Saturday, November 29, 2008

must have been a goofup on blogger

i swear i am losing my mind, yesterday i tried to log in to my blog to see if anyone had saw anything different on my blog cause all i got was bandwidth exceeded. obviously i don;t have THAT many pics on and it was a glitch somewhere in the system thank god is back now . i have been busy crocheting some gifts and am hoping to make some things to sell i did get a order for some heat packs made with flannel and rice so this week will get that going and also she wants some pot holders and maybe a couple dish hanging towels so am excited about that will help with Christmas money although won;t be much but hey any helps right? hope you all have had a restful holiday, keeping those of you who are missing your kids in my prayers i can;t imagine how hard that must be so hopefully they will all come to their senses. i know most everyone had turkey over thanksgiving , we had filet mingone and now I am hungry for of all things turkeys lol so might get a turkey breast next week and bake it yummm turkey sandwhiches yummm damn now i am hungry mooowahahahahahahahaha take care and back soon hugs and love for you all

Friday, November 28, 2008

what is going on

i do not understand why this is posted on my blog, photobucket says i have exeeded band width and since i have not posted anything im at a loss as to why has anyone else had this problem if so contact me please otherwise i don; know what to say
hope you all have a great weekend hugs

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy thanksgiving everyone

i wanted to just take the time to stop and wish all my american friends and anyone else who celebrates this day of thanksgiving, i want to list a few things i am thankful for and feel free to do the same for yourself if you respond

1. i am thankful for my family

2 i am thankful for my friends

3 i am thankful for my health and for my dear friend dorothy who is having some issues which i won;t go into, but the doc made her day today when he told her she would NOT have to have surgery thank you jesus for this

4. i am thankful that i have more than enough to eat and that i can go to bed and not worry if there will be any food to feed me breakfast knowing my cupboards are full

5.i am thankful that we can speechve subjects and we are not arrested for speaking our opinions.that we can agree to disagree with those who are in power.

6 i am thankful to the kid down at S&S tire where i took my car in today when i had a flat tire after hubby filled it and no charge how cool is that, well i am going to post this but i will be adding on soon, need to go to bed lol

7. i am thankful for the doctor i have now who does understand that to live in horrific pain does NOT have to happen , that he can help me with medication and NOT treat me like a drug addict.

8. i am thankful i have a hubby who trys to understand my addiction to yarn and only shakes his head when he sees it lol

9. i am thankful for all of you who read this blog, without you reading it why would i bother to even post would be like talking to myself

10. and last but not least am thankful for being a
American and so very thankful for those who are in harms way fighting for my family and all of my fellow Americans right to be free. to keep and bear arms and uphold the constitution, without these mighty warriors who knows where we would be, so wether or not you support the war(few do) you need to support the men and women who are over seas away from their families in this holiday season that they remain safe and that they KNOW how much we appreciate them god bless all of you and god bless the united states of America of which I AM PROUD TO BE A AMERICAN and god bless all of you i love you all

Friday, November 21, 2008

i'm almost done

woohoo almost done with my house, well at least the dining room, as some of you know i have been weeding thru my yarns trying to destash enough to get the dining room back into a dining room am almost done and only have a small amount of yarn left to give away. for those i have promised(enid and terrijo i have yours put aside, an jean trying to find stuff you would like) i am pretty much done giving it away.

im so darn tired now though am relaxing a bit today before i have to get up and get busy on the rest of the house. the nice thing about this is hubby said he will buy me a nice reclyner for me to sleep in i am soooo excited, this love seat sucks as a bed but i can not lay flat and this is all i can do.

so now i have to worry about christmas cause have gotten NOTHING bought ot made even am screwed or will be off line for a while to get things done lol anyways talk to ya all love and squeezes vicki

Sunday, November 16, 2008

morning ya all

today is hubbys and sons birthdays, hard to believe 27 years ago i gave birth to my son and for him to be born on his dads bday well we still are in amazment of it happening, today we cleaned house like crazy and my back is killing me its a long ways from being ready to go for the holidays but maybe good enough to have their party tomorrow soon it will be christmas before ya know it are you ready> i know i certainly am not. i have so many people to take care of this year is amazing if i get it done, am exchanging with kookalastar on ccp for the holidays or at least i am sending to her and am trying to figure out how much i want to spend on postage, i know what i want to make her but damn i also know would cost a frigging fortune to send so can;t do that but she did say she wanted seraphina shawl so am going to download rose reds version cause the other one is all messed up and make her that keeping my fingers crossed she don't visit my blog if sio well oh well is not all im sending her so will still be a nice package, also sending to my friend jean and her hubby in canada. not sure what i am going to do with nance and her family she don;t bother to call me or anything hell she don't even answer her phone, i still owe packages to joyce honey i have NOT forgotten you i am working on getting it all together and have to find the blankies son put them away for me
sigh i know he wants to help but he makes sooo much more work for me, but this next week come hell or high water or maybe both if it starts raining again lol they will be on your way to you will ship as quick as i can afford but it is a BIG box lots of yarns for ya for being so patient for all of it i love you my friend thank you

the winner of our raffle on ccp is dorothys girls i hope she enjoys getting spoiled lol michele i hope things work out for you with hubby i know he isn't normally like that but men are men what can i say hugs to you all am off soon for bed take care ya all am hurting so bad tonight i have nothing positive to say so am headed to bed where only my dreams will haunt me, and nothing else will as the days go by. hugs and love to you all, kari i hope your alright sweetie i worry about you hugs for ya all night love and blessings vicki

Friday, November 14, 2008

hey ya all

am so sorry been so long, life right now has not been real good for me and im having a hard time dealing with it sorry i just don't have alot of good things to say so instead of blogging bad rude things(cause really how much does it really help) well alright it does but its not nice lmao talk to ya soon hugs and love vicki

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