel like doing anything for thanksgiving, or christmas for that matter. and when asked why not i get because is not the same. i wonder if they would grieve this much if i died. seriously make me wonder. maybe i should go away for the holidays take a trip somewhere alone, but i don't have either the money or the energy to do it. maybe i will adopt a family instead. that way i could be helping someone and not so depressed myself
i understand its hard to get thru the firsts, first birthdays, anniversarys holidays ect. anyways just needed to vent thanks for reading and if you respond thanks for that too.

well today is a bright sunshiney day but cold. we had frost last night too, down in the 20's can we say brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

well am off to clean clean clean, gad i am sick of cleaning, i joined flylady though cause i so need some encouregmant and not getting it from my family , ya know its a sad day in our lives when we have to depend on others who we only know online to give us encourgment. sucks if ya ask me, not that i don;t love ya all , but my family is suppose to do be here for us. oh well life goes on, off my pity box today, this weekend will be the 3rd weekend in a row we have not had our date day on sat. i am getting a tad upset but can't force the issue and next weekend my lil sis is coming , i am so excited have not seen her since last christmas , even though we talk all the time its just not the same so thats why this weekend will work work work to make the house better. don;t ya wish you were samantha from bewitched, and could twitch your nose and instant clean. wow would that be awesome.

well am off to clean wish me luck, i hate house cleaning and wish i could afford a house cleaner. but alas not happening so is up to me to do the work, boy will i be glad when i see the doc next week and get my meds refilled am so low isn't even funny so am suffering now because i needed the meds then, life is a struggle for me knowing i have to budget them even when hurting so very badly, tell this to my pain filled body.

yesterday the trial wrapped up on a man and the companys who caused a poor woman to be permently blind and disfigured for the rest of her life. her name is maria Federici, here is a link on the story this poor woman has gone thru hell literly and they are trying to place the blame on her. just ticks me off,

kk on now to say ciao i will be back tonight and hope ya all have a wonderful day ciao and god bless hugs too from me to you, bye for now

Thursday, November 1, 2007

i have a etsy shop

hey ya all guess what, i have a shop on etsy now i am so excited. i hope i can sell the items and make some money so can save up and buy hubby a snow blower so he won't get hurt this year. my shops name is shadowboys treasures. im not sure what the url is so just go to and then type in my name. if anyone knows how to get it so i can see without having to type the name in let me know please. kari your good at that sort of thing. give me a helping hand darling lol watch for new and awesome things soon to come in my etsy shop., hugs and happy thanksgiving, ya all thought i was going to say happy halloween didn't ya, but i can't its over booo booo booo lol. hugs and goodnight am pooped this listing things is tiring:D ciao

Friday, October 26, 2007

bloggers please note

for all of you who posted comments in my blog contest i need your information. anita that means you too sweetie lol i sent the prizes to fran and michele and also nichol yours is on its way. everyone else i need the info please either pm me at the ville or you can leave me a message with your info on it and won't publish it i promise, otherwise have no way to get ahold of you and you will forfeit your prize and thats a shame as its a nice skein of yarn from italy please leave me comments by oct 30th after than it will be done and you will lose your chance. sorry to have to tell ya this but i need to send the prizes out and can't without a address, jean you can decide what you want to do and im me if ya want. hugs to ya all take care vicki

Thursday, October 25, 2007

we have a winner

the grand prize winner of the contest here in the nest. drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the grand prize winner is kari woioohoooo way to go girl all others will also recieve a prize also, a nice skein of italian yarn. so will need addys for those of you who have not responded . i promise i will not put them online so don't worry bout that alrighty? let me know asap as want to close this contest now so maybe have another one soon, this was fun take care and chat with ya all later hugs vicki

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

am i tired or what?

hi ya all, boy am i tired. after a long haul i can honestly say to you its finished, floor cleaned, any little thing out, new machine time woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo

i can't believe it i worked sooo hard at it and now i am so excited given me more energy and determination, tomorrow the kitchen then after that will decide where to go, this house is much to small and we have talked and talked about building a shed or a garage and why what for so we can just store it for our kids to have to deal with it . thats STUPID in my opinion. so therefor am flyladying my house thanks so much to all of you who have given me the encouragment to help me get thru this big job.

