Tuesday, February 26, 2008


well today started out good, i got up with hubby,. sent him off to work, son got up, sent him off to work, layed back down, woke up at 8, layed back down, woke up at 9, layed back down miss montel williams show(dang he has some intresting guests) layed back down, missed price is right with drew carey(so not the same without bob barker but drew is alright) layed back down crud out like a light 12:15 rolls around dd gets up and says MOMMMMMMMMM, i woke up, WHAT WHAT, WHATS WRONG, she says ive been trying to wake you up for the last 20 minutes. . i sit up wait for the blood to reach my feet, shakes my head, trying to determine if i had taken meds before i fell asleep, looked over and there they were, then tried to stand up, um nope meds need to be taken layback down with heat pack dd was so thoughtful to get for me, wake up at 12:30 mom did ya feed the cats, yes fed them this morning why, cause itsy is trying to climb the house, oops
so fed them and all are mad at me except shadow and of course shadow loves me no matter what i do sohe kissed me, needless to say this started my day out just dandy yup . lol

so got dressed and went to get things on like normal ummmm waitin for meds to work

got out the door thinks to self what did i forget i know MY PACKAGES!!! back in the houiseand got them and head back out to car. so go to walmart and get what i need walk thru the lines and out the door wooot am on a roll, so head on over to petsmart, get to the cat food section and almost have aheart attack, they raised the prices of the food 10 cents A CAN, don;t they reaize how many cans we go thru a day.8 4 here and 4 at work, since we take it upon ourselves to feed paint and mojo no one else seems to want to bother to contribute, which soooo pisses me off cause they all make as much if not more than us and have no one they are supporting with one exception and i don't expect her to, although she does occasionally bring in a bag of food or cans occasionally. but she is a single mom and she DID adopt one of paints kittens so shall be nice about her . but the others sure could course they don't care one way or another anyways. sigh. oh well , back to my day i looked at the cost of food and said dang what happened to 30 cents. the girl sales clerk says yea everything has gone up. sigh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i ask don't know she said oh well not her fault.

so head for home and am almost to canyon rd. ooops forgot packages need to go to po, so carefully look and see no one coming and change lanes then get off, i am sooooo tired of being constiently assaulted by these beggers standing on the side of the road holding signs made up will work for food, out of job ect ect ect. what they don;t realize is these same people i have seen at the grocery store picking out Tbone steaks so i doubt they are starving. if i was starving and someone gave me money i would make it last as far as i could and that would NOT include tbone steak or for that matter ANY kind of steak, or meat for that matter would stock up on potatoes, grains like macaroni and other things. welcome to america where the beggers eat better than the hard working american people sigh so anyways got thru at the poand head home. dd is leaving for work but waiting for me cause i have her juice she wanted lol

soshe goes towork and so do i started in the bedroom and got a ton done but then hubby gets home and says why are you working in there not the dining room sigh can;twin, then he tells me he has to work on the bathroom tub, needs to declog it so i have to haul the stupid hoses hook them up out front,, but is cheaper than a plumber. not muh my fix it up hubby can't do, and then he knows people who can cheap lol

well by the time he got done with the tub was almost 6 and i was to darn tired to cook anything so he had a couple of noodle dishes and i had dr pepper. now am hungry and know after 8 shouldn;t eat but dang it I'M HUNGRY so am done here and off to find me some food, maybe just toast or pbj sandwhich but food i need to heck with the weight problem, i would not be happy if i was starving when i went to bed. would be grumpy cause my sugar would be low, not a good thing. so ciao for now my friends such is my life, oh yea before i forget i talked to my friends fran and kathy. both are awesome people i consider to be my friends and im the lucky one not them hugs ya all and good night

Monday, February 25, 2008

for sale crochet and knit patterns

will have more very soon
i have the following for sale

the following are leisure arts books
1. at home with crochet. reg priced 14.95 asking 6.00 soft cover--pending

2. big book of crochet reg priced21.95 asking 9.50 soft cover----pending

3.winning baby afghans . asking 3.00 soft cover

. this next batch is by collins and brown

4. how to crochet by pauline turner, reg priced is 20.00 asking 10.00 i have 3 of these at this price hard cover books

