Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy birthday mom

happy  birthday mom, you have been gone  quite awhile now and  things are  not good with your kids

.  for some reason  nance has decided to not even bother to talk to me  is going on 3 1/2 years now have no clue as to why this is  but it saddens me. i miss not talking to my little sister, i miss not seeing those precious kids  , and since she moved have no way of contacting her.

she sent a card at christmas with pics of the kids, that only made me sadder  no i miss you sissy no love sissy just a pic of the kids   like everyone else in the card list .

life right now mom is not good for me at all, i am sad,  stressed, in severe pain and getting pretty depressed.  

what i am asking you for mom is to  reach down from heaven and   make things better if you can.    

anyways mom  happy birthday and happy valentines day  love your daughter  vicki

Sunday, February 12, 2012

happy weekend

is saturday night well actually sunday morning and i sit here debating whether to  go to sleep or try and just stay up long enough to feed that cats, i'm leaning on going to sleep and feeding them when i wake up is almost 4 am and i fed them late so think they would be ok

been a while since i posted  about 3 weeks and not much has changed lots if pain  more each day. been tryin  to not focus on it

just popped in to say hi and see  ya all later  hugs and love  vicki

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