Friday, November 23, 2012

happy belated thanksgiving

i am so sorry did not blog  yesterday wishing you all a happy thanksgiving        so am saying it now, I hope you didn't eat to much. For those who   braved the crowds today on black friday  i hope you  got lots of  goodies and   saved  some money to shop on when cyber monday    if anyones  interested in   jewlery or a cute hat    check out my  etsy store      for a limited  time am offering free shipping  on purchases of  20.00 or more  world wide.    thanks   my friends for all the wishes and  see ya soon.

hugs and love   vicki

Thursday, November 15, 2012

hello my friends

Greetings my  friends how are all of you, so sorry has been sooo long since i blogged. life seems to just get away from me sometimes as i deal with  the  things in life that happen.    

  Sooooo   today i sit here   in pain more pain than normal as i had oral surgery  on monday and the dentist took  3 teeth, thats the bad part of my  injury and meds  they affect my  mouth making it sooo dry and  that affects my  teeth  so they had to go  sigh .

    Tomorrow is my sons and hubbys birthday and  since i am still healing    we have decided to have their birthday on thanksgiving. OH MY GOSH is it that time already?    NOt sure what we are  having but know will enjoy it alot(especially now after having to eat soft food for a week or more)

   I'm working on a pair of socks  my own design and hope to maybe  write the pattern out and share with  all of you but will see how good i am at  writing it down hahahahaha

  had a craft bazzar a couple weeks ago and didnt do toooo bad but  next year will be more prepared ,Kayleen (sons gf) and i were not prepared  but we will be for next year

   wanted to say hello and share some of these pics with you. peace love and happiness and a happy thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it  love ya vicki 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

and even more fun

So last post i told you about the amazing time i had  at lynyrd   skynard  concert, well the very next night i was  lucky enough to go to another  concert and this time it was   george thorogood  and  OMGOSH   did i have a blast.

 this old lady was rocking and boy  did i have fun. a  giant shout out thank you to my son for making it happen  . your old mom still has a few get up and  goes in my life       again was  AWESOME     BUT    yesterday  hurt so bad could hardly stand it  . slept most of the day off and on, then went out to kids to visit  them and the furkids,  shadow was sooo happy  sitting on the lawn swing and  i said to him that was life, fur kids make the most of it  bewahahahaha  

ok enough sillies , since tomorrow is my bday i am going to sign of and get some shut eye as i will see ya all later  hugs and love to all


Friday, September 28, 2012

what a awesome night

Last night  went to   the

Lynyrd Skynyrd

concert with my kids, and omgosh was it AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!  had a cover band that  was ok not the best but  not  the worst either and THEN  for all of us waiting  out walked  Johnny Van Zant and the rest of the band. and away  they went.  sang  some of the new stuff then  we rocked on to the old stuff.   singing songs like gimme back my bullet,Give Me Three Steps, , Simple Man , Skynyrd Nation, along with many others. they ended it with one of my all time  favorites  FREEBIRD!!!!!!!  it was a  fantastic time and we all had  a wonderful time. THANKS KIDS for a great time   love ya MOM  


Monday, September 24, 2012

adorable skull hand hair clips

For sale in my etsy store   

 these adorable   skully hands   hair clips  as well as other ones that are available..  drop in and see  how cute and  "scary"  they are and   get a pair or  two for your very own.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

rip romo

today had some very sad news, our neighbors kitty   precious little romo was found dead  this morning.  
we had been very worried as he was not at morning feeding  for the last 2 days and  no one had seen him. 

he was a precious little cross eyed  bundle of love, he loved everyone and everyone loved little romo.  his mommy  found him  i believe have not had a chance to talk to her  but  from what my daughter said she told her that he looked normal , not  like he had been hit by a car or something. we may never know what killed him but i am worried about the other kitties both theirs and  ours.

