Saturday, February 26, 2011


ok so as many of you know i live in chronic severe pain, tonight i get a lecture how much better off i would be without the help of pain medication and it causes pain im just beyond belief that he just dont get it

no matter what i say it don't matter is the pain meds fault unbelievable it seems more shocking and surprising than anything i have heard from you thought i knew you i thought you loved me im just worn out and you blame it on the meds wow is all i can say

Friday, February 25, 2011

Help the people of New Zealand

Hi, as many people know New Zealand was rocked by several powerful earth quakes in the last week as a way to help raise money for the people of New Zealand

I am donating 20% of my profits to the Red Cross in order that it may help the good people of this beautiful country.

This offer will be on until the 31st of March, so if you are looking for some hand made earrings or other items coming soon please consider helping others while shopping.

As always i appreciate your business and thank you for shopping at shadowboys treasures.

Also if u have a special order for anything just ask and will let ya know if i can do it

hugs vicki

Thursday, February 24, 2011

snow snow go away please dont come again EVER

woke up to about 6 in of snow then got a couple more I HATE snow grrr in the mean time enjoy these pics :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

off to find some goodies to rak

having so much fun on ravelry am off to see what i can find for some swaps and also some RAK's if anyone wonders what RAK stands for
its random acts of kindness where you do something nice for someone else
pssssssssssssssssst pass it forward peeps

Friday, February 11, 2011

sometimes i wonder

do u ever wonder why life keeps kicking you in the teeth, why nothing ever helps out or makes things any better,how do you come back from that

im so tired of the pain, the stress,the shortness of breath, not being able to walk more than 5 minutes without gasping for air, right now i wish god would bring me home, i wouldn't have to suffer like i am, my family would finally be better off without me , i wouldn't be a burden to them, then i think about how they would feel and make myself push forward i know if something happened to one of them i would be devastated so have to continue pushing ahead and hope and pray that god will heal me or at least give me the strength to deal with what my life is like

i know so many other people are much worse off than me and i also know that i wouldn't wish this on anyone. if you think im feeling sorry for myself, your right i am but i am also trying to not to and move forward. so hope anyone who is reading this will if you choose to comment will do so with some care and not tell me im a wimp, i am sooooooooooo not a wimp, just so darn tired of pain and suffering. to better days tomorrow god bless you all love vicki

Thursday, February 10, 2011

thursdays gone and fridays calling

fridays calling right around the bend
oh will it come will it come
or will it never end
fridays calling me day and night
will i ever know whats wrong
will i ever know whats right

fridays calling me saying come see me soon
saturdays watching over me with a new moon

so when the weekend call u here
remember friday called but is never here

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

midweek friend or foe ? bewahahahahaha

sometimes i wonder is the middle of the week a good thing or bad, its often called hump day because it being right in the middle its like a hump in life to get through then on towards the weekend, soooo is the weekend a good thing or a bad, i guess it realllly depends on how much time you have off and if it actually FALLS on saturday or sunday.

in our house its the weekend as of 3:00 pm on friday afternoon until 5 am on monday morning, what do we do on weekends usually not a darn thing with both of us feeling like the wrong side of a shoe that has been stepped in something smelly IF you know what i mean bewahahaha

life can be good or bad it all depends on what we make of it, i know i whine and complain but thats cause im just darn tired of suffering with no end in sight so irritating for me as well as my family i am sure.

now trying to deal with this headache from hades that just does not seem to want to go to away and is beginning to annoy the living tater tots out of me(do tater tots have lives?) see my brain is on vacation this evening due to the intense shaking and banging it got a week ago. while i usually am about as graceful as a bull elephant in a china shop i think i may have outdone even my old records of being a spaz sigh

well until the next posting i bid you all farewell and peace and love for ya always until tomorrow ciao

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