Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Did you vote?

today across this great nation people cast their ballots to change the laws of this land or preserve them depending on your point of view lol i personally voted with my heart and not all was a popular thing for all but it was my choice.

today worked around the house and then tonight got to talk to fran , jacqui, jean and my friend jessie whom i have missed lately. only problem i had was yahoo kept booting me off and i lost fran and jacqui. sorry my friends.

i also joined up to a new site over at kari and davids new site, the name is in my favorite places to blog, i was very happy to find that they decided not to close the board as i can only chat with a few people there, we all live such busy lives i know i love logging into my forums and see what my friends are up to.

weather here has been nice although chilly, not anywhere near what last years was, this time last year we had over 15 in of rain , this year we are actually dry wooot, not that i don';t like rain i do sometimes, but not when it makes me hurt so darn bad i can;'t see straight.

tonight i worked on the house for a while, did some laundry dishes ect. then sat and crocheted for a while. as some of you know i have a etsy shop and i FInally figured out how to tell you the name so here goes


i hope that is right if not will be back to fix it shortly lol

right now i only have 2 items in it a baby blanket and some realllly nice cashmere blended yarn. you will love it if you buy some but hurry i only have 7 skeins left till tomorrow when i am not quite so tired

(have to go to the doc tomorrow to get my meds refilled ) and thank the good lord its time as i am hurting and scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to my meds, need to reschedule so is not so long between visits i think. anyways i am tired and going to bed as soon as dd gets home and she is on her way, so until tomorrow comes i bid you all sweet dreams and lots of happiness and good health, may you all prosper in any way you choose. ciao for now

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WilBlg4Yrn said...

Thanks you so very much for the prize box of yarn.
I love it all!
Although David said don't win yarn win the lottery! lol

Thank you again and I am so glad you got your sewing machine and that you get your meds refilled!

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