Saturday, April 26, 2014


So i talked with  my insurance agent and she explained to me whats going on now.  While the company  is  not  going after them  personally they have hired a  credit collection company to try and get them to pay. 

IF they do not pay  in this state the owner of the car  and her husband  will lose his license. while that does not really help  us with  getting our money back it will make things hard for them to get their  vehicles  licensed and Rosangel Cabrera if  found  driving  (which she is as we saw her several times)  if she is pulled over  for outdated  license tabs she will show up on the system as causing this accident and  if the police do their job  she will go to jail where she belongs.

I find this  so outrageous   these people who proclaim to be christians and loving the lord so much are refusing to pay what they owe.  i personally  hope that  something happens to make them  to make them realize  their actions. i wish nothing more than what they deserve and karma has a  way of making that happen.  

sorry for the vent am just so angry about all of this  ok back to my normal happy self  rants over.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


that the people who caused  us thousands and thousands of dollars  feel  that they don't have to pay us and our insurance company back. 

Really pastor Juan  Cabrera and  pastor  Rosangel Cabrera   you  think you don't have to pay this. what kind of church doctrine  is taught at your church  at mine we are taught to accept responsibility  for your actions and since you chose to drive while not even having a license OR insurance  then you broke the law and when you damaged our cars so bad one had to be totaled  that is just fine because we have ins? 

front end damage on hers    where she finally came to a stop  on sons car

shows the damage she did to all of the cars

shows hubs car into daughters after she hit husbands car and then daughters
Welll GUESS WHAT. we are out a  entire car and  have lost hundreds of dollars  to your carelessness   so suck it up and pay out what you owe. 
Until then you should be ashamed of yourselves. Must be nice to  just say no we don't want to pay and not    shame shame shame on the Cabreras  who profess to be 
pastor cabreras car did all this damage
christians and in God.  come judgement day you will pay and  until you admit to the lord and make right what you did wrong you are headed to hell.

Friday, April 18, 2014

I wish ..................

I knew why my body is giving out on me.Tonight the shoulder pain is so bad i can not even crochet.  NOT CROCHET???  what am i going to do.   lately the pain has been worse in the evenings  shoulder pain so bad i cry.

 I think what has happened is the discs that were  compromised in the accident in my neck are raising their ugly head so to speak I am feeling  nerve pain in my left shoulder and the strength of it has left me  gasping for relief.  

That being said  i WILL NOT give up or into the pain.   starting to rest a bit more with it but i will continue to crochet  when my arm allows it

On another note  my best  friend and fellow hat maker  is out of the commission for a while   so if anyone  still wants to help and donate  by making a hat or in any other way please do not hesitate to  post a message so i know i am not alone in reading   this post lol

Rain  is back and i'm hurting worse because of it. spending my time though  trying to  design the cute patterns you  all know and love  right?

Until  tomorrow have a better day peace and love to you all  ciao     vicki

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

don't be shocked to badly i am posting again hahahahaha

Don't be shocked i know i know  2 blog postings in less than   2 weeks i must be sick HAHAHAHA  nope just  wanted to fill ya all in on some of the stuff going on in my life.   we finally settled with the insurance company  while i would have wished for more  they did come through with a bit of additional money  only because i threatened to leave the company oh well.     

I have been busy  designing again and made this adorable little  turtle  tape measure  i will be selling these in my etsy store   stop by and see  what i have listed now and if you have a request drop me a line and i will do what i can to make it happen. in the mean time enjoy my little  turtle

sorry for the  bad pictures the light was just off a bit so it did not show up well

I am working on some new designs as we speak and already have  2 orders for the turtle.

here is a set of owl hair pins i made  i can take custom orders for these as this pair of  owlie  pins was claimed as part of a swap on ravelry.:)
I knitted this cowl  out of super soft  brushed acrylic yarn and it also is for sale  for  15.00

This hat and scarf set was made for my darling daughters boyfriend for christmas, if you would like one like this or in other colors (makes great Christmas gifts and its not to soon to put your order in ahead of time.) I will also do other team colors, this was done in our beloved Seattle Seahawks team colors, but if the yarn is available to me i will make this for you Message me for price.

well that's it fir tonight i leave you with these pictures to enjoy

 until  tomorrow...... ciao and love to all    Vicki

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's been a while but i have not forgotten any of my friends

Its been a while since i have blogged. lots of things have happened and not many are good I know right   why am I not being  optimistic, why am i being depressed?  ya know sometimes it just builds and builds and builds till you want to explode. thats about where i am right now  but i also know it won't last and another day is around the corner.

still dealing with ins company but think we are about out of options. I  told the  girl at my agents office that i had had it with the company and was   thinking of going elsewhere.  all we asked was a additional 500.00  that was and is fair market value for my daughters car,  when i sent in the repair bill we had paid out  last august i was told i should get that back    because was within a year and in reality was only  3 1/2 months.  so you can imagine how shocked i was to find out  the  475.00 we had spent was only worth about  60.00. That is when i lost it and told our agent that.

To my surprise i received a phone call about 20 minutes later from the manager of total loss and was given a apology for how our claimed had been handled and was told they are issuing us another check for the  60.00 PLUS the 475.00  

 If they had  been up front about it at the first we would have had this all settled and  we could move on(well as much as we can  having lost a entire car) ( we  gave our daughter hubbys car because she had to have one and since he retired we  could make due with one for a while. )   so while i do appreciate they are finally going to give us the amount  her car was worth i still am very angry at them   This happened  and was not our fault in any way. it was the young  woman who had no license or ins   driving around like a maniac  (still i am sure we saw her several times)  she is the one who caused it not  us, yet we are the ones who lose. so typical in America now days.

ok  i am going to step off my high horse and try and be a positive person again. please pray for me that i can become that again. 

for your viewing pleasure  enjoy these lovely pictures  This is archers Seahawk sweater(my great nephew)

this is our magnolia tree
 this is  our kitty itsy she is a sweetie but  look out if she don't like you hehe

Japanese  quince bush

Magnolia blossom

enjoy  these pretty pictures and please  post a  howdy if you  are reading this blog  is nice to know someone is reading it   kwim? ok nuff said  hugs and love to all of you hope your day is filled with  love and happiness, fun things to do  lots of good food to eat a friend to visit with and a crochet hook and yarn to make something awesome    until tomorrow   stay safe warm and peace to you all  love vicki

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