Sunday, September 30, 2007

hey ya all

hi everyone, sorry been so darn long, been super busy, hope ya all had a nice weekend i did. hubby took me out to dinner saturday for my bday which is today 10/1 i am offically middle age now i guess (snickers) i admit to being 39 hehehehe, other than that wellllllllll shhhh not telling anyone

today went over to fil and he gave me a nice present of 50.00 which was amazing coming from him, normally he don't do anything like that shocked the crud out of me

today hubby has to have his root canal so it isn't going to be much fun for him, i feel bad for him, this should not have happened , if that idiot who did the first work, had done it right then it wouldn't be where it is now. he would not have had to suffer and we wouldn't have to pay out big bucks, but what can ya do. anyways if any of you would be so kind to think good thoughts or send some prayers my toms way i would be greatful. i forgot to tell you he bought me a new pair of shoes too and let me show him the sewing machine i really wanted . once i get my stuff done. which will be soon i have to just buckle down and do it, is so darn hard though getting rid of what i consider my friends(yarns) i can always see something made from it.but then i remind myself i can also see lots of nice things made with my new sewing machine hehe

i am putting katies afghan together, started it a while ago and got back to it now,. everyone has been soooo incrediabley awesome and generous in helping me make this for her. its going to mean the world to her.

my friend joann recently had to have a masectomy(double) and she is in my prayers , wanted to ask you all to include her in how ever you worship or even send good thoughts her way.

i talked to a couple of my friends down under yesterday and the day before and they said is getting hot . it is wierd, this time of year is spring for them and we are headed into fall, yet it seems like maybe they are headed into summer and us winter. have a bad feeling is going to be a hard winter with lots of cold and snow, in fact the weather people made a comment the other day that this year is a la nina year
which means brrrrrr and get the shovels out, if it does become that way am going to go out and buy hubby a snow blower he can use here anda t work. the idiots at his office non of them have a brain to work with and maintence does nothing to help so last year he jumpe right in and cleared the areas so no one got hurt, only one who did was him, droveme nuts so snow blower it is yupppers.

tonight harvested the huge amount of tomatoes we have, before you can ask how many let me fill ya in on it, 3 big boxes and 2 collanders plumpfull of green tomotos. the good news is it will take a while to ripen(i hope), if not the good old spagettie sauce lol

also picked the corn, this is the first year we ever ever had corn ripen. as soon as hubbys mouth is better we will have to eat some at a later date.

i am trying to think of something awesome to make my kids for christmas, but so far am batting zip. any suggetions?

dd is easy as pie , ds is harder
maybe sew him a quilt like i did dd ormaybe something for his classroom.

3 more months in the year to go. what did you do in 2007 to make the world a better place, i hope i did a good enough job of helpng fil when mil passed away.

i splurged last week when i made a visit to yorkshire yarnsi had been eyeballing this hank of wonderful store filled with the softest baby alpacca. omgosh i have been enjoying playing with i, i bought some red and a light rose, and while that was a nice hunk of change i spent i figured i was worth every single dollar. am making a a stole in the pink. am using my new jimbo hook i bought, oh wait since fil gave me monry for my bday wooohoooo lol,

well ya all am going to bed, have to be up bright and early to take hubby in, take care ya all and good night hugs and love from me the birthday girl :D

Sunday, September 23, 2007

night ya all

well i had anotrher posting had it all written up messed up so now am just going to say goodnight goodnight ya all LOL

be prepared

hey ya all, happy fall i hope that it will be good to everyone, no one will lose their home in a flash flood, or a tree come down on it during the many wind storms, we will undoubtedly have in the next couple months. last year we had some horrible wind storms and while we on the whole did not lose power( ours is underground) many people in out area lost power for days and in some cases weeks, i think the longest was almost 3 weeks. we had to import power crews from all over the country and in fact actually the world there was even one group og fellows from england and also australia. hows that for dedication?

now on to the reason for this posting

supplies. what do we need to get by without powerdays and in some cases weeks

1. water, the big one, the emergency people tell us 3 gallons per person per day for 2 weeks, that is alot of water, BUT consider all you use water for, you drink it, cook with it, clean with it, flush with it , the list goes on endless....

