Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas eve

is offically christmas eve as it is 12:11 am on monday the 24th day of december in the year or our lord 2007 wow is that official sounding or what? well its christmas eve , soon we will celebrate christmas day , this year i tell ya i should have went to tahiti or some place tropical, i swear the only reason i am even doing as well as i am is my kids. they have helped me so much this year, buying each other things spending their own money lending it to me till i get paid the end of the month. im one lucky mom,

i can not remember a year that has been so bad, i want to just turn back time and say to myself this isn't happening but of course it is. well soon it will be 2008

which leads me to ask

does anyone have any resolutions they make on new years day? i have one i am going to make, i want to clean the clutter out of this house and make it livable again, one room at a time, i also want to sell as much as i can ,and save and i will make that happen just going to take alot of disipline and not buying things

hubby told me he thought i should make and sell teddy bears or dolls, i said that is a possibility. i mean with all the toys coming in out of china with lead poisening why not make a american made toy so am thinking seriously about that
i love my new sewing machine, it is my ticket to financial freedom and can not wait to get started . i got some cabbage patch doll heads from my friend fran's mom and i think i will make those first. i am debating too as to wether or not to sell most of my yarn(gasp i know , jean i can read your mind when you read that lol) but i have sooo much i am not using, i mean am not going to give all of it away or even sell all of it, like my alpacca i have, that's mine sister and dont you even think for one min i am getting rid of that THINK AGAIN!!!!!!

but i do have alot of other stuff that needs to be either used or sold. no more mrs nice wife. ebay here i come. when i think about how much i have and how i can not even get into the laundry room because the hamper is in the way because there is boxes and boxes of yarn in the hampers way why????????? cause i am a packrat, there i said it packrat PACKRAT PACKRAT i save everthing
must because we had to make due with everything and use it over and over
hey 5 KIDS cost alot to raise and yea i know they could have stopped after me but then shoot i wouldn't have my nance who i adore as a little sister

speaking of her i called her today to see how she was feeling too as we had to postpone them coming over because of my sickness and also hers, she said she is fine though so sissy better hurry up and get well before the kids get sick all over again GASP

anyways abbie got on the phone, mind you she is 4 years old and what a chatterbox, she said to me

vicki i made you something for christmas, i said you did? oh goodies i can't wait, i said you made it just for me and she replied in her 4 year old wisdom, i couldn't buy anything i don't have any money LOL out of the mouth of babes i told her i am anxious to see what you made me and thank you sooo very much, she said your welcome now say bye, i said bye and she hung up on me lol so had to call nance back. she was busy scolding abbie about not saying auntie, i said is fine lol

well am off to bed want to shout out to all of you my friends, fran,jacqui, sue, jean,joann,kari, kathy, both kathys, everyone lol

and everyone else, fiona hope your holidays are awesome, everyone merry christmas and i will be seeing you all on the boards
a special shout out to my marines. tom you take good care of those guys and they appreciate it, merry christmas to all of you keep safe and hopefully soon time to come home.

for all of you out there in blog land i hope this holiday season is filled with love and care family and friends, people who want to and do make a difference. thats what i hope for all of the world, that at least on christmas morn, that holy day for christians and all of you who don't celebrate the christmas season, whatever you do celebrate and when you can please do your very best to help others, to my family i love you all to my friends again i love you all


Anonymous said...

Just kidding!!!!!!!!!
Now how did you know I would react to that?????????

Does that ,mean I don't get any Alpaca yarn???
I've been really good!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Me again. Had to leave another comment.

I second the idea of making teddybears.
My mom's friend makes them and sells them for a fortune.
She does really nice work.
Her name is Ruby and she makes the bears out of people's fur coats and also fun fur.
They are really nice. Jean

WilBlg4Yrn said...

Hope you had a good Christmas my friend.

PeWee said...

I think hand made toys is a GREAT idea!

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