Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Holidays

Happy  Holidays to you all. 

Its been a  year of  good and bad  This time last year  we were dealing with the aftermath of a horrible accident where this lady  who had no license or insurance drove through our  fence  and destroyed  3 of our 4 cars. I thought at the time that was one of the worst things that could happen  i was WRONG

The worst thing that  happened was my daughter almost  died this spring  a few more minutes and she would have so i am  very thankful and very very blessed.  

She is not out of the woods yet but doing much better   but if anyone is inclined  please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

As i thought about  all that happened i  wondered what i could do to help  those less fortunate  than myself and i found  a group  on facebook that helps people in my own area and am able to help several young people with the gift of  jewelry that i make. I also am  making hats for the homeless and working with another  wonderful woman  who will distribute this for me.

If you  are  fortunate and blessed  please feel  free to help others in any way you can.  You would be surprised  at how good it makes you feel.

  Happy holidays to you all and  God bless and keep you and for those who  do not believe  i  wish you peace and happiness
Have a wonderful  holiday season and  wishes to  a wonderful 2015

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