Saturday, December 4, 2010

health issues

hi everyone, its been some time since i blogged and now have news i never wanted to share , i went to the doctor last month for my reg med refill and he had a new nurse. she took my bp asked me questions ect took my pulse and kept taking my pulse, i was getting a little freaked out by this and asked her if there was anything wrong, she smiled and said she thought she heard some different noises im like ohkaaaaaaaaaaaay . so doc comes in he gives me meds ect then says he wants to take my pulse, im like what is going on, he said that they heard irregular heart beats and listened to my chest then said ok this is wierd so said going to do a ekg ok? i said your the doc and smiled kind of nervous. inside im shaking. so they do a ekg and he dont like how it looks at all, said was sending me for a echo cardiogram, now im totally freaking out, but again said ok your the doctor. i said whats going on? he said he heard some things he didnt like it sounded like my heart was misfiring which means there is something wrong. so i called that afternoon and scheduled the test this was on a monday and they scheduled me for friday, i was scared to death. dd went with me all my friends who had had it said dont worry it wont hurt and dont take more than 20 minutes boy were they wrong. first off the office was RUDE, when i tried to explain to the tech that i could not lay for a long period of time i would have to be able to move now and then and she responded with well you dont HAVE to do this you know, im like yes i do o have to find out whats wrong. so first off she lays me down on this very hard table im laying almost flat which is killling me she tucked my left arm under my shoulder and i thought i was going to scream was so painful, i tried to hold still and not move around when i was in agony, she snapped at me said you have to lay still i said i am as best as i can. after 15 agonizing minutes she finally stopped typing and moving the transducer(wand used in ultrasound) and said ok you can move so i tried very hard to sit up, she snapped at me i didnt say you could sit up now i have to position you again
i felt like saying SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT, i had tears running down my face and she said its not that big of a deal why are you being a baby. i said im NOT a baby i HURT. dd is about ready to pop her in the face. after that she told me i had to lay back down and NOT move. she kept coming back to a certain place so i knew there was something wrong. she then had me move and said this is going to be uncomfortable(im like what does she think this whole damn thing has been) and then she proceeded to push the wand into my chest wall between my ribs and seperate them i felt like screaming i was so bad. after 40 minutes of agony she was finally done said she couldnt do anymore with me moving the way i was i was livid but hurt so bad couldnt even barely walk. if dd had not been with me would have been crawling out the door. so i was told would be ready in 5 days i said 5 DAYS? it takes 5 days to read this and send it via fax? she said we dont use fax we mail it out to them i said well damn now i have to reschedule my appointment. did that for the following tuesday and thought ok should be there i called to make sure and guess what it was NOT there they had not even sent it i was sooooooooooooo angry ended up going over there and making them fax it to my doc

so to make this very long story short now i have two valves in my heart that are leaking, not bad enough for surgery or meds at this time but am very scared of whats to come. i think wont be long before meds and its scaring me to death friends tell me is no big deal but the more i read about things the more afraid i am please keep me and my family in your prayers if you pray and send us good thoughts as we can use all of them that we can get,
thank you dear friends and even those who read my blog but dont know me thank you and god bless you always love vicki

helping a friend

hey ya all a friend is going thru some hard times and she is selling avon to try and supplement her income she has some awesome things on her web page and check them out see if ya want something , she will send directly to your home. check it out ok?

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