this year is going to be hard for us for the holidays, some talk of just not doing anything and i am torn between letting my family grieve or for forcing the issue because as much as we miss mom life goes on. i miss her so darn much i stopped at the cematery the other day just to say hi need to get some flowers and place them in a vase and put them beside her and sit a spell . is odd ya know

ya always think that it is never going to change,that life is forever. one doesn't take their mama to the doc for a sore throat, just expect they will get some meds and come on home. i can still to this day see her smiling face telling me how much she loves the music i had put in the cd player. even not feeling good she loved music. what ya all don't know is my talented beautiful mother-in -law had a music carear before she married my fil, we have alot of her recordings and let me tell you, she could sing, i remember grams telling us how she broke a champagne glass with her high C note, she sang with the voice of a angel and was offered a recording contract, but in 1950 very few women had both a career and a husband and child and especially not in a italian family, she was told nothing doing so that was that sad if you think about it

sorry for rambling on about my special angel i feel her with me today. rubbing my back as she always did when it hurt so bad i couldn;t stand it, mama, i sure miss you sweetie

i talked to my sis today, she told me that my ex bil died of lung cancer, he was only in his early 50's and a heck of a nice guy, rest in peace ed, you will be missed

so now am trying to figure out what to make with my new sewing machine i think i will make the christmas quilts for the nieces and nephews,. simply easy ones to make, just 2 pieces of material that you put together with batting abbers is going to get dora you know who dora is don't ya? and sam my man is going to get fire engines and stuff. cause he is de fireman
on that note am off right now but will be back tonight lol after my sons halloween party if i have the energy, if not will be tomorrow take care and talk soon, have a great day ya all

ya got to check this site out

hey ya all, come visit my friend hilarys cafe bookstore the link is and she has some awesome things in there make sure you bookmark her site its reasonable and you will love what she has. t-shirts , hoodies ect check her out and give her a plug on your site if ya like what ya see ciao

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i did it wooooooohooooo hot dawg and all that jazz

yep yep i did it i did it, only thing left to do now is clean the floor, has lots of yarn dust on the floor hehe, sooo now i have to go back and see who posted for my contest then draw the name for the big one, the rest i will need your addy so please give me your email and i will email you and get your addy cause everyone and i mean everyone wins in this cause i soooo appreciated your all cheering me on, some of you i know your addy but give me a shout out anyways , you know my email already, fran i don't need your addy i know it kari not sure if i have yours handy so please send it to me again, and then anita if you want you can pm me your addy at the ville and jean not sure what to do for you sweetie let me know if i can figure out a way to send your prize. michelle i need your addy and there is 2 other people who posted and i need to know how to contact you, you can post your name and email and i promise will not make it public, just need it to send you your prize. for the grand prize is one of 2 things a 10.o0 amazon gift card(if i can figure out how to do it, or i can send you a flat rate box of yarn, which value will far exceed the 10.00 your choice . the rest of you i have some nice italian yarn am going to send ya each a skein of if you let me know where to send it to. :D i am pooped believe me, if i left anyone out please don't feel slighted and just drop me a line in the comment section and will get it touch with ya. take care ya all and godbless you all for helping motivate me. getting my machine this weekend woohooo. i hope anyways. hubby said as soon as we can get out there yipeeeee!!!! thank you everyone i am so happy now

Sunday, October 21, 2007

i have a problem

so here is the deal, tomorrow the 22 is my deadline for cleaning my dining room out.well because of several things happening i have not had all the time to work on it so my hubby said he is giving me till wendsday. now for my problem, if for any reason i do NOT get it done until tuesday night(actual deadline is 12 am wendsday the 24th) so if i for some reason do nor finish it the 22 tomorrow i have decided as a fair way for all who participated in my contest to take your name and put it in a hat then have my dd draw a name for the bigger prize, all others will recieve a smaller prize which while isn't the most wonderful i think ya all will like it hehe. so i am going to do my bestest tomorrow to finish, but with my back being as bad as it is and not having anyone to help move the heavy boxes i have to lift(instead have to empty them then move them takes forever) so for some reason i don' finish until tueday do you think its a fair way to determine the grand prize winner? post your thoughts please and let me know if you think i am being fair. now mind you this is ONLY if i DON'T finish tomorrow as one of you did post the 22nd,. fair enough? good cause is what i am doing lol lol lol.

