Sunday, October 21, 2007

i have a problem

so here is the deal, tomorrow the 22 is my deadline for cleaning my dining room out.well because of several things happening i have not had all the time to work on it so my hubby said he is giving me till wendsday. now for my problem, if for any reason i do NOT get it done until tuesday night(actual deadline is 12 am wendsday the 24th) so if i for some reason do nor finish it the 22 tomorrow i have decided as a fair way for all who participated in my contest to take your name and put it in a hat then have my dd draw a name for the bigger prize, all others will recieve a smaller prize which while isn't the most wonderful i think ya all will like it hehe. so i am going to do my bestest tomorrow to finish, but with my back being as bad as it is and not having anyone to help move the heavy boxes i have to lift(instead have to empty them then move them takes forever) so for some reason i don' finish until tueday do you think its a fair way to determine the grand prize winner? post your thoughts please and let me know if you think i am being fair. now mind you this is ONLY if i DON'T finish tomorrow as one of you did post the 22nd,. fair enough? good cause is what i am doing lol lol lol.

now for how my weekend went. are ya ready to hear what a whacked out weekend we had? hmmmm??? alrighty you asked for it bewahahahahahahaha

saturday starts with hubby having to go back to work, yep back after spending 16hours there on friday. seems someone forgot that a sub was suppose to be called in when one is sick which left basicly hubby and one of his crew to do the entire job. trust me he was NOT happy, so fast forward to saturday morning. after he left i got up did some laundry(what else am i suppose to do at 6 am?) then fed the cats and sat down , fell back asleep sitting up with my eyes open really thats what they said when they woke me up. how wierd is that. then off to brunch time. hubby usually has a big breakfast or in this case brunch before we go out on our saturday "date" so i decided to do the dishes before we left as i figured rightly no one else would bother. (why is it always a moms job to do the dishes) so as i was getting ready to do them i turned on the hot water and it was cold,.wierd i thought hmmm what in the world, so told hubby we only have cold water, could the tank be empty? he said no of course not we haven't run it for a while. so i tell him that of course it is colder than a horny toads warts(halloween humor) and he said oh thats odd, so has me go out to check and see if the hot water heater is on, well its not, not only was it not on, it was drowned in rainwater, not only drowned, but the pilot light was blown out,. dang it was wierd, we finally i think figured out why then it was how to fix it. first off i must tell you, there is not a thing out in this world that if needed to be fixed my husband would not try before calling a repair person( we never have had to he always fixes things) so after drying as much as the water out with a paper towel, then he uses Qtips to clean the orritors(his word i have no clue what it means) then he used his wet dry vac to vac out as much water as possible, and lights it, boom thatbaby is going strong YES!!! then sizzle and pop and silence once again

yep it went out again, hopefully he can start it again he trys once more and nothing,so i say to him should we just buy a new hot water tank?( a handy person i am NOT!!!) he gave me the look as if to say bite your tounge woman, there is NOTHING i can;t fix that is mechanical./ so once more he does it all and then wham bam kiss me sam he gets it lit and whoosh away it went and is still on. yeaaa we have hotwater once again. so then we sit down to our dinner of left over stew(i did manage to get some made after all) theni sat down and tried to go online,. nothing nada zipperooo, finally i get on. then proceded to fall asleep while i am waiting on a auction on ebay i really wanted course i lost. oh well thats life i suppose, so anyways this weekend sucked as far as i am concerned., life right now is rather stressed but i am blessed in many ways, mainly that i have a man who knows how hard it is for me to give away half of my life, but we also need to have our home back and its way out of control so this is what has to be done and i reallllly love that new sewing machine i am going to get :D also i heard from the gy sgt of a marine plattoon i send goodies to (

you can choose which branch of service you want to send things to, can be as simple as writing a letter once a month to someone.i send packages of goodies , cost me very little in contex of what these heros are doing for us.

so anyways today one good thing did happen, the seattle seahawks won whooooohooo bout darn time after 2 losses in a row , my faith in them has been restored. then this evening i was watching the boston red socks beat up on the cleavland indians. lord those boys kicked their butts, i was not rooting for boston either thank you. so now they will go off to the world series(actually game 1 is in boston) and while it seems they can't lose, the colorado rockies are soooo going to kick butt,. hehehe, i love playoffs the teams who make them are all so good and i love listening to my hubby and son who usually have opposite opinions on who is going to win hehe

we had a nice dinner, the kids made marinated chicken and mash potatoes with our own home grown corn, man oh man was that good stuff , yummmmmmmmmy hehe talked with my buddy fran tonight, glad to know she is feeling a little better, she has been sick. while i have not heard from joann i am still asking you keep her in your thoughts. well am off to surf ebay before i head to bed so wish me luck and tomorrow bright and early(after watching montel hehe ) i will be working toward my goal wish me lots of luck and for those who are dissapointed i didn't make it please don't be i have had to do other things also and well i am slow and a woosie :P anyways i promise to let you know tomorrow cheer me on my friends, i need to destash approx 7 to 10 boxes i am thinking so will be a hard decision for me to get rid of all my wonderful yarn, seriously i love it so much i sometimes just sit and pet it hehe especially the alpacca, omgosh that yarn is awesome . joann i will get you some hon when your feeling better as i got it at the yarn store

so am off to crochet a bit, i have joann as my partner in the bookmark swap and i am thrilled now i can spoil her some more hehehehe. so till tomorrow when i am slaving away please o please send me some energizing good thoughts and prayers that i can finish, i hate not doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done. good night to you all god bless you and keep you safe. good thoughts and lots of positive nergy remember , i need it BAD anywhoooo goodnight ya all peace be with you and have a wonderful monday thinking about me destashing hehe hugs and XXX

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WilBlg4Yrn said...

Thank goodness it was just needing relit instead of having to buy a new one! And yay for your hubby getting it relit!
I know you will make your deadline. You'll do fine. Maybe if you have any space bags you can just store some of your yarn in your closet or something just to get it out of your dining room?

I am starting to make cat carrier blankets for a local animal rescue group. She said they like to give the animals a blanket for when they go to the vet (alot of the animals they get are sick and or hurt as they take animals the shelter would normally just kill)she said it comforts them to have a nice blanket. So I am going to make blankets and toys.

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