Thursday, November 1, 2007

i have a etsy shop

hey ya all guess what, i have a shop on etsy now i am so excited. i hope i can sell the items and make some money so can save up and buy hubby a snow blower so he won't get hurt this year. my shops name is shadowboys treasures. im not sure what the url is so just go to and then type in my name. if anyone knows how to get it so i can see without having to type the name in let me know please. kari your good at that sort of thing. give me a helping hand darling lol watch for new and awesome things soon to come in my etsy shop., hugs and happy thanksgiving, ya all thought i was going to say happy halloween didn't ya, but i can't its over booo booo booo lol. hugs and goodnight am pooped this listing things is tiring:D ciao

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Anita said...

I've never been to etsy before and I couldn't find your shop... I'll keep trying and checking back.

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