Thursday, June 25, 2009

this is how i felt today i could have used something cool to drink after sitting and waiting for over a hour for the bank officer to finish out dealing with dads accounts and transfering to our account well because they didn't have all the info the morons didn't finish it and now we have to do t on saturday am no happy at all. grrrrrrrrrrrr so on saturday it should be done i hope grrrrrrr

met a new friend tonight through my friend nancy who is a different person than my sister nancy although i call this friend sister too we are sisters in yarn and actually is a friends mom and we just hit it off right away is nice for that to be

anyways we got our permission to take our vacation when dh wanted it and that twerp jeff didn't get his way am off to bed for now have a great day love ya all

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

good news yeaaaaaaaaa

well today the phone rang and was the idiot from work who threw his temper tantrum about the vacations the boss reviewed them and said that MY dh has first choice it didn;t matter what he wanted dh has first chance so we will have the time off we requested

  • that was the good news now for the bad, ds had a interview yesterday for a 6th grade position they called today and he didn't get the job breaks my heart to see him half to go through this every dang year he seems to have a good attitude thought much better than mine lol not much going on so going to sign off but will be selling some more stuff in my etsy store lots of yarns and book patterns also come look and see should have it all up by the weekend so will catch ya all then hugs vicki

Sunday, June 21, 2009

more pictures

my kitties and a stellar jay we had 4 of them in the yard today fighting over the peanuts silly birds. the little kittens are babies from one of the adult cats dh has at work. the orange one has some eye problems that its mama needs to take care of and will im sure aren't they adorable? there are 6 more am off to find other pics of the 2 other ones i saw there is 4 more i saw but did not get pics of yet. hugs and happy fathers day to all those of you who are fathers day to all those who are dads or mom and dads both and thank you to all our dads out there serving in the military away from their family on fathers day god bless and keep all of you hugs and love vicki

these are some more pictures of my roses hoping to get a few more blooms out of some of them but it is hitting toward the end of june. today is the summer soltice 16 hours of daylight wooot hehe

i also took some pictures of our wild kitty we named him iggabod and he finally looks good, all winter he was sickley but i started feeding him more food and it works for him as he now is not sick no running nose his legs are not as bad as they were sometimes he would hop on 3 legs sometimes often actually he limped alot and he now is feeling much better so without farther ado here is our ickabod

Friday, June 19, 2009

hi everyone i hope this finds you all doing well, i have been having one of those weeks that are just dragging on and on and on. sigh

we still have not heard back on dh vacation time, i don;t know if i posted this before or not but will again and if you read it once please forgive this tired ladies posting but this just ticks me off something fierce. see here is the situation the forman who is my husband and the one with almost 40 years under his belt has first choice of the time he wants off for vacation, then here comes this jerk who has 5 years at best but is a special needs person demanding he get that time cause he always has had it that way. and the boss is saying we are both going to have to give which is BS should be dh and if they don;t then will go ahead of his boss and file a grievance with the union if nothing is done then we are suing for that please keep good thoughts for him we sooo do not need this stress on top of everything else and especially this year with dad passing away we need the 6 weeks off in a row to just relax

been crocheting on a new doily not going to show it as the person whos it is for reads my blog and i don;t want her to see it ahead of time , i know she probably already knows its a doily as i asked her what she wanted and thats what she said but its going to be soooo pr

these are pictures of my roses i have growing aren;t they beautiful oh the smell is heavenly too i adore my roses and hope you have enjoyed them also

this one to my left of the words i started from a single flower my sister gave me and now ia full grown rose bush

i also have a bunch of other pictures still on my camera and will post it asap

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and for all those dads out there happy fathers day i miss both of my dads this is a hard year for us dads only been gone 2 months and it seems we are forever thinking about him

thanks to my dear friends and sisters who helped me through my day when we heard news about someone we all care about, you know who you are dear hearts i love you all my friends be at peace special friend i love you

Sunday, June 14, 2009

hey ya all how are ya tonight? i am so darn tired i can hardly stand up. got the attic all cleared out and went threw most of it all alot is going to be sold or given away to charity we have sooooooo much stuff i am amazed how much stuff there is will maybe have a yard sale or go to the swap meet

with my new stash of all the bright colors from yesteryear(lord u never knew there was so many pretty colors i seldom had more yarn that what i was doing the stash was non existent and i was busy raising my kids anyways. now im finding these wonderful greens and purples hot pink for year could not find hot pink anyways am going to make myself a afghan with these bright colors and black for the borders will be beautiful i might use the chappel i think is called hat for it i have it in a afghan book or might do a flower one either way will be very pretty OR i might just make sq of my own design and lots of colors switching around who knows

i was so happy to help enid with her sq for her sil patty they turned out really nice so am double happy to help her. she is such a sweetie we need to go to lunch or something when we both have time.

i miss talking to my friends online as i have been sooo busy but now i have internet i can chat at night too. is hard going back and forth between the 2 houses but well is what i have to do so i do it

the weather has been just gorgeous, im glad jean that you finally got the rain i sent it to you so you would have it and save your crops sweetie am glad mother nature listened to me doing my rain dance


not up to much else just working between the 2 houses is hard for now but will get better im sure

well am off to surf the web and see what kind of trouble i can get into lol take care ya all love ya

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