Friday, October 19, 2007

dare i say it???:)

the end is near oh man that doesn't sound good does it. LOL just fooling ya all, but seriously the end is near the end of my dining room looking like a over stacked storage shed. i have a few more boxes i need to go thru and getting ready to do that cause that is the key, for me to destash more, you would think after going thru maybe 40 boxes and getting rid of the contents of most of those boxes that i should be done, well i SHOULD be

BUT i'm not 3 more days to go, deadline approching very fast . am i worried, what do you think? course not i know i can do it, although tonight my back tells me other wise , is screaming in pain right now from all that i did this week, today had some realllllllly heavy boxes which i know i should not have lifted and i tried really i did, but with no one to help me what was i to do, although i didn't actually lift it full, for instance one of the boxes had my patterns in it (some of them actually not all lol) but what i did was take them out and then carried the box then restacked them into it. still alot of lifting but not a heavy box anyways so techinacly i was good really mom i was lol, i am changing the color cause to tell you the truth that orange is making me nausiated lol

although is the red any better LOL, am really tired tonight, so probably will not stay on long but get off and go to sleep soon, i did make a big pot ofstew tonight had it ready at 6 sharp one tiny problem I WAS THE ONLY ONE HOME GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, but the nice thing about stew is leave it on and if
it sits it thickens more lol soooo was nice and thick and yummy lol

tomorrow going to work on the room again, i will get this done come heck or high water. and the way its been raining could be high water time anyways lol

really though we are not in danger of any flooding although several people are, so please keep them in your prayers, well am off to lala land, need sleep more than anything so i bid you all goodnight,

back to the old salt mines lol goodnight all and god bless you all sending hugs

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Michele said...

I know you can do it Vicki!!!!!

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