now for how my weekend went. are ya ready to hear what a whacked out weekend we had? hmmmm??? alrighty you asked for it bewahahahahahahaha

saturday starts with hubby having to go back to work, yep back after spending 16hours there on friday. seems someone forgot that a sub was suppose to be called in when one is sick which left basicly hubby and one of his crew to do the entire job. trust me he was NOT happy, so fast forward to saturday morning. after he left i got up did some laundry(what else am i suppose to do at 6 am?) then fed the cats and sat down , fell back asleep sitting up with my eyes open really thats what they said when they woke me up. how wierd is that. then off to brunch time. hubby usually has a big breakfast or in this case brunch before we go out on our saturday "date" so i decided to do the dishes before we left as i figured rightly no one else would bother. (why is it always a moms job to do the dishes) so as i was getting ready to do them i turned on the hot water and it was cold,.wierd i thought hmmm what in the world, so told hubby we only have cold water, could the tank be empty? he said no of course not we haven't run it for a while. so i tell him that of course it is colder than a horny toads warts(halloween humor) and he said oh thats odd, so has me go out to check and see if the hot water heater is on, well its not, not only was it not on, it was drowned in rainwater, not only drowned, but the pilot light was blown out,. dang it was wierd, we finally i think figured out why then it was how to fix it. first off i must tell you, there is not a thing out in this world that if needed to be fixed my husband would not try before calling a repair person( we never have had to he always fixes things) so after drying as much as the water out with a paper towel, then he uses Qtips to clean the orritors(his word i have no clue what it means) then he used his wet dry vac to vac out as much water as possible, and lights it, boom thatbaby is going strong YES!!! then sizzle and pop and silence once again

yep it went out again, hopefully he can start it again he trys once more and nothing,so i say to him should we just buy a new hot water tank?( a handy person i am NOT!!!) he gave me the look as if to say bite your tounge woman, there is NOTHING i can;t fix that is mechanical./ so once more he does it all and then wham bam kiss me sam he gets it lit and whoosh away it went and is still on. yeaaa we have hotwater once again. so then we sit down to our dinner of left over stew(i did manage to get some made after all) theni sat down and tried to go online,. nothing nada zipperooo, finally i get on. then proceded to fall asleep while i am waiting on a auction on ebay i really wanted course i lost. oh well thats life i suppose, so anyways this weekend sucked as far as i am concerned., life right now is rather stressed but i am blessed in many ways, mainly that i have a man who knows how hard it is for me to give away half of my life, but we also need to have our home back and its way out of control so this is what has to be done and i reallllly love that new sewing machine i am going to get :D also i heard from the gy sgt of a marine plattoon i send goodies to (

you can choose which branch of service you want to send things to, can be as simple as writing a letter once a month to someone.i send packages of goodies , cost me very little in contex of what these heros are doing for us.

so anyways today one good thing did happen, the seattle seahawks won whooooohooo bout darn time after 2 losses in a row , my faith in them has been restored. then this evening i was watching the boston red socks beat up on the cleavland indians. lord those boys kicked their butts, i was not rooting for boston either thank you. so now they will go off to the world series(actually game 1 is in boston) and while it seems they can't lose, the colorado rockies are soooo going to kick butt,. hehehe, i love playoffs the teams who make them are all so good and i love listening to my hubby and son who usually have opposite opinions on who is going to win hehe

we had a nice dinner, the kids made marinated chicken and mash potatoes with our own home grown corn, man oh man was that good stuff , yummmmmmmmmy hehe talked with my buddy fran tonight, glad to know she is feeling a little better, she has been sick. while i have not heard from joann i am still asking you keep her in your thoughts. well am off to surf ebay before i head to bed so wish me luck and tomorrow bright and early(after watching montel hehe ) i will be working toward my goal wish me lots of luck and for those who are dissapointed i didn't make it please don't be i have had to do other things also and well i am slow and a woosie :P anyways i promise to let you know tomorrow cheer me on my friends, i need to destash approx 7 to 10 boxes i am thinking so will be a hard decision for me to get rid of all my wonderful yarn, seriously i love it so much i sometimes just sit and pet it hehe especially the alpacca, omgosh that yarn is awesome . joann i will get you some hon when your feeling better as i got it at the yarn store

so am off to crochet a bit, i have joann as my partner in the bookmark swap and i am thrilled now i can spoil her some more hehehehe. so till tomorrow when i am slaving away please o please send me some energizing good thoughts and prayers that i can finish, i hate not doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done. good night to you all god bless you and keep you safe. good thoughts and lots of positive nergy remember , i need it BAD anywhoooo goodnight ya all peace be with you and have a wonderful monday thinking about me destashing hehe hugs and XXX

