Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hey ya all

sorry been so long. been sick with the crud, you know the stuff your kid brings home from work or school because others who are sick don't stay home and just HAVE to pass it around, well there ya go all this happened to me because of others rudeness. but i am use to it anyways sickies everywhere i go cough cough hack hack gimme a break

kk don't get me started lol i am feeling a tad better so am hoping to finish my wrapping tomorrow but will wait another day to venture out because unlike those kind i don't do that

been working on christmas pressents. tonight cut out some darling penguin comfy pants for dd she is going to love love love them for christmas, i also have a couple other things i want to make her, one being a skirt in this black lace and maroon fabric i am hoping to finish it by christmas lord willing and the creek dont' rise.

speaking of, please keep all of the people who have lost their homes to the devistating floods of a couple weeks ago in your prayers. fema now is just getting there to help. trust me you need to be able to take care of yourself for up to 2 weeks cause sometimes it takes the president that long to declare a national disaster.nd thereason for this i assume is because they need to see it up close and personal. i'm sure those who lost their homes to the floods and mudslides would be more than happy to showyou the problems sir. speaking of helping my dd told me that the tacoma joann fabrics is going to be having some kind of blanket making party and the blankets and i assum whatever else can be made to help will go directly to the people of centralia and chehalis. those who lost it all i am sure will appreciate any help they can get. will keep you posted as to when this happens in case anyone here wants to go and help.

i posted my famous "hogs delight " over at the crochetville site. in off topics so if your not a member you probably won't be able to see it but if you want it bad enough drop me a note and i will share with ya all Hehe see how nice i am

a big shout out and thanks to my friend kari for caring about me enough to ask how i am im doing alright hon thanks. also to my friends fran, kathy, suzee,and all the rest of you who i chat with(you all know who you are) thanks for being my friend it means the world to me to know you all care.

this christmas is going to be hard i mean already its hard, usually about this time we are getting ready to take mil shopping at the mall, now i have a hard time even going INTO a mall. i tried few weeks ago and walked right back out without buying anything with tears streaming down my face.m sure people thought i was nuts and maybe i am, but i sure as hell miss that lady she was not just a mil, she was my mom here in pierce county she was my mom when my own mom couldn't be, thanks for letting me whine and vent.i know i am a big baby but dang it i am in pain. both kinds it hits me right in the chest when i think about how much we loved her and how much we miss her. it don't seem right to celebrate christmas, but i know she would want us to go on, besides i think she is around anyways. you know the old saying pennys from heaven, how your loved one ius suppose to leave pennies around so you know they were there? well lately i have been finding quarters in the oddest places places i know i had not seen one there the day before. mom always did have flair lol im getting alot of them so think she must be hanging out here for now to help us thru.

well my peeps am off to snooze land and hope to feel better soon. take care and god bless you all hugs and love vicki


Priscilla said...

I am glad your feeling better. I know how it is being sick during this holiday season, I got pnuemonia right after thanks giving and still have a bit of a cough in the evenings. I have a lot to catch up with on the Christmas gift making.

vicki said...

priscilla sorry hon your still not feeling good, sucks don;t it. im sure the girls will understand if the gifts are a little late, i know mine most likely will be. but it takes time and when you feel rotten its harder than ever. lets get together after the 1st and have us a starbucks fix merry christmas my dear friend

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