2. non refridgerated food,(ie soup, canned meats, crackers, bread, anything that suits your fancy as long as it don't have to be refridgerated. including food for your fur babies, remember if you have no power more than likely your local store don't either. lol

3.flash lights and batteries, this is a given we must have a way to see in the dark , what happened if you needed to go use the rest room and tripped and fell breaking your leg (oh boy just what ya needed LOL!!!),

4. while it is not wise to use kerosene lanters, if you have a well ventilated area you could use these, instead i recommend to you one of those camping battery powered lanterns, we have 3 in out household, while last year we didn't need all of them we did take 2 over to hubbys folks house as they were without power.

5 a cooking source, be it a bbq or a camp stove, highly recommened in fact a requierment to use outside.. this will help you have warm food(soup is great to have on hand)

6 a manual can opener. i was talking to a lady last year after the storms and she told me a story that made me laugh so hard. seems her new dil wanted to make dinner for everyone, but she couldn't figure out how to open the can of chili they were going to have. finally this lady told her where the manual can opener was, bet she felt silly lol

7. medications to last at least 2 weeks, longer is better but sometimes you can't. this includes anything medical for you or anyone in your family who needs it

8 warm clothing and blankets

9 if you are lucky enough to have a home with a wood stove or fire place remember to keep plenty of wood on hand.

10. if you have a infant or small child in the house, make sure you have enough disposable diapers,baby formula, baby food if necesary.

11. if you have a generator, remember to use safe operating proceedure. and do NOT over ride your main electrical wiring as if there is a utility worker working on the lines near your house, they can be electricuted due to you having live wires, this last winter that happened up here in washington state

13. oh yea and the most of important thing of all JUST KIDDING!!!!

yarn and hook/needles, something to keep busywith. god bless all of you who took the time to read these saftey tips, may god bless us with a worry free year for everyone. thanks for reading this. and ciao for tonight

if anyone can think of anything to add to this which would make life safer and better in a emergency please leave me a message and i will include your information including your name as to thought of it :D i know the red cross probably has a more detailed list but i thought this might be a start. for anyone who wants to get one from the red cross disaster relief, contact your local chapter of the american red cross
one other note, if anyone has elderly or infermed neighbors who can't for some reason take total care of themselves, please please watch over them as if they were part of your family and if its not possible to do that for everyone, please make sure that someone can help them ie the fire department/police or sherriff departmen
thank you everyone for reading this. i appreciateyou taking the time to read this posting i feel is so important to all. if only one life can be saved its so well worth it, ciao for now!!!!!!!!!!!

this is what i made my little sister for christmas

i found this kit and thought how much my little sister would love it, she has had a horrible time lately lots of issues going on in her life so decided she could use some cheering up, while it took me forever to make and i have thought alot about keeping it i decided i am still going to give it to her, i know i am nuts, but she needs it more than me, forgive the mess around it i didn't think about that when taking the pic so please ignore the stuff around it. it is a wall hanging /rug but i would cry in my soda pop if i thought she was actually going to use it for a rug with small kids around, i know i know, is hers once i give it to her, anyways wanted to share it with ya all , let me know what ya think though please. thanks ya all be kind please bewahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My SON has a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tonight we got the call we have been waiting for for 3 long years, my son has been offered a job teaching 6th grade at a local school here in tacoma, he only interviewed for it today which tells me he wowed them. i knew he had it in him. he made up portfoilios for each of the interview team, saying his teaching methods and goals, how he will be a asset to their school ect. out of 25 people they picked him, i am so darn excited i can hardly stand it, now to get hubby feeling better we will be doing good then. this is awesome news i hope you all are happy for him too, god granted my prayers and all of yours who has been rooting for him too, wendy thank you sweetie for all the special good thoughts you sent. much appreciated. i am so dang happy i am doing a happy dance right now lol thanks for letting me share my news it means the world to me that he is finally going to be rewarded for all the hard work he has put in for over 3 years he never gave up not once . and now he is finally given the job he so deserves woohoo happy dancing now

