Wednesday, January 30, 2008

sorry my friends i am badddddddddddddd lol

sorry ya all i have been so very long almost 12 days shame on me well i am really sorry , just so much going on in my life right now i don't know if i am coming or going. we can start with last monday the 21st i pretty much had given up hope of selling anything and then i got a couple orders yea me, so i spent most of the day cleaning and working around the house while running to the computer every few minutes to see if the person who said they were going to buy did and they did again yea me, so then tueday the 22nd i went to lakewood which is a small community not far from my house and paid my car ins in person. so then i decide to go out to summit and do my shopping instead of walmart, been trying to give the local independants a little more business. so am headed home from store when hubby called and asked..... did you get the furnace filters? oh crud no i forgot i can go now and get them says i, he said well if ya want otherwise will go when i get home, now for all of you who know me knows my husband has been working 12 and 14 hour days almost every day, so of course i said i would just go and get them, well i went parked away from cars as i was asked to do that by hubby seeing as he worried about someone hitting the car, and i came out and guess what, yup you got it right some sneaky no good rotten piece of garbage hit my car and took off, hit and run no witnesses big suprise there right? so i called the police and informed them they came out and said because was on private land that they couldn't do anything but they COULD give me a police accident report to fill out. oh joy I GET TO DO IT!!!!

then called ins com and informed them of it , they gave me a apppointment to take my car into a adjusters shop and get a estimate. well because was hit and run, i automaticly have a 300.00 deductible. so the gal who worked there ran what it would take approx to fix it deduted the 300.00 and wrote me a check for almost 800, yep the jerks who hit and run commited a felony because of the monetary damage but of course they never came back i asked back at the place it happened at. so that leads to now, i have not been able to do much of anything as my pain level is sooo high rightn now, first we had temps in the low teens and even one single digit night that makes my back feel great NOT then to top it all off monday morning we woke up to 4 inches of snow and more in some other places. well son was happy cause HE got to stay home and play in the snow as they closed his school because of the icy roads and the conditions were so bad now i bet ya all are thinking my son is a small child aren't ya, well he is 26 years old and is a school TEACHER!!!!! but he sure did have lots of fun. today i took the packages i needed to send out sold more yarn yea me!!! but still need to sell more so if anyone wants some good deals pop in and tell me what ya are looking for and if i have it will make ya a super deal as i have to get that car fixed and can;'t until i raise the money for the dedutible. which i had most of it raised and then i had to buy my pain meds since i went thru them faster due to the weather conditions. and a bunch of other things that came up, now am down to around 70 and need 230.00 more so am selling both yarn and patterns and books that ya all might be looking for ,. have knit,. crochet, macrame' pretty much anything ya are wanting i probably have and will part with almost all of it cheap and reasonable make me a decent offer. will post some pics tomorrow maybe or thursday at the latest. so needless to say been a tad busy and depressed and yes i am pissed off., so needless to say o am not a happy person. so if i am kind of depressing thats the way life is if

sometimes but we get thru it and now am off to bed am sooo tired and hurting could ya all say some prayers for me and my car:D

Thursday, January 17, 2008

happy friday

wanted to say howdy to ya all shout out and say hi when ya read this i miss not hearing from you guys, im so excited i can hadrly wait to get the money and ship the blankets. oh also have a very large bag of yarn for sale for 30.00 plus actual shipping , not a bad deal i dont think anyways am happy for the one sale i made. ciao for nor my dear friends god bless and sleep well


i did it i did it i sold 2 blankets on etsy last night im soooo excited. how cool is that bewahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

hey ya all

hi my friends i know has been a while since i blogged. been busy trying to clean my house out, tooo much stuff so instead of throwing away like hubby wants am selling or giving most of it away. i am having a big sale in my etsy shop, the site is
so hope you will come and visit. i am only having this sale for another week but will have one again im sure

now i would like to ask you my friends and readers of this blog, am looking for ideas as for what to make and sell. i have decided that i'm going to make some of those reuseable bags for grocerys, i know alot of people like paper or plastic(i admit i am one of them) but have decided that since 2008 has just started i want to be as eco friendly as i can, as it is i save and reuse as much as possible and when no longer able to i recycle alot. we have a huge can out in the yard we got from the garbage company and is always full, is suprising how full we keep it every week. it is always full which is a good thing. so besides making and selling those bags for bringing grocerys home. so if ya have any thoughts as to what YOU would like to see in my store and if i make them i will give you the person who thought about it one of them if it is a reasonable thing(no afghans or quilts here people) but other than that what do ya think.