RIP little romo   your with merwyn and riley,  boo boo and ickabod,   and snow  flake too.   watch over your   brothers little one and help us    find out what happened to you.  you are missed and l love you little one and  i will never forget you  sweetie     RIP

Friday, July 6, 2012

fair warning this is a angry post

fair warning  this is a angry post

so here is the my story,  a couple years ago  the state of washington decided they needed to stick their nose in the lives of people who suffer from chronic pain.  if you take more than a certain amount of the meds   (strength wise)  you need to see a pain specialist. so in april my doc sent me to a pain clinic where the docs there agreed that  the meds i take are safe for me and agreed for the doc to  give me.  

fast forward a couple months  my doc who had been giving me the meds  decided to quit his practice and go to work for the VA. so where does this leave me back to going to the pain clinic.  WHILE i don't  mind seeing the pain doc, i certainly did not expect the  responce i got from him.

went to see him on the  29th of  june and his  statement to me was so shocking that i am a mess still.

according to him   the meds i take are  "dangerous"  for me to continue, that they can "kill" me if i continue to take them at the dose i am taking. so he told me he is going to wean me off the meds and i will be magically  fixed with no more pain.  that  the meds  are whats causing my pain i am like what the hell is he talking about.  

 i have been off these meds before and they are NOT what are causing it so now i will be without any meds to deal with the pain, he wants to give me  anti depressants which supposidly are so wonderful(all they did was cause more problems  when i took them before.

 i had a severe reaction to the meds and i refuse to take any more of them) and he also wants to put me on  anti seizure meds(I DON'T HAVE SEIZURES)  which are suppose to help with nerve pain.i tried them they did not help and caused me to gain  20 pounds i refuse to take that crap too, so his last resort is   steroid  shots  again not doing it they dont last they dont work and are painful and expensive   where does that leave me    screwed  i am not a happy person  right now    wish me lots of luck cause i need it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ah life lol

sorry it has been so long since i blogged. alot of issues going on in my life not all bad , not all  good but life it is.

been working on my jewelry end of the business lately and have been doing pretty good  selling a bit here and a bit there.

still trying to  get my craft room cleaned out, i wish i had the energy to just do it but i really don't want  any help with it  as i know the kind of help i get will be of the variety  get rid of  throw away sell whatever  just have it gone  idea and  i just can not do that.

i have  many ideas i want to do with my items and i know once hubby retires  we wont have any extra to buy anything and the time is coming faster than i know. i pray he lasts till the end of the year and not  go like in august as he is thinking.

kitties are doing well  that we have  not sure if i blogged about  ickabod or not but we lost him  in march. poor old guy was  so sick i think was his time.  he let me pick him up without freaking(never been able to do that before) and  when we took him in  my daughter and i were able to pet his little head, he was dying  would not have lasted the day so i gave him a humane way out. rip ickabod my poor little sad eye kitty  we love and miss you sooo very very much.

not alot to  post about  but do have  AWESOME NEWS.  My cousin  the one who had cancer is now cancer free and her  stem cell replacement is working wonders.  she is out of the hospital now and  in her own little apartment so i say yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa toni   thank the lord you are  where you are right now cousin and we love you so very much,

well best get off this puter and see what i can do about getting something done. blessings for all of you, may god keep you in his care and be with you always  love and blessings to everyone     vicki

Thursday, March 15, 2012

can we say yummm

a important thing to know

many people  don't even think about  having cancer to them its something that happens to others  maybe a friend or a  friend of a friend, but what happens when that "friend" becomes someone you love, you feel helpless and  sad.

 but there is something you can do.  you can reach down in your pockets and donate  money to the cause that can save lives. having a cousin who right at this moment is battling cancer and having lost a  father in law who  found out to late that he had cancer, i know  how  sad one can be, but we can help we can raise money for the lymphoma and leukemia foundation. 

you ask how can i do that well here is a link which will take you to a friends site that has  a donation area set up. but before you donate check the site out, if you would rather donate directly that's awesome also it all goes to the same place, but here is the link in case you want to make a donation easier and its a legit  donation site i myself donated  so if u are uneasy just donate directly to the  foundation

thanks for reading and please think about donating  it is a tax deductible charity also.  
hugs and love   vicki

