Friday, December 28, 2007

what will you do in th new year

well i decided to change my wording some, was going to tell what happened thru the year but way to much bad things happened and need to change the subject before i get mega depressed decided to not even go there just focus on the finer things in life

starting with my exciting news. as you all know i have a etsy shop of my own

tonight i found out i had sold my first order on my etsy site. granted was only 2 skeins of yarn but darn it i DID IT wooohooooo

so now to add some more stuff to it because my friend kathy who has her own very succesful etsy shop gave me some pointers about how to improve mine so will follow her advide to improve it all since this year is my goal to make pots full of money and stash it all away for a rainy day hehe

now on to other subject. soon it will be a new year and while i don;t normally make new year resolutions , this year i m going to do my utmost toget this house cleaned out and make some money while i am at it hehehe, so starting next week when i have more free time, dang all im doing now is running fil to docs galore soon he will have the results and we can move foreward,

well am getting sleepy now so am going to go now and hope ya all have a wonderful new year and god bless and keep you all, remember if you Do have any resolutions come share with us and maybe we can help you thru the year to keep them. ciao for now and god bless you and keep ou safe in the new year ciao and know how much i care about you guys who are my friends and if you ever need me remember i am here. ciao and good night to you all

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PeWee said...

Congratulations on selling your first item on etsy. I'm working on setting mine up too, nothing for sale yet, it's a bit of work, huh? I'll favorite you though. LOVE to hear some of the pointers your friend gave you to be successful.

Happy New Year to you as well. My resolution is always to be healthier in my eating and exercise habits, same resolution always.


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