Thursday, September 30, 2010

hello all of my blog readers

im sorry has been such a long time since i posted, life has a way of getting into my space and time.

a big hello to all who follow, i have been busy once again working on the craft room from hell .

i need about 4 days all alone which i can lay things out and then decided what to keep and what to get rid of and then decide who to give it to.

i am going to share with the women prisoners at the womens prison at purdy. they make things for their family for gifts and have to supply their own yarn, this is something i can help with they will be able to use the yarn and make things for family and friends for gifts which i think is awesome so am happy to help will have help with this by a new friend i met on ravelry she said would be happy to take it to them which saves me a ton of work and travel time as this friend lives close to there.

well tomorrow i hit the big 54 my dd and i are going to go out to lunch and then tomorrow night will have dinner at the kids and my son said pressies woohoo i love pressies. i have already gotten some birthday greetings even though it was ahead of time and i loved them all and those who sent them to me tytytytytytytyty

back pain is getting worse i sooo wish i could get a job that would help with bills and medical premiums, i KNOW dh wants to retire asap we had talked about him waiting till he was 62 which is only 2 more years from now, i can not believe he will not wait knowing how much it will cost us 1500 x 14 months is alot of money and thats IF i can keep what i have, which is doubtful for the first year yes but after that i have to have ins that will cover my medical issues and prescriptions when he retires his net pay now will be his gross pay for retirement until we get social security which he can get at 62 as well as i can as his dependant and being disabled i qualify course if things keep going the way they are now in 5 years there WON'T be any social security or so frustrated can you tell?

i'm worried about mojo have not seen him for a week now he may be coming and eatting when im not watching but lately tried to just catch a glimps of him but he seems to have vanished along with poor old midnight.

that poor old cat was coming to eat every single day and i have not seen him around since last week in fact was same day mojo was here now i think of it that REALLLLLY worries me, have checked the web page of the animal control and everywhere i can think of mojo please come home i miss you and love you

well gonna scoot for now here are a few pics to entertain you all

tonight been playing with my fur kids. for some reason they all wanted to pick on sherbi poor little guy okok im going lol till i blog again(and will try hard to do so soon) ciao

Thursday, September 16, 2010

this week sucked

this week totally sucked. i started out tuesday on a lovely note, was headed out to best buy to get a couple dvd's for the kids then was suppose to go to the dentist when i started the car i thought nothing of it, cloney came into the yard(neighbors cat) so i opened the door of the car got out to move him, because he was laying in the middle of the driveway so got the little bugger to move headed back to my car, and the door shut. im like oh no biggie can open it right? NOT the damn thing locked on me, how i dont know but i did it so here is my car running in the yard and i have no way to get in and shut it off. thankfully dd was home and she got the keys from her dad and brought them to me ................ sigh..............

so then i decided to indulge in some retail therapy and went to tuesday morning got some awesome deals and will be posting some in my etsy store soon, then headed out to the kids and remembered i needed to get my meds, so got them stopped at the grocery store(not saying which one right now) and had gotten some grocerys was headed back from the frozen food aisle and i slipped in some fort of liquid and if not for my cart i would have fallen. as it was i wrenched my back and its still hurting. the manager was atotal jerk didnt even seem to care i was hurt, didnt ask if i was ok if i needed medical help anything didnt make out a accident report nothing. so yesterday went to the store asking if they would make a report out, i said i was hurt and they acted like i was faking it, i saw the boy who had cleaned the spill up and said he saw it, so then they decided to believe me, the guy asked me if i had fallen and i said no the cart caught me, he laughed and said something to the line oh the cart caught your fall thats wonderful then LAUGHED, i said gee it might even be funny if i wasnt HURT total jerk tried to get into docs today but he is booked till monday so will see him then what a day totaly sucked hope today is better hugs vicki

Thursday, September 2, 2010

thank god for prayers

got a call this morning from my friend and sis in yarn that her dh was hit by car on the way to work. he rides his bike and was on his way to work. thank god he is ok bumps bruises and sprains snd his hand was dislocated then went back in so god was watching over him glad you are ok sterl love ya guys

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

poll here

my sis cheryl says i should get a job in yarn shop when my dh retires what do you all think? should i or should i not this is not a scientific poll just am curious as to what everyone thinks lol let me know hugs vicki

morning all i hope you are all having a good week. today is wednesday and i am more than ready for the weekend to come(even though it means dh will be home)

he went back to work after almost 6 weeks off and if this is a prelude to retirement i am sooooooo going to look for a job or something can't deal with him 24/7 for that long.

joined several swaps on ravelry such a nice place and most people on there are awesome, met a few who were users but not to many and since i have cut the ones out of my life that are users i feel so much better.

still going thru my yarns and will be putting some up for sale also patterns lots of good deals coming soon so come back and check often, going to try and get the items listed by the middle of the month so please check and see if there is something you want. am willing to ship international but payment must be made by paypal, domestic i will wait for a money order but i need to have it paid paypal im sure you understand with the rate difference in all countries but am willing to ship international no problem

hope ya all have a wonderful day and a great weekend hugs all love vicki

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