Thursday, March 15, 2012

can we say yummm

a important thing to know

many people  don't even think about  having cancer to them its something that happens to others  maybe a friend or a  friend of a friend, but what happens when that "friend" becomes someone you love, you feel helpless and  sad.

 but there is something you can do.  you can reach down in your pockets and donate  money to the cause that can save lives. having a cousin who right at this moment is battling cancer and having lost a  father in law who  found out to late that he had cancer, i know  how  sad one can be, but we can help we can raise money for the lymphoma and leukemia foundation. 

you ask how can i do that well here is a link which will take you to a friends site that has  a donation area set up. but before you donate check the site out, if you would rather donate directly that's awesome also it all goes to the same place, but here is the link in case you want to make a donation easier and its a legit  donation site i myself donated  so if u are uneasy just donate directly to the  foundation

thanks for reading and please think about donating  it is a tax deductible charity also.  
hugs and love   vicki

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