Monday, September 17, 2007

please pray for my husband

he is having a awful time, has a absessed tooth on a tooth that has had 2 rootcanals , and now tomorrow have to take him to a specalist, all because the dentist who made the crown did a cruddy job, he was always getting food out from under it and when told about it he blew it off, this is the same dentist who blew me off and i almost died. i think we are not going back to him, his work lately has been so bad its almost not having a decent dentist. makes me so angry anyways please pray for my hubby, thank you all

Sunday, September 16, 2007


yarn is my best friend and worse enemy. i have more yarn than well a yarn store lol so have decided to give a bunch away, if you live in the pierce/king county right now and are intersted in some yarn for a reasonable price(free) let me know. i am sorry i can't send out of town unless you have a paypal account and then is fine with me, i hate to just throw it to good will or some place like that so figured would offer it up to ya all if interested send me a message here with your email(i won't publish it i promise) maybe it will help both of us . lol you want to know how can i trust her, well since its paypal is simple, until it reaches your house the money would stay in my account, i would insist on delivery confermation and ins, simply because in past i had a order for over 200.00 plus anothe huge box i sent to the person who had gotten the yarn and stupid me didn't get delivery confermation or ins, so i ended up eating the cost of replacement, but the odd thing is i never recieved it back, and inside had my name and address in so not sure what happened there. k enough said about that but thats why i insist on precautions,i don't like being taken advantage of and don't like doing it to others. so if it bothers you in any way don't bother to ask for any yarn, if it don't bother you i am looking forward to hearing from you, postage typically for around 10 pounds give or take , i don't have time to weigh it all so it might be more might be less but will be a nice size box of yarn regardless of the weight, so for the first 10 people let me know alright? hugs

Monday, September 10, 2007

we will never forget sept11th,

september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of the united states and other countries who were affected by this tragedy. so many people lost their life, and continue to do so to this day in retrospect, we must NEVER forget those who have sacrificed so very much. for all those lives who were lost, you all will live on in memory, personally my family was very lucky that horrible day. my bil worked in the pentagon, where the plane crashed into it, that was his area. but he was on sick leave due to a broken finger he recieved when he and my sister were arm wrestling. but for the grace of god he would not be alive today so we were soooo very blessed. also when richard was injured . he hurts but he is alive. for those of you who lost loved ones or friends, neighbors or just fellow countrymen my heart bleeds for you. please take a moment of silence at the exact time the firstplane hit the tower and say a prayer if you do for helpin ending this reign of terror. may the ones who are responsible for this, some day you cowards, you will pay. someday justice will be done and you shall die like you killed all of those innocent people including children. may god bless all of you were and are still effected by this tragedy, as a american i thank you and pray for you all god bless those were lost their lives or anyone you all knew, take care and god bless you all

Sunday, September 9, 2007

i am so excited

i just got done talking to a friend i have in australia(jacqui you know her , tammie) and she wants to buy a bunch of cotton yarn from me, while i am not charging her alot since postage is so high to australia, i told her i would hook her up.

k am off to get some be well needed sleep. till tomorron

Saturday, September 8, 2007

i'm in love

got my hoo yesterday that i got from jimbo, OMGOSH wow is all i can say. this hook is wonderful i already made a beautiful scarf for christmas present. is a varigated green and made with joanns rainbow classics, is so soft and fluffy .

tonight i finished the purse i was making for the purse/tote bag swap at the ville when i got a email from the mod telling me, my partner had to drop out and have me i have a new partner, i am excited about making bonnie one now, but not sure what pattern i am going to us, in fact may be my own as i like to design .

on another note, please send my son some positive energy and good luck. he will find out monday wether or not he got the job he applied for. the district he applied for the job in said that if no one im district wanted the position it will he most likely get the position heres keeping hopes up. i don't understand why they hire from out of state. so anyways keep those good thoughts coming.

tonight sat outside with hubby, he is so stresed out they say time heals all so will hope things be alright. . hope ya all have a great weekend ciao for now as am off to crochet hugs and love

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