Sunday, November 11, 2007

Today is Veterans Day Thank a Veteran

Today is veterans day, a day we are suppose to do much more than have off for a holiday, why is there a veterans day. let me tell you,

when this country was called to war for anything at any time there were some brave heros who answered the call, many people say not our fight. be it as it may, it is our fight , once americans are in danger. How do we thank them? well see its like this , when you see someone in uniform, ask them for a moment of their time and then respond to them in a positive manner. recently i was at the bank when a soldier from the army opened the door for me, his mother not only taught him to be brave but also to be polite, so after i walked thru the door i turned to him and said "sir, i just want to tell you how much i appreicate you and your families sacrifices, knowing that we remain free because of people like you and i for one am very thankful" his reply was " its my pleasure mam" now you tell me why i should not thank this man, i realize he chose to serve his country, after all but i still wanted to tell him that i he was appreciated. the military is one of the lowest paying jobs for young men and women and alot of time when they have children , they are on public assistance and get food stamps, yes they have their medical paid for but often have to wait all day to see a doctor sometimes as they can only go to a military hospital if thats the only medical they have

my point is if you are thankful for being free, thank a vet, not just you'll think about it DO IT say simply say thank you!!!! and god bless you all veterans for which we would not be free, as your sacrifces are not forgotten god bless america and all of you reading this

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