Friday, December 28, 2007

what will you do in th new year

well i decided to change my wording some, was going to tell what happened thru the year but way to much bad things happened and need to change the subject before i get mega depressed decided to not even go there just focus on the finer things in life

starting with my exciting news. as you all know i have a etsy shop of my own

tonight i found out i had sold my first order on my etsy site. granted was only 2 skeins of yarn but darn it i DID IT wooohooooo

so now to add some more stuff to it because my friend kathy who has her own very succesful etsy shop gave me some pointers about how to improve mine so will follow her advide to improve it all since this year is my goal to make pots full of money and stash it all away for a rainy day hehe

now on to other subject. soon it will be a new year and while i don;t normally make new year resolutions , this year i m going to do my utmost toget this house cleaned out and make some money while i am at it hehehe, so starting next week when i have more free time, dang all im doing now is running fil to docs galore soon he will have the results and we can move foreward,

well am getting sleepy now so am going to go now and hope ya all have a wonderful new year and god bless and keep you all, remember if you Do have any resolutions come share with us and maybe we can help you thru the year to keep them. ciao for now and god bless you and keep ou safe in the new year ciao and know how much i care about you guys who are my friends and if you ever need me remember i am here. ciao and good night to you all

Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas eve

is offically christmas eve as it is 12:11 am on monday the 24th day of december in the year or our lord 2007 wow is that official sounding or what? well its christmas eve , soon we will celebrate christmas day , this year i tell ya i should have went to tahiti or some place tropical, i swear the only reason i am even doing as well as i am is my kids. they have helped me so much this year, buying each other things spending their own money lending it to me till i get paid the end of the month. im one lucky mom,

i can not remember a year that has been so bad, i want to just turn back time and say to myself this isn't happening but of course it is. well soon it will be 2008

which leads me to ask

does anyone have any resolutions they make on new years day? i have one i am going to make, i want to clean the clutter out of this house and make it livable again, one room at a time, i also want to sell as much as i can ,and save and i will make that happen just going to take alot of disipline and not buying things

hubby told me he thought i should make and sell teddy bears or dolls, i said that is a possibility. i mean with all the toys coming in out of china with lead poisening why not make a american made toy so am thinking seriously about that
i love my new sewing machine, it is my ticket to financial freedom and can not wait to get started . i got some cabbage patch doll heads from my friend fran's mom and i think i will make those first. i am debating too as to wether or not to sell most of my yarn(gasp i know , jean i can read your mind when you read that lol) but i have sooo much i am not using, i mean am not going to give all of it away or even sell all of it, like my alpacca i have, that's mine sister and dont you even think for one min i am getting rid of that THINK AGAIN!!!!!!

but i do have alot of other stuff that needs to be either used or sold. no more mrs nice wife. ebay here i come. when i think about how much i have and how i can not even get into the laundry room because the hamper is in the way because there is boxes and boxes of yarn in the hampers way why????????? cause i am a packrat, there i said it packrat PACKRAT PACKRAT i save everthing
must because we had to make due with everything and use it over and over
hey 5 KIDS cost alot to raise and yea i know they could have stopped after me but then shoot i wouldn't have my nance who i adore as a little sister

speaking of her i called her today to see how she was feeling too as we had to postpone them coming over because of my sickness and also hers, she said she is fine though so sissy better hurry up and get well before the kids get sick all over again GASP

anyways abbie got on the phone, mind you she is 4 years old and what a chatterbox, she said to me

vicki i made you something for christmas, i said you did? oh goodies i can't wait, i said you made it just for me and she replied in her 4 year old wisdom, i couldn't buy anything i don't have any money LOL out of the mouth of babes i told her i am anxious to see what you made me and thank you sooo very much, she said your welcome now say bye, i said bye and she hung up on me lol so had to call nance back. she was busy scolding abbie about not saying auntie, i said is fine lol

well am off to bed want to shout out to all of you my friends, fran,jacqui, sue, jean,joann,kari, kathy, both kathys, everyone lol

and everyone else, fiona hope your holidays are awesome, everyone merry christmas and i will be seeing you all on the boards
a special shout out to my marines. tom you take good care of those guys and they appreciate it, merry christmas to all of you keep safe and hopefully soon time to come home.

for all of you out there in blog land i hope this holiday season is filled with love and care family and friends, people who want to and do make a difference. thats what i hope for all of the world, that at least on christmas morn, that holy day for christians and all of you who don't celebrate the christmas season, whatever you do celebrate and when you can please do your very best to help others, to my family i love you all to my friends again i love you all

Saturday, December 22, 2007

winter solstice

happy solstice to those of my friends who celebrate the yule, today was a typical winter day. cold damp, painful for those of us who have health issues. i sit here tonight dreaming not of a white christmas but of a summer day, oh about 75 to 80 degrees, warm breezes blowing so i don't get to cold. i know alot of people don't agree, but hey thats why this is america so we can speak our minds without censorship.

