Monday, March 23, 2009


i have some realllly important news for all of you bloggers who use yuku all i can tell you is i use to belong to a forum there and while on it with a friend she told me to get off it right away as it has a very bad malware virus that will trick your computer and take over it completely. this happened previously we notified yuku and thought it was taken care of my friend and her husband are very well knowledged in computers and things to protect them and while yuku had not had anything reported on its admin page it was still there and tried to take control of her computer , luckily she and her husband WERE ABLE to catch it in time, another member WAS NOT SO LUCKY and her computer had been infected. yuku has had knowlegge of this and has effectivily done NOTHING about it, my friend was able to capture tne entire URL so just a fair warning for you all

Saturday, March 21, 2009

hubby made this back when he was younger i enjoy seeing what people make and thought i would share with you all his happy times now things suck we took our kitty merwyn in to the vet she has a upper respitory infection and cost us 250.00 thankfully my son stepped up to the plate and paid for it or i would not have any money left for anything and would have had bills go unpaid sigh i wish things were better for every one i am so tired of being poor, am sick of hurting and am damn tired of people treating me rudely like that bitch did at my docs office will blog later about it im just to worn out and tired love you all

Monday, March 16, 2009

morning all i have had quite the weekend lol saturday instead of working all day as we had planned hubby suprised me with going out to lunch/dinner. it was not really lunch time and since son made us dinner i guess would be half way between lol anyways it felt great to just get out there and relax, the gal who waited on us even gave hubby free dessert lol i didn;t want any i was so full, when we got the tab i noticed the last beer he had ordered was not on it and she said that was dessert and since we are returning guests is their thank you to us for our patronage which i thought was wayyyy cool

yesterday we spent most of the day with dad, i feel so darn bad for him , he feels like no one cares and i don;t think thats the issue i think its they have NO CLUE what to do for him. thats what is so sad. i know that somehow there has to be something that can be done. tomorrow he goes to his kidney doc who is also a internal medicine doc and hope he maybe can help with the meds dad needs. he will need something and the more research i find we are leaning towards steriods , at least maybe they will help his swallowing, like he said if he can at least eat then he will be happy and can live with the bloated water problem, so please send him some good thoughts or prayers or whatever you can to help him and the family to help him we need some extra prayers and good thoughts too. i hope all of you have a wonderful day and hope that this last week of winter is good to you, yesterday we had a variety of things going on we had wind rain snow sleet and sunshine all in about 4 hour period we had pretty strong winds last night and still have some today i know its suppose to be blustreery in march but dang it its cold and i don;t like how i feel from it it makes me hurt. oh speaking of that i am such a idiot, i thought i had to wait until next week to get my meds when in fact i go thursday and get them from the doc sigh i suffered for nothing. i so would love not having to take those but not happening . without my meds i would most likely be dead or wishing i was sigh anyways hope your week is a better one and that the weather god smiles down on you with sunshine and warm weather winter needs to go byebye for sure hugs and love to you all

Thursday, March 12, 2009

morning my friends. ah if life was only as complicated as this little kitten swinging in its hammock. today we head to seattle with dad to go to the cancer care alliance. basicly now we have a diagnosis we want to verify it before he begins treatment. this is something anyone dealing with cancer should do. dad is so bad its heart breaking, i feel so bad for him,he can hardly swallow anymore because the lymph nodes are so big from the cancer is horrible for him and it breaks my heart to see him.please keep him and out family in your prayers and good thoughts today is a beautiful day sunshining and cold but pretty. spring is coming i think my flowers are coming up tulips are peaking through and the daffodils are up with buds on them , i so can not wait for summer to come this has been a horrible year and will be so darn glad when this is over hugs to you all

Friday, March 6, 2009

omg some people are total idiots

ok now i know alot of people know me from the old forum i belonged to for many years so i am sure some of you all read my blog too i hope so anyways, this has nothing to do with that site at all but about a member there who is out of control, i have a dear friend who is going through some hard hard times and she posted a request for prayers for her dh as well as her self and the kids, well this woman took a innocent request for some compassion and made a total ass out of herself. she actually told my friend that she was sure that the reason my friends hubby is on leave from a job was that because of his illness his bosses and doctors could not let him continue to work, then she proceeds to tell her that the reason for it was that alot of people who suffer from the illness her hubby has are murderers and that there was no way his superiours could allow him to stay , this woman has in past also made several comments about other situations, honestly i think she has some serious mental issues herself as she seems to think she is above all and offers misguided advice to alot of people, when we were posting on this site about our chronic pain she actually said we were a bunch of whiny people who basicly should put there big girl panties on and deal with life, but this sooooo is out of line i hope my friend sues for slander she has grounds. outrageous totally nutcase . hang in there darling she is a whacko not your dh . i know its hard but don;t let her get to you she isn;t worth your time love you sweetie

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

good morning my friends, life here has been very hectic i am so so so ready for spring to come. i feel like i have been stuck on a roller coaster that will just not quit i swear if things don't change very soon i am going to have a nervous breakdown. you would think people who work in health care would want to do whats best for the patient. its like this monday dad was scheduled to have a ct scan, he had to drink that barium crap and then hold that crud inside him long enough to have the ct scan so he drank the one on monday and then we went out there , its right in his records that he is allergic to idodine and that he itches from it. his doc said benadryl was fine no need for predisone, so dad took that but when we got out there the idiots said he could not have it cause they were not aware of his allergy. so he drank that crap for nothing. then to top it all off we had to reschedule for yesterday. the parking there is horrid. i hurt so bad from walking up the ramp and stairs which i almost had a heart attack climbing not once or twice but at least 8 times between the 2 days we were there. then i had to rechedule all his other appointments and now on top of it all my tooth is going bad again and i guess am going to have to have the bastard pulled but i sure as hell don;t know when and to be honest with you i am afraid to do it i know the last time i had a tooth pulled i suffered for over 3 weeks cause i got a dry socket. then to add my back and neck pain i don't think i can deal with it. then to top it all off the cost of it will kill my ins for the year and i have so many other teeth i need fixed, it plain sucks, some days i want to just step right up to a cliff and see if i can fly, not that i would but omg some days anyways now i feel better NOT life still sucks but i am plunging forward for dad everyone else who has a smart ass comment can shove it sideways bye ya all love ME hehe

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