Friday, July 23, 2010


hi everyone sorry been so long been super busy giving my yarn and patterns away. found someone who can use them and acually even cried when i told her no charg see she lost all her yarn and all her patterns to hurricane katrina that evil bitch. when dd and i went up to see bunny she was so happy she kept saying i had this and i had that it soooo made my happy that she was happy

today marks my dear hubbys and my 31st anniversary dang thats a long time lol not sure what the plans are for celebrating but the kids always do something so will have to wait and see. been busy making my jewelry and hope to have some posted on etsy site soon check it out and if there is anything special you need want or just HAVE to have check with me first the addy is thanks all

off to visit the 4 baby kittens am fostering while we catch mama and the other baby before taking them to their new home in long beach will blog more about that later hugs and love to all i know who care what happens love ya vicki

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