so now on to the holidays, im not sure how the other ones are different than christmas(well i understand hanakkua some ) but i want to wish you all the best holidays you all can have.

im so far behind i still need to finish about 4 gifts not to mention not even close to have things done for my etsy shop. i need about 8 more pairs of hands. fran and i were talking about that the other day. wouldn't it be wonderful if we had all the hands we needed. for instance i am making my daugher a pair of "comfy pants, almost done all i need to do now is hem and put elastic in, then have a skirt cut out for her but will probably not get the skirt done oh well she is a big girl and will understand. the reason i am running behind is obvious and now will just get done what i can and the rest will finish after.

i was chatting with my friend jean tonight, she lives up north a ways (like out of the united states, bt won'[t say where as she would appreciate it if i didn't. anywhooo she informed me tonight that it is a balmy - 18 degrees, yes you read that right - makes me cold just thinking about it brrrrrr` anyways jean was great chatting with you, watch those fur babies for me.

while i am thinking about it, i have a couple o f requests for you

first off, please keep my fil in your thoughts an prayers, many of you know he has some heart problems that we did not know about and just found out so please keep him in your thoughts, and especially for my friend fran, her dad has some issues so please keep her and her family in your thoughts also.

well am off to snooze land. take care and a big shout out to my marines. god bless you all and keep you safe, till tomorrow, don't forget. santa is watching you :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hey ya all

sorry been so long. been sick with the crud, you know the stuff your kid brings home from work or school because others who are sick don't stay home and just HAVE to pass it around, well there ya go all this happened to me because of others rudeness. but i am use to it anyways sickies everywhere i go cough cough hack hack gimme a break

kk don't get me started lol i am feeling a tad better so am hoping to finish my wrapping tomorrow but will wait another day to venture out because unlike those kind i don't do that

been working on christmas pressents. tonight cut out some darling penguin comfy pants for dd she is going to love love love them for christmas, i also have a couple other things i want to make her, one being a skirt in this black lace and maroon fabric i am hoping to finish it by christmas lord willing and the creek dont' rise.

speaking of, please keep all of the people who have lost their homes to the devistating floods of a couple weeks ago in your prayers. fema now is just getting there to help. trust me you need to be able to take care of yourself for up to 2 weeks cause sometimes it takes the president that long to declare a national disaster.nd thereason for this i assume is because they need to see it up close and personal. i'm sure those who lost their homes to the floods and mudslides would be more than happy to showyou the problems sir. speaking of helping my dd told me that the tacoma joann fabrics is going to be having some kind of blanket making party and the blankets and i assum whatever else can be made to help will go directly to the people of centralia and chehalis. those who lost it all i am sure will appreciate any help they can get. will keep you posted as to when this happens in case anyone here wants to go and help.

i posted my famous "hogs delight " over at the crochetville site. in off topics so if your not a member you probably won't be able to see it but if you want it bad enough drop me a note and i will share with ya all Hehe see how nice i am

a big shout out and thanks to my friend kari for caring about me enough to ask how i am im doing alright hon thanks. also to my friends fran, kathy, suzee,and all the rest of you who i chat with(you all know who you are) thanks for being my friend it means the world to me to know you all care.

this christmas is going to be hard i mean already its hard, usually about this time we are getting ready to take mil shopping at the mall, now i have a hard time even going INTO a mall. i tried few weeks ago and walked right back out without buying anything with tears streaming down my face.m sure people thought i was nuts and maybe i am, but i sure as hell miss that lady she was not just a mil, she was my mom here in pierce county she was my mom when my own mom couldn't be, thanks for letting me whine and vent.i know i am a big baby but dang it i am in pain. both kinds it hits me right in the chest when i think about how much we loved her and how much we miss her. it don't seem right to celebrate christmas, but i know she would want us to go on, besides i think she is around anyways. you know the old saying pennys from heaven, how your loved one ius suppose to leave pennies around so you know they were there? well lately i have been finding quarters in the oddest places places i know i had not seen one there the day before. mom always did have flair lol im getting alot of them so think she must be hanging out here for now to help us thru.

well my peeps am off to snooze land and hope to feel better soon. take care and god bless you all hugs and love vicki