well is past the middle of janurary today would have been my mother in laws and father in laws 58th anniversary. we sure miss mom, it is hard sometimes going over there and sitting there in her chair i feel she is there and i know is watching over us all

oh good news about fil we went to the heart doc yesterday and he was very happy with dads scan, said that there is NOTHING wrong with his heart at all, the problems he has been having is more than likely caused by high blood pressure which of course dad denys, but we who are around him know better lol.

well think think think my awesome friends, as i said i will not only give you a finished item (if it turns out to be a winner so much the better) i will also give you credit for the idea. after all is how it should be right? right !!!!

now am off to sew, oh one more thing, i crochet and sew, my knitting takes me to long so am not really doing that alot.

ciao for now my adoring fans yea right lol had to say that , smartass that i am hehehe., anyways my friends thanks for taking the time to read my blog and if any of you can help let me know; thanks alot and god bless. thanks goes out to all of our armed forces in both the united states and especially those who are over seas fighting to keep this county safe from terrorists. thanks again and ciao for now

Monday, January 14, 2008

please readthis post

today my friend jimbo asked me to put this on my blog, to make people aware of this horribl disease. he and his wife karol have a friemd whos child has this, , and i am asking you include this child in your good thoughts and prayers


Friedreich's ataxia (FRDA) is a rare, genetic, neurodegenerative, multi-system, life-shortening disorder. About one in 50,000 people in the United States have Friedreich's ataxia. Onset of symptoms is usually between the ages of 5 and 15, sometimes even earlier and sometimes significantly later. FARA is supporting research that will improve the quality and length of life for those diagnosed with Friedreich's ataxia and will lead to treatments that eliminate its symptoms.
muscle weakness and loss of coordination (ataxia) in the arms and legs
vision impairment, hearing loss, and slurred speech
aggressive scoliosis (curvature of the spine)
diabetes mellitus or carbohydrate intolerance
a serious heart condition (enlarged heart — hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)
These symptoms reflect the death of cells in certain parts of the nervous system. The mental capabilities of people coping with Friedreich's ataxia, however, remain completely intact. For most, progressive loss of muscle strength and control leads to motor incapacitation and the full-time use of a wheelchair by the late teens or early twenties. Many require surgery for their scoliosis. There are currently no treatments or cures.
The course of the disorder is progressive. Most young people diagnosed with FRDA require mobility aids such as a cane, walker, or wheelchair by their teens or early 20s.
FARA-supported research and scientific conferences provide hope and accelerate research leading to treatments or cure for people diagnosed with Friedreich's ataxia and for those coping with the related Sporadic Ataxias.
Inheriting Friedreich's AtaxiaFriedreich's ataxia is inherited recessively; that is, a person develops the disorder only when he or she inherits genes from both parents. About 1 in 90 people of European ancestry carry the FRDA gene and most of them do not know it. There is a higher incidence of FRDA in the French / Acadian population of south Louisiana. In 1996, an international group of scientists — with cooperation and support from patients, patient families, and their physicians — identified the gene, cloned it, and decoded its sequence. The gene (called X25) was found on the 9th chromosome and carries the instructions for making a protein that was not previously known. The protein was named after the disorder and is called frataxin.
Additional detail on FRDA genetics and the disease mechanism can be found in A Message for Newly Diagnosed Patients and Their Families.

for more information contact the link on the site, if you want to read jimbo's blog the addy is

thanks ya all

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hey ya all, just a quick reminder to come check out my etsy shop:

I am having a big sale. For 2 weeks only I will give you anywhere from 10 to 30 % off the items in my shop. For the ones who spend $1.00 to $50.00 , I will give 10% off, for those who spend $51 to $100, I will give 20%, for those who love my shop and spend between $101 and $200 or above I will give you a grand total of 30 % off, which means you can spend $100.00 and only pay $80.00. This does NOT count shipping and handling. So gather your Christmas money and come check my store, and remember as always if you want something and don't see it,just ask. I do CUSTOM ORDERS.

Thanks so much, and hope to see you all there. This is for the following dates:Jan.9th thru Jan. 23rd. Come on and visit and see if you like anything,and if you think of something I can make you, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks .

Monday, January 7, 2008

i figured it out woooooot

hey ya all go check my ravelry s account , my name on there is ladytbird, i finally figured it out whoooo

Sunday, January 6, 2008

im sooo lucky this week

i am one lucky ducky, last week i stopped at the store for a few grocerys and decided that i was going to buy me a couple scratch tickets, well i bought 2 5.00 ones, the first one i won 100.00 on and the second i won 10.00 on wooot , you think this is all well its not. hehehe when i signed on at one of the things i liked about it was that when you liked someone shop you could "heart' them. which means your trelling others about the shop and sometimes they d0 the same back to you. well one i hearted was a shop called

On loris site she was having a contest, i was not aware of it at the time i hearted her but i guess because of the number i was i won. all i had to do was tell her which number i was and i was number 1600. my prize? a awesome one of anything i wanted in her shop. how exciting this is and i am so happy this is what i won
BLUE PAISLEY JEAN HANDBAG isn;t this awesome, if ya have time pop in both of our shops and take a look, lori has some awesom hand made jean bags she has made out of recycled blue jeans. what a great way to use those ones up with holes in the knee or whatever.
i hope both of the links work, if not drop me a line and i will fix it i am good at that lol fixing things hehe
go seahawks i am so excited we won the game yesterday i felt really bad though for the washington redskins as they were trying so hard to win fortheir former team mate who was murdered about 3 weeks ago when he suprised some kids who had broken into his home thinking he would be away. was 4 teen agers who he had befriended and they shot him in a panic,. was very sad, what a tragedy , 5 lives lost the football player who lost his life and the 4 stupid kids who panicked and now will spend the rest of thier lives feeling guilty and having to live with his death. anyways was sad for them but on the other hand i am so excited, the seattle seahawks have made the next round of the playoffs 2 more games i think till we go to the superbowl, yes i have great hopes
right now is cruddy weather out rain and snow mixed and freezing rain, slippery stuff and of course my darlin daughter is not home, ah well she will be so what till its time to come home and then when she gets home will complain to me about how nasty it is, but of course she has to go hang out with mr butthead, oopsie i mean chris her bf's house.
but other news on dd is much nicer. the other day she came home and said to me she had some news. seems the store manager decided he wants her to be the front end manager at joanns. which means she is now a full time employee. this also means she now has bennefits paid vacation, 401K, retirement. dental, vision paid holidays just a wonderful awesome major fantastic job offer which she took of course.
course her other boss isn't going to be happy when he does hear tomorrow.he has been off sick and while she did post her 2 week notice, he is going to be one unhappy kid. but actually i am glad she is leaving that job, very often he would only give her a hour or 2 hours once or twice a week, whilE GIVING the NEW girls he hired 8or more hours sometimes up to 25 hours a week.while she got 8 for the entire monthlso i say good riddance
my plants must think its spring time, while right now we are having freezing rain and snow showers. ah janurary in washington state.
so anyone have any ideas for me to make a little more money on etsy for me, my friend fran thought of a couple things i can make for the shadowsboys treasure'schest
come visit me soon as you can and see what treasure await you. ciao for now

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year to you

may the year 2008 be kind to all of you. may your days bring you good health and happiness, for those who are watching over a loved one, may you have peace and love and a miracle thrown in also, for those who hurt may you be healed, for those who are sad, i hope 2008 brings you some happy days and good times to think about instead of all the sorrow and pain you have now. may you all be good to one another, life is to short to fight and fuss, when you think about it , is it really worth fighting over. for those whos loved ones are in harms way wether it is in the war zones of iraq and afghanistan, or here on the home front . wether you be police or fire or any dangerous job, may you be safe and sound and may you all come home safe and sound.

for my special friends who you all know who you are, fran,jacqui, sue, jean, kathy,kathy, jane, kari,jeannie beth, and everyone else who you know i love you. may your lives be filled with special happiness and health for all of you. kathy may you be given a miracle this year for tim, i pray for him daily that he soon will be with you healthy and whole, for all of you who hurt may you be healed by the lord on angels wings. for those who are in need of financial help, may you win the lottery or at least get a little money that you can buy something special,and for all of you who read this blog thank you, some of you i don't know but i do appreciate you reading my musings that i have or even my gripes amd complaints. and especially for all the armed service members and their familys thank you and god bless you. keep safe and come home soon i love you , god bless you all and try and be there for someone else. lets make 2008 the best year ever, ciao my friends and again i love you all

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