Monday, October 15, 2007

my day

today i had to go and pick up my meds and while i was out decided that i was going to go the vets for less to get itsy some advantage flea meds. while there i was behind this elderly lady who was crying, i being the kind of person who goes where angels fear to tread asks her are you alright. well this poor lady just lost it, she told me how she had lost her baby grand daughter , when the angel was only 6 short weeks old as her heart was not formed properly, then she said how she had lost her daughter not more than a year ago, and now her princess was sick, she had a uterine infection and had to have surgery to correct it, cost 850.00 this lady says to me, how am i suppose to pay that i can't lose my princess. so she pays half with her credit card, the other half she don't know what she is going to pay for it but somehow will find a way. so after she left i asked the girl, was she on the up and up, she said yes she had been there many times as a patient. so i took some money out of my purse and asked that they put it on her bill, not going to say how much cause thats between me and the lord, but i made a challenge to all the people there. she had about 400.00 left owing
and so i said i am donating this much, how many of you can help this lady first no one spoke, then this younger girl paid some money on it
then pretty soon somebody else paid some on it, well by the time we were done she only has to worry about half of the amount she had left owing and i am hoping the employees will make up the differnce,. by donating this money to a lady in need it came back to me already. ya know we all need to do what we can to help others, but for the grace of god it could be you or me, my reason for posting this was not to brag about my good deed, nope in fact thats why i am not saying the amount, the reason i am saying this is today we changed her day for the better, now maybe she has some hope. hope is something we all need. without it life is not worth living. sometimes when my spine is sending out severe pain attacks, i close myself off from the pain as much as i can and think about how blessed i really am. i am blessed , it could have been so much worse, my daughter could be paralized or i could have been we could have been killed but we weren't, and there was a reason for it. so i do feel blessed.

kk now off the business of all the attitudes and on to another subject
mostly ME!!! i worked in my room again and am slowly getting there. i put together a bunch of boxes, and now am pulling out the stuff and am getting it culled out, tomorrow am going for the big guns, i want to be able to see the floor tomorrow. i probably will have another bag of yarn to get rid of somehow, i know just who to give it to hehehehehe.

now am getting into boxes of patterns, i will be having a harder time to divide those and getting rid of, i think . i am going to try and sell as many as i can
and believe me i have tons of them
i have almost a entire double collection of crochet worlds. so i will be selling those in lots of several not sure how many at this point though.

well am off to lala land as it is getting late, remember post for me and win a prize hehe, seriously anyone who posts qualifies for the prizes hehe, well am off to bed take care all god bless ya all


WilBlg4Yrn said...

What a good thing you did. Sometimes we all need help.

Anonymous said...

Awe. That is such a nice thing you did for that lady!!!
The story just made me weepy.

Mermaiden said...

Just think!!! If you hadn't asked, that process wouldn't have started. Good for you!!! Your story is so touching. That was amazing of you, and everyone else who joined up for the cause. Awwwhhh!!!!

ikkinlala said...

What a wonderful thing to do.

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