Sunday, December 9, 2007

happy monday

hey ya all, hows your month going so far, for those who celebrate the birthday of the christ child or better know as christmas are you all ready? is your decorations up, have you baked all the goodies you want to got presents to wrap or already done with those? o.k now you all want to know why in the world i am asking such stupid questions, its like this, yes i celebrate christmas, no only have about half of the decorating done although the house is beginging to look like the griswalds house in christmas vacation no baking has been done, few presents have been bought none wrapped in otherwords helppppppppppppppppppppppppppp. today is december 10th that means i have 2 weeks yup 2 measly little weeks to get done. still working on some gifts, had a order to do so of course that is coming first(almost done thanks be to the angels watching over me) why oh why am i so far behind, a few years ago alright many years ago i had presents bought by end of october( my kids knew they would not get the latest gadget, wether or not they begged to be good , some years santa grandma would break down and buy the 'must have' gift only to find it was forgotten come feb when the next must have comes out, you see i remember being a child a few(alright many) years ago and i knew that if i was very very good santa always brought me what i wanted, that was until my 11th birthday year.which will remain annonamous i begged for the original barbie house, you know the one i speak of, THE original cardboard one with lots of cool furniture ect. well i was soooooooo sure santa was going to bring it to me cause i had asked ever so nicely(and yes back them we at 11 did still believe sometimes) for that wonderful house for my barbie dolls which i loved playing with(11 year olds then are like 6 year olds now) i hoped and hoped and just KNEW i was going to get it , that is until the disaster of that awful year happened. you see its like this , i hada little sister who was the worlds biggest snoop and since she often would go sit quietly in places and not bother anyone my mom and dad never dreamed that this sweet innocent child was in fact the snooping police, sent to spoil all the dreams of good girls and boys. ah yes she struck that fateful day. i was talking to mom about how i hoped santa would bring that to me and she was sitting there listening while cooking dinner. she asked me to go find miss snoop and get her ready for dinner. and while i did this and found her she asked me if i really wanted to know if i was going to get my barbie house. i said oh yes i want to let santa know, well out of the mouths of bratty little sisters she leaned over and said i saw it, i said saw what

she said i saw your barbie dream house in the closet, i said nooooooooooooooooooooooooo oh nooooooooooooooo how could you, she said shhhhh don't tell mom cause you will get in trouble for snooping HA we all knew who that was but of course i didn;'t want to get in trouble so come christmas day i acted very suprised that i recieved that wonderful gift from the jolly old elf himself moral of this story, there isn;t one, just thought you might like a laugh but this truly did happen and i don't know yet if i have forgive my snoopy sister yet hehe jk of course i have and we have laughed many times over the years when we saw our own daughters become snoopy and also sons in my case. in years past i would buy the gift wrap it and store it in the garage, course that was when they didn't have keys to the garage or house as they were sosmall and little. in keeping with this posting please share with all of us what your most awesome wonderful fantastic present that the hohoho jolly old fat man gave you, i think besides the doll house my most favorite thing was the year when we 3 girls(and not niss snoopy as she was so small yet!!!!!)was the year when mom and dad tricked us, see my father built things, and my mom had been asking and asking for a new coffee table and end table, one day we went out into his shop andasked what those big boxes were. seems santa had a helper this year. he told us that since mom wanted her furniture wwell he had made it for her yea right dad and would we mind very much having our name put on then she would think was for us and when we opened the boxes she would have been suprised well was not her that was suprised was us you could have heard us clear across the city when we opened those boxes, see they didn't have furniture in it but sting ray bicylcles. THE top ride in those days , what a wonderful suprise that was.

so please share your most memorable holiday, it don't have to be only christmas as i know alot of readers celebrate in other ways and faiths so if you want to please tell us your most remarkable one and the one that just 'sticks in your mind as the one that was THE celecbration,, the one you remember. so until then i wish you all happy holidays

Saturday, December 1, 2007

why must things be this way

warning major rant ahead.if you don't want to read me to complaion then this is a posting you don't want to read. ok i warned you.

now as you all know my mil passed away a few months ago and while i have tried to be patient with my husbans, but the man is driving me nuts, and no im not already there but getting there fast

his latest thing is he comes home from work and looks around the house as if to say oh god shs did nothing again and frankly it pisses me off. because i do work, i work darn hard around here , maybe i can,
t clean way up high and maybe i have alot of issues with that but it realllllly hurts my feelings when he don't even ask me how i am today , just looks around and shakes his head. his excuse my moms house never looked like this (yes it did when she had gotten sicker the last few years of her life) AND its not like my house is dirty. messy yes, dirty NO. we live in a very small house and we have alot of stuff, so we need to get rid of some, yes i realize that but the only one who has made ANY effort to that is me and im sick of it. today i reached my ends whit, i refuse to talk to him until he acts like a human being and not a arrogant jackass. last night when he got home and laid down he just shook his head ad said what did you do today. oh lets see, laundry, dishes, went to the doctors, paid bills went and bought the freaking lights you wanted butthead. and now if they don't have replacment bulbs you don't want it. next time you get the stuff you want, and don't ask me to find them for you.. k now i am done ranting

how are all of you, am worried about some of you have not heard from you, you know who i am talking about girl come visit,

so who is ready for the holidays, and which traditions do you follow? we might put the tree up tomorrow if i can finish what mr butthead wants done

well till later my friends i bid you adeu and may your days be filled with lots of love and fun filled thing to do with your family and friends and remember till the season because jesus is the reason hugs and love

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