Saturday, December 22, 2007

winter solstice

happy solstice to those of my friends who celebrate the yule, today was a typical winter day. cold damp, painful for those of us who have health issues. i sit here tonight dreaming not of a white christmas but of a summer day, oh about 75 to 80 degrees, warm breezes blowing so i don't get to cold. i know alot of people don't agree, but hey thats why this is america so we can speak our minds without censorship.

so now on to the holidays, im not sure how the other ones are different than christmas(well i understand hanakkua some ) but i want to wish you all the best holidays you all can have.

im so far behind i still need to finish about 4 gifts not to mention not even close to have things done for my etsy shop. i need about 8 more pairs of hands. fran and i were talking about that the other day. wouldn't it be wonderful if we had all the hands we needed. for instance i am making my daugher a pair of "comfy pants, almost done all i need to do now is hem and put elastic in, then have a skirt cut out for her but will probably not get the skirt done oh well she is a big girl and will understand. the reason i am running behind is obvious and now will just get done what i can and the rest will finish after.

i was chatting with my friend jean tonight, she lives up north a ways (like out of the united states, bt won'[t say where as she would appreciate it if i didn't. anywhooo she informed me tonight that it is a balmy - 18 degrees, yes you read that right - makes me cold just thinking about it brrrrrr` anyways jean was great chatting with you, watch those fur babies for me.

while i am thinking about it, i have a couple o f requests for you

first off, please keep my fil in your thoughts an prayers, many of you know he has some heart problems that we did not know about and just found out so please keep him in your thoughts, and especially for my friend fran, her dad has some issues so please keep her and her family in your thoughts also.

well am off to snooze land. take care and a big shout out to my marines. god bless you all and keep you safe, till tomorrow, don't forget. santa is watching you :)


JoAnn said...

Oh Vicki dear friend, my heart and prayers are for your family and FIL. I pray for god news and good health for all.
Hugs and Love
JoAnn AKA JoBug

vicki said...

thanks soo much joann. how are you doing sweetie been a heck of a year for you i hope you feel much better very soon hugs and love

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