Monday, January 31, 2011

congratulations to my friends trisha and brian

congratulations to my friends trish and brian , they are the parents of a baby girl born on January 29th, she weighs 3 lbs 05 oz and is 16 in long. her name is kelsie elizabeth

prayers are with you all for her to be home with you soon. love vicki

Sunday, January 30, 2011

mondays musings

sometimes i wonder why things are as they are, what reason was there for me to be living like i have had to be. i mean what reason does god have that he wants me to suffer this horrible pain i live with on a daily basis.

sure wish i knew the answer. then if that was not enough i have this heart condition now, my life i have now i would not wish on anyone,

i just wonder do any of you wonder what purpose your life is for?

Friday, January 21, 2011

is anyone really EVER ready for retirement?

well here we are again another week gone by with my wonderful husband still off work due to a eye injury. if this is a prelude to retirement i can tell you right now will go nuts and do one of 2 things, either go and try and find a job or go nuts sigh,

its not that i don't love the guy i do dearly, but he is sooo driving me up the wall with his whining and acting so damn helpless it is about doing me in,

he isn't the one who has the bad heart I am and he is acting like he cant do anything is driving me crazy, i finally put my foot down tonight and told him to stop, just stop now he is all upset at me saying i don't care etc talk about acting like a child i just want him to grow up this is ridiculous ok got it off my chest now back to regular scheduled blogging lol.

i have been making these little sheep earrings and stitch markers with charms and beads and have alot of people getting them from me here is a sneak preview as to what they look like and you will be able to find them soon on my etsy store just click the link and hope it takes you there , if for some reason it does not work you can search for sellers and add shadowboy that will take you to my store

here are a few pics to show you what they look like before i list them if you are interested in any let me know and we can get you a special listing or you can buy them off of me here anyways enjoy and thanks for listening

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

some pics to share

some pictures for you to enjoy will be posting more even soon, as for who and what they are obviously the top one is mount Rainer one of my most favorite places to be.
this beautiful kitty is my sherbie boy see my ugly mugin the background i was holding him and taking his picture talented aren't i?
this picture is from my back yard is a morning sunrise.
and this picture is from last summer, is my beautiful hydrangias close up waiting to enjoy this once again such beautiful flowers
and last but not least for now is a sunset picture from my back yard

am sooooo waiting for spring and summer to come :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

what i made my kids for christmas :)

i made this mickey mouse quilt for my son and this day of the dead comforter for my daughter. they were very pleased with them what do YOU think? the mickey quilt is not quite done here but have not been able to get a finished pic yet as he is way to happy with it to give it back to me for photographing lol but this is the top piece. enjoy!!!!

Please check this out is important for furkids

hi i belong to a group on ravelry that is afghans for animals and its part of a animal rescue group.

while many of us have fur kids and consider them to be part of our family ,many others do not.

They think a animal is just a possession,
something they have the right to do with whatever they want but that is totally wrong .

It is people like Lisa Craft and the others on ravelry who run shelters for these babies until forever homes can be found who are the true heroes.

take a few minutes and check out her blog

leave a comment for her if you appreciate what she and the others are trying to do.

here in washington state i have been so blessed to be part of helping little ones.

this last summer. with the help of pasadas safe haven ,
we were able to place snickers and her 5 babies(kitties who were at dh work) safe shelter then placement with the help of the southbeach humane society.

A big thank you to byron wilkes. You my friend made this happen as well as the future placement of the others as soon as we can corral them lol

My family and myself have rescued 8 other cats and taken them in at both houses so are pretty full up right now but i can tell you ,it is all good.

For all who care about furbabies god bless you.
For those of you who abuse them then may god have mercy on your soul, because if anyone of the people i know catch up with you ,well you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
thanks to everyone who do love animals god bless you

Thursday, January 13, 2011

why does it seem winter will go on forver

ok since we are half way into janurary how long will it be before spring is here.

old man winter has been giving us nothing but stress and the ice and cold and snow are soooo depressing, planted some spring flowers and wanting them to come up so bad lol

life has a way of wandering thru our minds, teasing us with warm days then hitting us right back down with cold and wind ice and snow , cold rain and then once again sun filled days, but always cold here in janurary.

dh has been having some diffucult days with his eye i am asking for prayers for him from all of you that he soon get his vision back and is back to work soon. ty and hope you enjoy these pictures love vicki

Monday, January 10, 2011

help the fur kids?

hi guys want to do something awesome and help the fur kids look what you can get to help them and make sure they have a chance at a life, its people like lisa and others who foster these precious babies and give them love and care but they need our help. gather your cc or paypal and buy one of these wonderful calendars you won't regret it love vicki

Sunday, January 9, 2011

how rude people are

ya know sometimes i think people enjoy being rude.
for instance, i had posted on her a while ago about my heart condition. while i did recieve one very nice posting from a friend i had made on ravelry,

i also recieved a very rude comment and of course the person was not man or woman enough to leave their name, just bitch about my posting how it all runs together. SOOOOOOOO WHAT, its MY blog, don't like it don't read it and next time don't be such a chicken leave your name so i KNOW who you are , mainly so i can avoid you. what a jerk

Saturday, January 8, 2011

who do u trust

recently i had made a comment to a so called friend about another friend who i had not heard from in some time, i mentioned i thought maybe she was mad at me i didnt understand as i had sent her money for dinner and alot of things and just didnt understand why she was not in contact. thought maybe i had done something wrong, yet knew she had been online talking to others. so my so called friend said dont know and we left it at that then today i got a text from the one i had asked about and said she had heard what i said(which was nothing bad but she seemed to think i was being nasty) i told her i had said that wondering if she was mad at me, i feel so betrayed by the one i thought was a friend who by the way said alot of negative things about the other person as the one i had asked about had done to me about her but i didnt run right back and tattle that he sais she said GROW UP neither of you are my friends anymore cant trust either of them i hate people sometimes i have done nothing but try and be nice to people helping when i can and this was the thanks i got so go screw yourselves im done with both of you

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