Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hey ya all, stopping by to say hello, and to brag about my score today hehehehe, sooooo first i went to goodwill at one place nada nothing good at all, so then hit the freeway and went to another one, no yarn but they did have 7 cool afghan leafets, oh before i get ahead of myself i also went to joes which is a sporting goods/auto store here going out of business and scored for my dh a awesome pair of 3 ton jackstands these go for almost 60.00 i paid 6.00 SCORE!!!!!!!

anyways then went out to the other goodwill and they had the afghan leaflets got them for a buck nice huh and inside of it was one for the american and national league football teams crocheted pattern for afghans SCORE!!!!!!!!

so then stopped at michaels as i wanted to see if they had their new yarn nope but they DID have some awesome clearance sales. so i got 6 skeins of patons 100% merino wool yarnfor 1.99(those are already spoken for)

11 skeins of sugar and cream self stiping cotton yarn in the shades of pink for 79 cents a skein SCORE!!!!

also got 2 skeins of red heart softie yarn and a skein of red heart sport yarn 99 cents SCORE!!!!!!

also i got 3 skeins of red heart the big skeins of worsted weight acrylic yarn i need for a project 99 cents each grand total 30.oo SCORE the merino wool alone goes for 6.00 to 7.00 a skein and its the prettiest yarn but as i said already spoken for.

not up to much tonight getting ready to head back over to dads house for the night am tired and hungry and want to get something to eat soon.

am working on some sq for a dear friends sil she has been diagnosed with a nasty disease and she is making her a comfortghan so i am helping.

hope you all are doing well and i miss all of you who use to come and make comments is there a reason why you don't? if so please let me know , you all have my email or can post it here i won't post it if you don't want. i am sorry if i upset anyone and hope this is not the case and just that you all are busy with life as i am

we are doing as good as can be expected. still waiting for the attorney to contact us about the probate tomorrow will be one week so hope to hear soon.

hope you all have a wonderful week and will post again before the weekend(i promise to try) am doing some raok on ravelry found some friends who need a few things and they live outside the us so am doing my best to send them things they can enjoy and i can afford, also for my dear friend jacqui darl i am packing your package up and will send it asap still adding to it hehehe take care all and hope you enjoy this weather if its nice where you are , if not i am sending you some happy sunshine memories from me hehe hugs and love for all vicki

Friday, May 15, 2009

its the weekend wooooot

hi everyone its the weekend woohooo, things are moving along but is a slow process, saw and hired a attorney yesterday to deal with probate. just not getting any help from anyone who could and should but just would not give us the names of the forms we needed to do it ourselves so now we are out 2000.00 sucks but thats life i guess sigh

it looks like its going to be a beautiful weekend, i can;t wait to get outside and play in the dirt although can't do much of it with my back but will be fun hehe.

watching the news tonight is heart breaking, general motors is shutting down over 2000 dealerships i just don't understand how they think this is going to help them, if the higher up employees like the ceo actually did give a rats behind about their employees and the american people THEY would not take their bonuses or salary increase. its just frustrating how bad this economy is, i am very dissapointed in the new administration and the promises they made. like we are suppose have seen a increase in our paycheck? we lost 600.00 and why? who the heck knows, i can guarentee that is not because we are rich by any way shape or form we get a discount on our property taxes because of my disability and our income yet they took 600 more out. thanks president obama now i have more debts than money that reallllly helps me out alot. now i must find a way to stretch the money even farther sigh

oh and another rant i am soooo pissed off i sent my friend a over night package as she was having surgery today which by the way anyone who knows who i am talking about she came through with flying colors anyways back to the rant

i overnighted her a package as i wanted her to have it before she went in today the idiots who were suppose to deliver it didn;t even knock on the door and they were home just left the note on the door OMGOSH was so angry luckily her dh was able to track her down(the mail carrier) he filed a complaint there and im going to file one here too. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

son just called and is buying some more plants wooohooo so excited.

i feel so bad for him he is going to lose his job in june because the school district where he works does not want to pay out of their reserves . he has a very very slim chance of getting something but odds are very slim please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

i can't believe the weather now is just beautiful can't wait for summer to come. well hubby wants to go so got to run take care my friends and talk to ya soon hugs and love vicki

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

may is ehlersdanlos awarness month

this is a subject very dear to me as one of my best friends has this disease and it has recked havoc on her body she is a young woman still and while i am not going to name her she knows who i am talking about.

please educate yourself about this disease. it can be herditary and passed on to your future children

until i met my friend i had no idea this horrible disease excisted. am glad its being made aware , so am doing my part to tell ya all any questions email me or post on the blog will try and explain it to you hang in all who suffers from it hugs to my special friend you know i love you girlie hugs and love vicki

Monday, May 11, 2009

hey ya

hi guys just wanted to update a bit things are still really crazy here still working on getting things done from when dad died and i can tell you its not fun this stupid government wants nothing but money money money and they have it set up so no lay person can do it only a attorney. we tried to file probate ourselves NO ONE wouold even tell us if it was the right form so this week we are meeting with a attorney and going to cost us almost 2,000.00 for it sucks in my opinion anyways thats the heres and theres for been doing a small amount of crocheting but am so darn tired i don;t even feel up to that tried to knit socks OMG was that hilarious NOt will try it again when i have more energy hugs to you all vicki

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