Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What a summer its been :)

summer is gone  but not  forgotten by far, this year has been  a  strange one, yet  not in a bad way.

first off  hubby retired   july 1st after 42 years  so now while i use to have some "ME" time now its all  "our" time  which is hard for me to adjust to.

Things have been up and down but  so far  i would say we are adjusting (while slowly  we ARE  adjusting)With this came changes in our medical and while  i was able to keep my doctors(thank you lord)  i did have to switch pharmacys and while  it may not seem a big deal to many to me it was.

when i took my  prescription to the pharmacy to be filled i was accused of "forging" the  prescription and they refused to fill it until calling my doctor, and while i would love to not give these  guys my business they are only one of  very  few who carry my medicine so i am kind of stuck with them. I did give them a 2nd chance and it went  fine the next  time i went in but believe me i was not amused nor happy to be accused of a horrific "in my book"  crime  that  if it WERE  true could have put me in jail for many years. so grrrrrrr  nuff about the bad.

on to the good, while hubby and i did not really go anywhere  (our kids did a bit of traveling so  we  stayed around to take care of the  house and furkids  they take care of)  we did have some  fun   just  hanging out  and enjoying life with the kids.

we did do another garden at  kids house as the house here  is not a  good place for a garden (and they have a huge one all ready  dug so why not share it hehe)

i planted green beans  both pole and  bush,  peppers  onions  scallions(which is a mild form of  onion)  garlic tomatoes  cuumbers and all the herbs to go with it.   here is a few pics of the tomatoes  (they taste as good as they look)
we also had loads of pretty flowers and  here are a  few pictures you can enjoy of those

and last but not least to  end the summer what better way than a  concert by one of my  favorite bands  "The Eagles"

saw them  at Seattle  center  at Key Arena and let me tell you they were  fantastic  my special thanks to my kids for   letting their old mom   hang out with them and enjoy the wonderful concert

In  closing i just want to tell all of my  friends and   especially my  family i love you guys and hope that  fall will be as much fun as  summer. I have been busy  working on  items for sale and also for friends   hoping to  have another craft fair we can go to soon but not sure if it will happen or not, sadly my pain level has gone up and while i love to crochet to  avoid it  my shoulder and elbow on my right arm has been  acting up so may have to learn how to do it all left handed  bewahahahaha   ya all know how i am NEVER give up 
Peace and love to ya all   come back soon and  post a  greeting if ya all read this   bye for now    love Vicki

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A wonderful time was had by all!!!

Last  friday   i  went with my  kids Lonny, kristy and sons gf  kayleen to see Ann and Nancy Wilson of the  awesome band Heart!! and also  saw Jason  Bonham whos  father was  John Bonham in the  great band  Led Zeplin  and let me tell you it was  AMAZING AWESOME  FABULOUS  OUT OF THIS WORLD  TOTALLY  FANTASTIC  concert  i have been to since  seeing  Sir Paul McCartney in July.

Its been a   wonderful summer weather wise and   we enjoyed it with  lots of fun with each other good food  lots of music including going to see  bands we grew up with, Also saw  Sammy Hagar recently soon  going to see the EAGLES  in seattle  will be a  fun time for sure.

here are a  few pics of the Heart  / jason bonham  concert we saw  recently I hope you  enjoy the pictures as much as i enjoyed the concert  thanks to both of my kids for making it happen for me   love you guys soooooooo much  

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