Friday, October 19, 2007

dare i say it???:)

the end is near oh man that doesn't sound good does it. LOL just fooling ya all, but seriously the end is near the end of my dining room looking like a over stacked storage shed. i have a few more boxes i need to go thru and getting ready to do that cause that is the key, for me to destash more, you would think after going thru maybe 40 boxes and getting rid of the contents of most of those boxes that i should be done, well i SHOULD be

BUT i'm not 3 more days to go, deadline approching very fast . am i worried, what do you think? course not i know i can do it, although tonight my back tells me other wise , is screaming in pain right now from all that i did this week, today had some realllllllly heavy boxes which i know i should not have lifted and i tried really i did, but with no one to help me what was i to do, although i didn't actually lift it full, for instance one of the boxes had my patterns in it (some of them actually not all lol) but what i did was take them out and then carried the box then restacked them into it. still alot of lifting but not a heavy box anyways so techinacly i was good really mom i was lol, i am changing the color cause to tell you the truth that orange is making me nausiated lol

although is the red any better LOL, am really tired tonight, so probably will not stay on long but get off and go to sleep soon, i did make a big pot ofstew tonight had it ready at 6 sharp one tiny problem I WAS THE ONLY ONE HOME GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, but the nice thing about stew is leave it on and if
it sits it thickens more lol soooo was nice and thick and yummy lol

tomorrow going to work on the room again, i will get this done come heck or high water. and the way its been raining could be high water time anyways lol

really though we are not in danger of any flooding although several people are, so please keep them in your prayers, well am off to lala land, need sleep more than anything so i bid you all goodnight,

back to the old salt mines lol goodnight all and god bless you all sending hugs

Thursday, October 18, 2007

wow i am doing great

today dd and i worked in the area that has become my own personal hades. seriously how i managed to get all this stuff in here is just beyond me. i must have been nuts. my goal after i have my stuff cleaned out is to never be in this position again, seriously how much yarn does one woman need. i probably still have more than enough to open my own store, i know tomorrow dd would help but she will be off going places she has things planned mainly she gets paid and wants to collect her money. which i sooo understand, BUT now comes the bad part for me is i am still going to have to go thru about 12 more boxes of stuff and get rid of that much. i have room for maybe 5 more boxes, i have over 12 left sigh cry whine LOl soooooooo i will tuck my feet down and decide that i shall make someone else happy and get my items under control. now on to the good news WE HAVE FLOOR!!!!! mind you my house is small and i mean small by standards today. most people who have a 3 bedroom house has 2 or more baths(we have 1!!!) and bedrooms aren't much bigger, what i do have is a nice sized kitchen and dining room, in fact my kitchen is probably the size of most peoples living rooms, my living room is larger than mosts but its those pesky bedrooms and since they are that size i decided at the time to be stupid. but now for the good news
i am going to be finished by monday the 22nd, i refuse to lose so keep those good thoughts and comments coming, they are helping. so far only a few have said when you think i am going to be done, kari, fran and jean and i think priscilla all said it i have to look back and see to make sure but that is what wil qualify for the big prize.mind you its not a car lol but is something i know we all can use and love. so get those fingers typing lol.

today we had a mediocre wind storm, the people around here crack me up. i had to go to walmart to get ink for my printer as my son uses it to print out his weekly news letter for his kids and their parents love it, his enthusism is amazing and everyone there loves him which of course being his mom makes me proud. my dd has a chance to become manager of her department, maybe if the store manager does his job, and don;t bring a outsider in, but back to my laughter lol i couldn;t understand why everyone was freaking out, i mean it was a little wind not anything horrible and you would think that it was a hurricane or something. sheesh lol

well ya all i hate to blog and run but dang am pooped sop ciao for now and will see ya all tomorrow hugs to ya all

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

i'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkk

hey ya all, am back and so tired i might even fall asleep right here typing lol i worked alll darn day long, didn;t even stop for lunch or even breakfast lol, had chicken nuggets for dinner that my daughter took pity on me and make them for us, didn;t get the stew made nor the turkey nothing, did get laundry done and also a major amount on my area wooohoooooo have more yarn to get rid of, going to send to a gal from the ville a little bit, i know what its like to be a young struggling college student with no money for yarn so its coming soon sweetie i picked out some super ni

ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk help running out of time

sooooooooooo i am on the 5 day count down, now hubby decides he that he wants a nice dinner tonight WHAT I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TO DO????? seriously been thinking and thinking of what i can make that won't take me to long and have decided on 2 things, 1 either defrost and bake the turkey loin or make beef stew. both are easy to do, and actually sound good, am leaning toward the stew because then it is A dinner which would all be done, little problem though, the kids don't like beef stew, but ya know something i DON'T CARE!!!!! they can make mac and cheese then .

The weather is horrible, this morning poor riley was freaking out and i had to go out there in the pouring rain and pick him up and cuddle him, he stuck his little cold nose right up against my neck and started purring to his little hearts content, hubby is going to find the kennel for the garage(we cant let them run free cause they will scratch hubbys vintage car (THOSE BABIES WOULD BE TOAST!!!)

my friend joann has been having a really hard time with some health issues and i would really appreciate you saying some prayers for her. she has had a really bad time and she needs all the prayers she can get. so asking ya all to remember her.

well am off to work, wish me luck will post tonight what i got done tonight hugs and squeezes hehe

Monday, October 15, 2007

my day

today i had to go and pick up my meds and while i was out decided that i was going to go the vets for less to get itsy some advantage flea meds. while there i was behind this elderly lady who was crying, i being the kind of person who goes where angels fear to tread asks her are you alright. well this poor lady just lost it, she told me how she had lost her baby grand daughter , when the angel was only 6 short weeks old as her heart was not formed properly, then she said how she had lost her daughter not more than a year ago, and now her princess was sick, she had a uterine infection and had to have surgery to correct it, cost 850.00 this lady says to me, how am i suppose to pay that i can't lose my princess. so she pays half with her credit card, the other half she don't know what she is going to pay for it but somehow will find a way. so after she left i asked the girl, was she on the up and up, she said yes she had been there many times as a patient. so i took some money out of my purse and asked that they put it on her bill, not going to say how much cause thats between me and the lord, but i made a challenge to all the people there. she had about 400.00 left owing
and so i said i am donating this much, how many of you can help this lady first no one spoke, then this younger girl paid some money on it
then pretty soon somebody else paid some on it, well by the time we were done she only has to worry about half of the amount she had left owing and i am hoping the employees will make up the differnce,. by donating this money to a lady in need it came back to me already. ya know we all need to do what we can to help others, but for the grace of god it could be you or me, my reason for posting this was not to brag about my good deed, nope in fact thats why i am not saying the amount, the reason i am saying this is today we changed her day for the better, now maybe she has some hope. hope is something we all need. without it life is not worth living. sometimes when my spine is sending out severe pain attacks, i close myself off from the pain as much as i can and think about how blessed i really am. i am blessed , it could have been so much worse, my daughter could be paralized or i could have been we could have been killed but we weren't, and there was a reason for it. so i do feel blessed.

kk now off the business of all the attitudes and on to another subject
mostly ME!!! i worked in my room again and am slowly getting there. i put together a bunch of boxes, and now am pulling out the stuff and am getting it culled out, tomorrow am going for the big guns, i want to be able to see the floor tomorrow. i probably will have another bag of yarn to get rid of somehow, i know just who to give it to hehehehehe.

now am getting into boxes of patterns, i will be having a harder time to divide those and getting rid of, i think . i am going to try and sell as many as i can
and believe me i have tons of them
i have almost a entire double collection of crochet worlds. so i will be selling those in lots of several not sure how many at this point though.

well am off to lala land as it is getting late, remember post for me and win a prize hehe, seriously anyone who posts qualifies for the prizes hehe, well am off to bed take care all god bless ya all


today is the one week deadline am soooo on this, working towards getting this done, come on and make a prediction. i am about 80% done and the one closest to the date wins the prize, BUT i have made a desision that since all of you have taken your time out of your busy days so everyone is going to get a nice prize including you anita since you posted also even though you didn't understand the question cause i was a dunderhead and posted it wrong lol. kk enough now just a reminder one more week OCTOBER22nd is the deadline. oh did i mention i already have one all picked out :D kk so am off to work after a nice breakfast to warm me up and get my energy level up. ciao for now more later tonight will update the progress :D hugs and god bless all of you, oh and one more thing if you happen to see a person in uniform Military personal any and all branches, well tell them you appreciate them believe me it will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling and they will appreciate it more than you know!!!!!! CIAO FOR NOW

