Monday, August 31, 2009

more sad news

this is a update of the post below here are my babies mojo is the one on top and he is missing i hope he comes back i feel so very bad i love you mojo please come home to us love mommy

more sad news today we lost one of the cats we rescued yesterday, we were able to get 3 more yesterday i know have not blogged recently but a couple of the babies to a no kill shelter , last i heard they are not thriving, can you blame them poor little babies being taken from their mother and family(they were weened so not that they can not eat just are not hungry) but they at least are safe and will soon be better i hope ok back to todays news we got mojo and poster kitty and another little orange one we had not named and put them in the kennel we spent 300.00 for last night. there was a few gaps in the top but we didn't think mojo would get out, but he did and now he is lost in a neighborhood where nothing is familiar i am so hoping he is just hiding somewhere in the yard as i can not stand to think of him wandering around lost without food or water or anything , i don't know any of the people around here but there is alot of wild cats which run he may join some of them or hopfully he is not far and will come home, please please keep him in your prayers and send good thoughts for him and all of us we are just beside ourselves, i know most people probably think i am silly worrying about some stray cats but you guys don't understand. these cats have been with my dh at work since they were babies we have been feeding them for years and now his asshole boss decides they are a health hazard i won't write what i really want to cause don't want to offend anyone with how i really feel about this jerk my pain level is really bad and not all due to the cats is mostly due to the weather changing and the fact i am trying to do more and know i can not do it thankfully i am selling some of my yarns thanks to all who are buying or thinking about buying from me it is greatly appreciated and will get it all sent out soon.
my son got a job teaching 4th grade in a continuing position which means that he SHOULD have a job next year too life is sort of like a pita lately i just can;t deal with things much anymore i am tired of the way life is , people are so rude have no care or concern over anyone but themselves anymore(this is not about anyone in particular, just the general population all my friends i know and love do care and don't want you all to think i am talking about you as i am not, just about people in general ok?) i see on the news how kids are dying by their parents hands. life is just depressing i'm tired of it just sick and tired of it i need cheering up hmm wonder what goodwill has for sale this week lol hugs to you all

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

this is for you painter girl i love you with all of my heart

today i got the call i have been dreading some "do gooder" decided that our beautiful cats need a " good" home. that they should not be living outside at work, never mind that you have people who love and care about you and take care of you, feed you give you shelter and all of our love, never mind that you have people who are now heartbroken, , nope none of that matters cause they think you need a better home or if not possible to find you one then kill you instead, you will be so much better off so they come up to you and you trust them girl and they take you from your home and the people who love you from your babies who as i write this are lost without their mama but do they care oh hell no they want whats right for you, its a very sad day in my life when i honestly wish i could go down and get you and spit right in their faces, but am unable to do it. sadly my painter girl i have no where to bring you with bambina sick i can't bring another baby into the house and i know you don't understand why i can only tell you how very much i love you and wish i could bring you home with me or better yet back to your babies but they don't care paint , they want whats best for you. i hope to god that someday these evil people will all pay the ultimate price for their deviant behaviour i only hope and pray that you do find a good home and that you are able to move on in your little life little one i love you and always will i am sitting her crying my eyes out for you and am helpless to do anything to save you or any of the other babies who we both love so very much, sweetie i wish i could do something my hands are tied i am not able to give you what you need here and they won't let me keep you at work where you have lived for the past 5 years i hope they all rot in hell its a sad day in this country when people who love and care about fur babies can't even keep them safe. i feel like i let you down and i know i will never see you again i can only thank god i have my pictures so i can see you your daddy is going to miss you so much , he told me the only thing that has kept him working is you and your babies i worry so about him too, he has always had a fur baby to care about and worry about at work it helps him through the long horrible days he has had to continue working because of me and now he won't even have you to help him through. little one i can only pray someone who loves you as we do adopts you and gives you a good home, i selfishly wish i could keep you and know its not possible, if anyone is interested in adopting this beautiful baby girl she is at the pierce county animal shelter their telephone number is (253 )383-2733 if anyone does adopt her i hope you give her the kind of life she deserves alot of love and alot of room to roam goodbye little one i will always love you with all of my heart signed your mama.

Monday, August 10, 2009

hi guys

hey ya all , i just had a blast going through all the patterns on sale at annies attic hope you guys can go look too i got 23 different patterns for around 30.00 including shipping woooohooo
dh is off for 2 more weeks and i imagine we will be busy with the house painting it ect. trying to get the garage cleaned out but then again is another big job to do, am so tired not going to stay and post much but thought i would say hello , i posted a bit on ravelry and ccp and hung out on facebook with a friend from a few years ago we had kind of lost touch so was nice to get back together for a chat. will post more tomorrow can't wait to get my yarn i bought from knit pics and also my swift i broke down and bought one was 50.00 which is ubber cheap can;t wait hehe hugs to you all oh and i also got this yummy yarn off of ebay is a red sport and am making the mobius scarf and hand warmers i wish i could have afforded the yarn it called for but would have cost me well over 120.00 for it so i substituted this yarn for it well am off to bed as it is after 3 am yes 3 am goodnight all hugs vicki

Monday, August 3, 2009

happy august

happy august to you all, dh and i have been working around our house here where we call house 2 so much to be done and we are getting alot done but will have lots of work to do for a lonnnnnnnnnnng time lol a few days ago here in washington state(as well as many other places im sure) had record breaking heat into the 100's the hottest it was at our other house was 110 thats right my friends 110 degrees i about died from the heat i had to have the ac on in the car and sit in the shade when we were at house one but felt bad for the kids as they needed help keeping the kittys hydrated they did not want to eat much or drink because of how hot it was but they and we (humans) need to drink more when the heat index is so high thank the good lord it has come down to a normal 80 something that i can handle thankfully here at house 2 we have ac in as dad had a heat pump put in last fall and while he did not live long enough to enjoy it we sure as heck have enjoyed it right now is a balmy 77 degrees out and are loving it outside is still close to 80 so am sitting in here online besides the mosquitoes are HUGE and vicious this year i had bites that were so big it took me a week to get rid of them

dh dd and myself went last week down to the beach at ocean shores we stayed at a nice motel which ended up costing us almost 150.00 a night so we stayed one night besides which i could not lay down in the bed anyways i didn't sleep worth a darn dd slept on the sofa and while i would have gladly done it she wanted to sleep there so while she had a awful night on the couch i had a awful night in the bed who knows maybe we should have switched hehe here are some pictures of our trip i hope you all enjoy them and am glad to see you all reading please leave a comment if you read my blog i am sorry been so long in between posts have had some puter problems and also just super busy and dh is on vacation oh joy hehe hugs and love ya all enjoy the pics now vicki

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