5.great crocehted sweaters in a weekend, reg prie is 24.95 asking 10.00--sold

6.learn to do irish crochet american school of needlework asking 4.95 sold 7.purr-sonality cats by annies attic asking 3.50--sold

8.susan bates learn to crochet, soft cover book asking 2.00

9.annie potter presents 2002 the days of jane austin crochet patterns for barbie and ken tea at the assembly hall asking 3.00

these are all brand new with the exception of the susan bates one but is in perfect shape

i need to sell and make more room in my house, hubby says it goes or he does and while its tempting i think i will keep him

i will send these out the most reasonably priced way to ship at your expense. i also am open to offers let me know thanks soooo much

also ask if you are looking for something i just might have it and be willing to part with it for a reasonable price. got way more than i can ever use.

patterns for sale

major destashing of patterns come look something for everyone :)

1.crochet world aug 79 1 issue 1.50

2 crochet world feb 80 1 issue 1.50

3. crochet world aug 80 1 issue 1.50

4. crochet world apr 81 1 issue 1.50

5. crochet world feb 88 2 issues 1.50 each

6.crochet world april 93 1 issues1.50 sold -

7.patons kids stepping out is filled with childrens clothing knit and crochet4.00

8. first step babys first wardrobe is by brunswick knit patterns also mother to be sweater4.00

9 six for a beautiful baby is knit sweater patterns by bernat4.00

10.crochet summer sweeties wardrobe for little girls has 4 diff outfits at the beach top and bloomers,sundress and hat,dress and scarf,and sunday best sizes 1 to 3 8.00

11.sunset knitting techniques and projects, has several cute patterns in it pm me for list if interestedf 5.00

12. easy knit and crochet premier issue
out of print mag spring 06 3.00 sold

13.sensational shawls and scarves 5.00

14 crocheting for the house hardback afghans,pillows,rugs,tableclothes hanging planter ect 5.00 sold

15. knit in style magazine aug 2003 3.00 sold

16.crochet puff stitch scarf and hat with matching bag have 2 of these 2.00 each

17, chick stuff crochet hip wear, cute patterns for younger crocheters or for you to make for them 3.50

18. the big book of knit sweaters soft back 10.00

19knitting todays classics hard back 65 beautiful sweaters from the studios of classic elite 10.00

20knit it premier issue mar 02sold

21. porcelains and pals 32 crochet patterns for dolls 5.00 sold

22. from knit to crochet 14.00 pending but have another one

23. hip knits 10.00

24.holiday fridgies to crochet 2.00 sold

25.annies book of fridgies multi media plastic canvas , crochet,sewing 1.00 sold

26.creative crochet clever ways to use your yarn stash 10.00

27 polka dots on parade, little girls crocheted outfits 3.50 sold

28. ultimate book of kids afghans annies attic 3.50

29.sweetheart baby collection to crochet 3.50

30. how to crochet complete strepbystep of techniques hardback book 10.00

31 learn to crochet in 8 easy steps 2.50

32 masterpieces of irish crochet lace, 4.95 sold

Thursday, February 21, 2008

happy almost spring day

today was a bit better but still hurting pretty bad. omgosh last night saw the lunar eclpise was soooo awesome, no one else would go stand out side with me and with me falling i didn't go long as didn;t want to wander into some part of the yard that still looks like a cyclone hit it seriously its tanked big time. but hubby and son informed me that soon i will be able to navigate the yard as they were going to be doing their version of paul bunyun this weekend and not be tooo macho about it hehehe, hey whatever works i miss not going out to check on the herbs and seeing what coming up while is still winter(although i seriously doubt we wil have much more cold weather. been cold in the morning but warms up to a nice warm 50 lol

i wake up and hear birds chirping this is a happy sound for me, waiting for the tree frogs next, small wonder, while we live in the burbs, we have all the emenities of country living, raccoons, skunks, coyote and please do not forget possums, standard roadkill around here, personally i find those critters ugly as sin but a great asset to my yard as for some reason slugs are a delacisy for them, little guys bon appitet, is one of the things i can not stand is standing barefoot on a slug, or worse yet picking something up and finding slime all over you. GROSS so little possums you are welcome into my yard anytime as long as you don't invite yourself in for supperlike ya did at my friend paulettes house. she lives down in california and has a small army of these critters living in her home. mind you she tolerates them until they touch her yarn and then look out slowpoke cause is not a pleasant person to be around.