Thursday, October 11, 2007

wow am i tired

today was a good day, first off i worked around the house for a while,. did some laundry and basicly just worked around the house doing the stuff one has to do lol, then i went to the bank, then went to the local starbucks where i met priscilla and gave her a ton of yarn. her girls are soooo excited to be getting new yarns. let me tell you, those kids are good kids always wanting to help others. in fact what they did for my marines i sponser every month thru the web site, when priscilla and i were talking a couple days ago, she mentioned her girls were going to be making christmas cards and letters for the troops, so i asked her if they could make some for the guys in my marine unit. they did yeaaaaa awesome girls

so i worked around here afterwards and got alot done and am on task with my room i had written a big long post here but being as tired as i am i accidently deleted most of it sooo sorry bout that my friends. am now going to sign off before i realllllly messed it up. good nightya all hugs and and have fun

Monday, October 8, 2007

craft room again

i noticed after reading the previous post i didn;t make much sense, so here is the contest. i have decided to ask you all to write to me some encouraging words and to guess when i will get this done. my deadline is oct 22nd now this is what i have to do,,, my crafts and all things contected to them have overgrown my craft room so am going to have to destash big time. tried selling, no one was especially interested in buying yarn from me guess they would rather pick it out themselves i can understand that although why anyone would want to pay full price just to see it for themselves is beyond me but ah well life is life sooooooooo

now here are the rules (yes there is always rules)

you need to post a comment in 50 words or less why you think i can get this done(boy do i need some encouragment) and the 2nd part of it is guess what day i will be done., the closest to the actual date wins the big prize, if i get alot of comments then will be a prize for that too. now back to work for me i am such a slave driver bewahahahahahahahahahahaha
so for all of you who read my blog, give me some help my friends i am lagging and i soooooooo want that new sewing machine hubby promised me if i get this done but oct 22nd . hugs to you all and god bless

craft room

well update as of sunday oct 8th, i now have about 1/3 of it done and moving forward, hubby gave me till the 22. which is 14 more days, think i can make it. i am sure hoping togoing tocause i realllly want that sewing machin have a poll, so vote away, i think i will have a contest too, think of your reasons and in 50 words or less tell me why you think i can do it and maybe there will be some nice suprise(there will be for sure !!!) so for now i best go to bed so i can be all rested up and raring to go lol

Sunday, October 7, 2007

scary day

yesterday something awful happened in pierce county washington, the atlas foundry where they make alot of different things(not sure exactly what they do but know it has to do with casting metals ect.) but back to the reason for this posting. hubby and i were headed out for our satueday afternoon date(every sat we try and have a just us date) we couldn;t understand where all the traffic was coming from, so we switched to another road which was worse yet. as we were turning around to find a diff way to the resteraunt, we heard this loud explosion and saw a huge fireball in the sky, oh sh*t we said what was that. i told him i wondered if it had anything to do with atlas as they pretty much are the only thing in that area of town its been in business for over 100 years i believe the news said. what happened no one knows, except somehow a truck filling a propane tank somehow caught fire and blew up. the truck driver is in critical condition tonight the news asked the hosipital and there has been no change. what astounds me is the force of that explosion lifted the semi truck up and blew the axles off of it, throwing it thru the sky towards hwy 16 which is a good 150 feet away. and what REALLLLLY astounds me is that no one was hurt from this truck axle and tires landing on hwy 16. on a sat afternoon when normally that section of freeway is packed. all i can say is god must have had a guardian angel with that truck driver, realisticly he should be dead, but so far god willing he is alive and we pray he remains alive. here is a link if you all want to see what i am talking about
i am asking any of you who pray to pray for the injured as well as the employees. i can't imagine going back to work there after seeing what can happen. is astounding to me that no one was killed. i added mr Mcdonald to my churches pray chain, and am asking all of you who has one to also do that. ,
soooo then we finally got to the restaurant and omgosh talk about slow service, food was good but pricey and i had to go to the counter to order my own food. we had gone to katie downs before and use to be a nice place, is still nice but different ya know, so doubt we will go back there.hubby had one beer and it cost him almost 5.00 for a pint of microbrew. he is still ranting about how much to this evening lol
he needs to get over it lol,
fall is here for sure, weather is hard to take this early in the season, the weather people are predicting that tuesday the 10th we are going to have a stronger than normal wind storm, what that means no one knows how strong it is it will be although now they are saying it may stay off the coast. what is so ironic is back in 1962 i believe it was, we experianced the strongest winds ever recordered , was what has become known as the columbus day storm . winds of excess of over 100 mph tore up the entire west coast from california to washington
i remember this storm very well as i was only 6 years old. my folks had gone to reno and we had stayed with a neighbor, well it was the weekend and my grandma asked if i could come an stay with her until mom and daddy got home, the neighbors said yes so gramps came and picked me up, that night it started getting really windy and i was scared spitless lol, so you know what my sweet grams did, she asked me to bake ginger bread cookies which we did and to this day i bake them on columbus day, and we enjoy themj here is hopin g they are wrong about it being bad,. till next time i bid you adeu hugs and loves

