Friday, November 23, 2012

happy belated thanksgiving

i am so sorry did not blog  yesterday wishing you all a happy thanksgiving        so am saying it now, I hope you didn't eat to much. For those who   braved the crowds today on black friday  i hope you  got lots of  goodies and   saved  some money to shop on when cyber monday    if anyones  interested in   jewlery or a cute hat    check out my  etsy store      for a limited  time am offering free shipping  on purchases of  20.00 or more  world wide.    thanks   my friends for all the wishes and  see ya soon.

hugs and love   vicki

Thursday, November 15, 2012

hello my friends

Greetings my  friends how are all of you, so sorry has been sooo long since i blogged. life seems to just get away from me sometimes as i deal with  the  things in life that happen.    

  Sooooo   today i sit here   in pain more pain than normal as i had oral surgery  on monday and the dentist took  3 teeth, thats the bad part of my  injury and meds  they affect my  mouth making it sooo dry and  that affects my  teeth  so they had to go  sigh .

    Tomorrow is my sons and hubbys birthday and  since i am still healing    we have decided to have their birthday on thanksgiving. OH MY GOSH is it that time already?    NOt sure what we are  having but know will enjoy it alot(especially now after having to eat soft food for a week or more)

   I'm working on a pair of socks  my own design and hope to maybe  write the pattern out and share with  all of you but will see how good i am at  writing it down hahahahaha

  had a craft bazzar a couple weeks ago and didnt do toooo bad but  next year will be more prepared ,Kayleen (sons gf) and i were not prepared  but we will be for next year

   wanted to say hello and share some of these pics with you. peace love and happiness and a happy thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it  love ya vicki 

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