today went to the library and checked out a couple of books been wanting to read , and also checked out a crochet book on those darling little japanese animals that to this day can not pronounce their name. is amazing how cute they are and thought i would try the patterns out before i commit to buying some of these littl cuties. darn my c key is sticking again and boy does that look wierd. hehe

not doing much have a doozy of a headache and is killing me so may not last long lol.

posted a large amount of crochet and knit patterns i am selling on the ville and am also going to list them here as soon as my brain lets me know how to do it . lol, boy is this pain getting to me.between the headache and right now the spine area want to do the boogie dance on my own back and kick its butt .sleepwell my friends have a good nights sleep lol

me bad bad bad

hey ya all am sooooo sorry am so darn long since i posted all i can ay is im bad bad bad bad

so now on to bigger and better things, been doing a lots of crocheting and also trying to orgonize my stash better and am going to be getting rid of alot ofd stuff so watch around and see whats on the for sale list.

not much going on in my life right now. found out will cost me a additional 600 to getmy car fixed, sooo now am screwed, anyone got any ideas for me to make some fast money?

speaking ofmoney , has anyone noticed how high the price of gas has gotten? not sure how much it is where you are but today i paid 3.35 agallon, put 20.00 in my tank and it barely moved a quarter inch.sheeeesh sucks big time. i can;t understand why they are so damn high , except thegas companies are assholes and the government is not doing its job, just sits there and lets them charge more and more until we can't afford to drive anywhere . this puts a major cramp on our travel plans for summer, who can afford anything is outrageous that our own government looks the other way while these bastards get richer and richer, kk nough ranting about the oil ompanies

now on to bigger and better things. made several aghans and have a couple up for sale in my etsy shop. http://www/shadowboy.etsy.com/ if ya know someone who wants one let me know have more here just have no more room here. trunk is stuffed full of stuff and so really need to destash bad.

the weather has been just beautiful, the eclipes was just out of this world pun intended enj0yed it alot lol.

last weekend hubby and son cut the ausetrees down to a managable size(they grow 20 feet a year)they are a hybred willow, well yesterday i was walking out there and yes i had my cane and fell flat on my freaking face. straight own mud up my nose glasses flew off was bedlam,
today am in some super serious god awful horrific pain,.straight down who would have thought i needed to not be out there. god awful, and of course hubby didn't help any by insisting maybe i needed to go to the hospital, eeek the very though of going there is making me more pain to deal with.

so whats happenin in your lives? anyone have anything special to share with me and blog about. well am hurting to bad tonight to continu e, so am off to try and sleep(YEA RIGHT LIKE THATS GONNA HAPPEN!!!!! Soooo for all who have missed me im back , lol take care and and talk with ya all soon god bless a all sleep tight .cioa hugs and love ya cya this afternoon hugs and love

Sunday, February 3, 2008

its almost time......................................

well this is it th big game day, the day that those who are football fanatics will yell at you if you interupt them when their favorite team make that 1st down, me i like football, mainly because hubby likes it and son, dd she works thru it most of the time so that she DON'T have to listen to her dad and brother yelling back and forth between the living room where hubby will be ensconced and my sons bedroom where he will be watching it on his tv, sigh oh well , me i probably will watch some but not like when it was the home team, but the seahawks puked out of the playoffs again i sigh

on to better things

i finally got pictures of the sweater set and hat i made the other day also made a matching blanket . it is at the top of the post lol, nothing like dumpin it up there lol but no worries at least you saw the set right?
well the weather is nasty as usual, but the weather guy was a tad optimostic for next weekend., hell i
would be happy fo it to be sunny warm day, oh around low to mid 70's with sunshine beaming down on to us.
so tomorrows special day will be cold and cloudy and just right for those maniacs who will scream their heads head off
hope ya enjoy the game and may the best team win fair and square no cheating on either side

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