Friday, July 17, 2009

hey hey

hey ya all how ya doing my friends, sorry been a bit since i posted been ubber busy with life and all that goes with it hubby starts his vacation soon and not sure when will have chance to post for a bit so thought before he does i would make sense? even a little? oh goodie lol

not sure what we are going to be doing but he has a whole 5 1/2 weeks yippee skippy can ya tell im excited? REALLY? cause im not and to be honest i don;t know what the heck i am going to do, i just know we will tear the heck out of each other lol.
am working on a comfortghan for his cousin michael who has cancer and is undergoing another round of chemo, this poor guy has had his fair share of problems so please keep him and his sister maryjo in your thoughts and prayers for cancer to hit one member is bad enough 2 is almost more than auntie can handle from both of her kids to have to go through, i made maryjo a comfortghan but am still working on michaels. luckily they do not know my blog addy bewahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
is late and am tired so ciao love you all enjoy the pictures oh by the way can anyone identify the pink flower? is a guessing game no prize just for fun hehe hope ya all are doing good will catch ya later hugs and love

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


is late and am tired wanted to share a couple of pictures with you i have to get up in a few hours for the doctor so am headed to bed and get some sleep but wanted you all to enjoy these couple pictures will be back tomorrow night same time same place holy batman lol

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