Monday, August 9, 2010

our trip to the zoo

hello mama tiger and her new cub she sees us just adorable aren't they
if you are here or visiting the pierce county area feel free to come on down to the point defiance zoo and aquariam and visit these rare and beautiful tigers and may other animals , trust me it will be well worth the price of admition hugs and love to all happy tigers to you guys!!!!

goodbye snickers

sorry been so long since i blogged been one of those summers lol, well we did catch the other baby kitten and the mama cat and they are all off to new homes in long beach washington area. what i found amazing was that no one in my own community could help me but then i asked for help from a wonderful organization called pasadas safe haven. here is the link for anyone who wants to know about them i called and left a message and in a couple days a wonderful man named byron called me back and said they would be happy to help us with these precious cats.

i gave him the name and address of where the cats were and he said he would call me back in a day or so, he did indeed, on july 3 ,2010 he met us at hubbys work and said he would do everything he could to help us, on july 4th a holiday here in the usa he made a long 2 hour trip down to bring us traps and cages to catch the cats.

since then we have been in touch off and on and when we had all 5 of the kittens and the mama cat he came to take them to their new home, unfortenetly mama cat got loose in the garage and snickers was not taken, dh and ds and myself had to dig her out of the garage, she was hiding behind a wall poor babygirl.

we got her back into the kennel and called byron he came down to get her and instead of us risking her getting out we sent her in the kennel down to her new home, we at that time decided to donate the kennel to them as she had been so good for us we figured maybe she would be ok in there. i was sorry to let her go though and still miss that special little one, the day before and day of her leaving she let me pet her and was actually purring for me. i cried when he took her and am right now writing this so am going to sign off on it now i know she will be going to a new home and i hope and pray they will be good to her goodbye snickers mama loves you sweetie

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