Thursday, October 18, 2007

wow i am doing great

today dd and i worked in the area that has become my own personal hades. seriously how i managed to get all this stuff in here is just beyond me. i must have been nuts. my goal after i have my stuff cleaned out is to never be in this position again, seriously how much yarn does one woman need. i probably still have more than enough to open my own store, i know tomorrow dd would help but she will be off going places she has things planned mainly she gets paid and wants to collect her money. which i sooo understand, BUT now comes the bad part for me is i am still going to have to go thru about 12 more boxes of stuff and get rid of that much. i have room for maybe 5 more boxes, i have over 12 left sigh cry whine LOl soooooooo i will tuck my feet down and decide that i shall make someone else happy and get my items under control. now on to the good news WE HAVE FLOOR!!!!! mind you my house is small and i mean small by standards today. most people who have a 3 bedroom house has 2 or more baths(we have 1!!!) and bedrooms aren't much bigger, what i do have is a nice sized kitchen and dining room, in fact my kitchen is probably the size of most peoples living rooms, my living room is larger than mosts but its those pesky bedrooms and since they are that size i decided at the time to be stupid. but now for the good news
i am going to be finished by monday the 22nd, i refuse to lose so keep those good thoughts and comments coming, they are helping. so far only a few have said when you think i am going to be done, kari, fran and jean and i think priscilla all said it i have to look back and see to make sure but that is what wil qualify for the big prize.mind you its not a car lol but is something i know we all can use and love. so get those fingers typing lol.

today we had a mediocre wind storm, the people around here crack me up. i had to go to walmart to get ink for my printer as my son uses it to print out his weekly news letter for his kids and their parents love it, his enthusism is amazing and everyone there loves him which of course being his mom makes me proud. my dd has a chance to become manager of her department, maybe if the store manager does his job, and don;t bring a outsider in, but back to my laughter lol i couldn;t understand why everyone was freaking out, i mean it was a little wind not anything horrible and you would think that it was a hurricane or something. sheesh lol

well ya all i hate to blog and run but dang am pooped sop ciao for now and will see ya all tomorrow hugs to ya all


WilBlg4Yrn said...

You go girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awe.... I was looking forward to a new car for the prize!!!!!
Bummer.. LOL LOL LOL !!!!!
Goodluck with the rest of the yarn cleaning!!!!!

bettycrackpot said...

you CAN do it vicki!!!! i'm cheering you on from pa!!!! hugs sweetie!!! virginia, aka bettycrackpot

vicki said...

thanks ya all, today made floor contact big time, now one small problem still got several boxes to go and only room for 3 sigh soooooooo tomorrow back to the craft room and destash some more. lots more lol so will give more yarn away soon. if interested let me know and we can work something out i am sure. thanks for all your support it means the world to me

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