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy birthday mom

happy  birthday mom, you have been gone  quite awhile now and  things are  not good with your kids

.  for some reason  nance has decided to not even bother to talk to me  is going on 3 1/2 years now have no clue as to why this is  but it saddens me. i miss not talking to my little sister, i miss not seeing those precious kids  , and since she moved have no way of contacting her.

she sent a card at christmas with pics of the kids, that only made me sadder  no i miss you sissy no love sissy just a pic of the kids   like everyone else in the card list .

life right now mom is not good for me at all, i am sad,  stressed, in severe pain and getting pretty depressed.  

what i am asking you for mom is to  reach down from heaven and   make things better if you can.    

anyways mom  happy birthday and happy valentines day  love your daughter  vicki

Sunday, February 12, 2012

happy weekend

is saturday night well actually sunday morning and i sit here debating whether to  go to sleep or try and just stay up long enough to feed that cats, i'm leaning on going to sleep and feeding them when i wake up is almost 4 am and i fed them late so think they would be ok

been a while since i posted  about 3 weeks and not much has changed lots if pain  more each day. been tryin  to not focus on it

just popped in to say hi and see  ya all later  hugs and love  vicki

Monday, January 23, 2012


well its early monday morning started the day without sleep so will be crashing soon,   what a week this last one was,can  only hope that this week will be much better. here for your viewing enjoyment is what i and many others in western washington dealt  with  cya all soon with a updated post but in the mean time  enjoy the pics the  5th one looks like  a frozen pond and it  was our  yard  frozen with ice  and snow looked like a skating pond weeeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


congress  will be voting soon to once again take  some of  our freedom away, please  read this petition and sign it  unless  u want your internet  restricted     thanks  peeps

Friday, January 13, 2012

great news

eye doc says my eyes are good  wooohooo so glad dont have to worry about THAT at least   hugs and thanks for good thoughts and prayers

wish me luck

off to the eye docs wish me luck :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Laura my friend is having a scentsy party this friday   check it out if u r interested in having  a awesome product

 Laura Hanson
Just want to let you know that I have scheduled a party for this Fri at 7 pm my time. So if you wish to purchase anything just clik on BUY FROM PARTY on

Friday, January 6, 2012

critter hats

 wolf hat made by me, if anyone is interested in  buying one please let me know i custom make these and sell for  20.00 plus shipping  and can do other critters  perhaps even a panda bear or something    enjoy
 bear hat custom made by me

 kitty hat made by me
 mouse hat made by me
fox hat made by me

love candles check this out

love the smell of candles burning but  have to worry with small children then this is for you.

is the home of my friend laura's  business, while she is in canada she also is licensed to sell to the usa so if u are interested in this  please check her site out.   when i get some money  gonna check it out for myself    enjoy and happy weekend everyone

friday's fridays how great they are

today is friday   wooooot  finally the last working day of the week in our family anyways    am soooooooo excited   love weekends hate weekdays all that work and all kwim lol

so went to doc had  wax plugged ears  bad bad me used  qtips and clogged them myself   so a word of warning don't put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear  bewahahahahahahaha

so what im working on i get asked that alot here is what i have in the works now

hats for my sister susan and her family(already made tylers and wills almost done so now just bill(her hubby) and susie and they will be done and sent out. 

next am working on a small baby 
kitty hat. over the holidays i made about  15 animal hats have orders for 9 more to come  soo excited

Thursday, January 5, 2012

thursdays blas

today is one of those days  i started it out great baked brownies and cupcakes  both vanilla and chocolate sat down and that was it lol  off to the docs now to see whats wrong with my ears and why i can't stop coughing   maybe their connected who knows  anyways wish  me luck  hugs and enjoy the sunrise pics i took yesterday 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

help a friend

if anyone is looking to get some scensy products  my friend laura is selling them and here is her  site  please check it out  hugs vicki

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