Monday, September 22, 2014

Why are citizens punished for what the government does

My daughter  received notification that she would be losing her health care coverage  at the end of the month, why? because the  idiots who got the  faxes i sent did not  bother to read them, now we have to go through the appeal process and  hope and pray she  regains  coverage, because this is not  just for someone with a cold  flu ect this is for someone who almost DIED  because she did NOT have it before(health Insurance). so the jackasses in Olympia have not bothered to  realize without the coverage she  easily could still die due to her blood clot that is clogging her carotid artery.totally blocking it and if it happens to break loose. she will either suffer a massive stroke, a heart attack or it could very easily kill her. please please pray she gets it back  thanks to all my followers and those who care enough to read this blog love vicki

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