Sunday, September 30, 2007

hey ya all

hi everyone, sorry been so darn long, been super busy, hope ya all had a nice weekend i did. hubby took me out to dinner saturday for my bday which is today 10/1 i am offically middle age now i guess (snickers) i admit to being 39 hehehehe, other than that wellllllllll shhhh not telling anyone

today went over to fil and he gave me a nice present of 50.00 which was amazing coming from him, normally he don't do anything like that shocked the crud out of me

today hubby has to have his root canal so it isn't going to be much fun for him, i feel bad for him, this should not have happened , if that idiot who did the first work, had done it right then it wouldn't be where it is now. he would not have had to suffer and we wouldn't have to pay out big bucks, but what can ya do. anyways if any of you would be so kind to think good thoughts or send some prayers my toms way i would be greatful. i forgot to tell you he bought me a new pair of shoes too and let me show him the sewing machine i really wanted . once i get my stuff done. which will be soon i have to just buckle down and do it, is so darn hard though getting rid of what i consider my friends(yarns) i can always see something made from it.but then i remind myself i can also see lots of nice things made with my new sewing machine hehe

i am putting katies afghan together, started it a while ago and got back to it now,. everyone has been soooo incrediabley awesome and generous in helping me make this for her. its going to mean the world to her.

my friend joann recently had to have a masectomy(double) and she is in my prayers , wanted to ask you all to include her in how ever you worship or even send good thoughts her way.

i talked to a couple of my friends down under yesterday and the day before and they said is getting hot . it is wierd, this time of year is spring for them and we are headed into fall, yet it seems like maybe they are headed into summer and us winter. have a bad feeling is going to be a hard winter with lots of cold and snow, in fact the weather people made a comment the other day that this year is a la nina year
which means brrrrrr and get the shovels out, if it does become that way am going to go out and buy hubby a snow blower he can use here anda t work. the idiots at his office non of them have a brain to work with and maintence does nothing to help so last year he jumpe right in and cleared the areas so no one got hurt, only one who did was him, droveme nuts so snow blower it is yupppers.

tonight harvested the huge amount of tomatoes we have, before you can ask how many let me fill ya in on it, 3 big boxes and 2 collanders plumpfull of green tomotos. the good news is it will take a while to ripen(i hope), if not the good old spagettie sauce lol

also picked the corn, this is the first year we ever ever had corn ripen. as soon as hubbys mouth is better we will have to eat some at a later date.

i am trying to think of something awesome to make my kids for christmas, but so far am batting zip. any suggetions?

dd is easy as pie , ds is harder
maybe sew him a quilt like i did dd ormaybe something for his classroom.

3 more months in the year to go. what did you do in 2007 to make the world a better place, i hope i did a good enough job of helpng fil when mil passed away.

i splurged last week when i made a visit to yorkshire yarnsi had been eyeballing this hank of wonderful store filled with the softest baby alpacca. omgosh i have been enjoying playing with i, i bought some red and a light rose, and while that was a nice hunk of change i spent i figured i was worth every single dollar. am making a a stole in the pink. am using my new jimbo hook i bought, oh wait since fil gave me monry for my bday wooohoooo lol,

well ya all am going to bed, have to be up bright and early to take hubby in, take care ya all and good night hugs and love from me the birthday girl :D

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