Tuesday, November 6, 2007

hot flash help

hey ya all i am going to give you some information that i found to be not only helpful but wonderful. as we all age we go thru changes , well thats me 50+ and having hot flashes, well my friend Fran over at crochetville.org told me about her herbalist and how she has a tonic that would help it, now me i am all for helping and especially naturally as i have problems taking meds that help with it like bc pills. well fran was kind enough to order me some and then i sent the doctor(and she is licensed) the money as soon as i got it, its called female serenity tonic and you take a few drops in a hot drink(i use tea as i am such a tea aholic)since starting this 2 weeks ago, i have had not ONE,. yup not one hotflash or flush as the docs call it. i did ask my reg doc about it and he said was fine to try so here is the link for ya all to chec out, btw you don't have to be going thru change as it is a tonic for all women, frans daughter and mother take it as does she. and it helps i know your thinking yea right??? but would i lie to you, i mean seriously take it as you would, but do so with a open mind and you will be suprised. take care and ciao for now

i highly recommend this site but make up your own mind.


ciao for now. hugs and blessings to you all and remember only you can support the troops. we all need to do our part. at least say a prayer or send good thoughts for their saftey. god bless ya ll hugs

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