Saturday, December 4, 2010

health issues

hi everyone, its been some time since i blogged and now have news i never wanted to share , i went to the doctor last month for my reg med refill and he had a new nurse. she took my bp asked me questions ect took my pulse and kept taking my pulse, i was getting a little freaked out by this and asked her if there was anything wrong, she smiled and said she thought she heard some different noises im like ohkaaaaaaaaaaaay . so doc comes in he gives me meds ect then says he wants to take my pulse, im like what is going on, he said that they heard irregular heart beats and listened to my chest then said ok this is wierd so said going to do a ekg ok? i said your the doc and smiled kind of nervous. inside im shaking. so they do a ekg and he dont like how it looks at all, said was sending me for a echo cardiogram, now im totally freaking out, but again said ok your the doctor. i said whats going on? he said he heard some things he didnt like it sounded like my heart was misfiring which means there is something wrong. so i called that afternoon and scheduled the test this was on a monday and they scheduled me for friday, i was scared to death. dd went with me all my friends who had had it said dont worry it wont hurt and dont take more than 20 minutes boy were they wrong. first off the office was RUDE, when i tried to explain to the tech that i could not lay for a long period of time i would have to be able to move now and then and she responded with well you dont HAVE to do this you know, im like yes i do o have to find out whats wrong. so first off she lays me down on this very hard table im laying almost flat which is killling me she tucked my left arm under my shoulder and i thought i was going to scream was so painful, i tried to hold still and not move around when i was in agony, she snapped at me said you have to lay still i said i am as best as i can. after 15 agonizing minutes she finally stopped typing and moving the transducer(wand used in ultrasound) and said ok you can move so i tried very hard to sit up, she snapped at me i didnt say you could sit up now i have to position you again
i felt like saying SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT, i had tears running down my face and she said its not that big of a deal why are you being a baby. i said im NOT a baby i HURT. dd is about ready to pop her in the face. after that she told me i had to lay back down and NOT move. she kept coming back to a certain place so i knew there was something wrong. she then had me move and said this is going to be uncomfortable(im like what does she think this whole damn thing has been) and then she proceeded to push the wand into my chest wall between my ribs and seperate them i felt like screaming i was so bad. after 40 minutes of agony she was finally done said she couldnt do anymore with me moving the way i was i was livid but hurt so bad couldnt even barely walk. if dd had not been with me would have been crawling out the door. so i was told would be ready in 5 days i said 5 DAYS? it takes 5 days to read this and send it via fax? she said we dont use fax we mail it out to them i said well damn now i have to reschedule my appointment. did that for the following tuesday and thought ok should be there i called to make sure and guess what it was NOT there they had not even sent it i was sooooooooooooo angry ended up going over there and making them fax it to my doc

so to make this very long story short now i have two valves in my heart that are leaking, not bad enough for surgery or meds at this time but am very scared of whats to come. i think wont be long before meds and its scaring me to death friends tell me is no big deal but the more i read about things the more afraid i am please keep me and my family in your prayers if you pray and send us good thoughts as we can use all of them that we can get,
thank you dear friends and even those who read my blog but dont know me thank you and god bless you always love vicki

helping a friend

hey ya all a friend is going thru some hard times and she is selling avon to try and supplement her income she has some awesome things on her web page and check them out see if ya want something , she will send directly to your home. check it out ok?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

hello all

hi everyone thought i would say a great big happy halloween to those who follow. i am busy making baby clothes have 2 cousins that are having babies in the next couple of months so am busy making baby blankets and baby clothes hehe not saying what as i dont want anyone to see what it is until its done hehehehehehehe hope you all are having a wonderful day. today was hard but i made it thru went and paid out taxes sheesh the county owns you lock stock and barrel it seems like, then went to costco then came home and made chicken soup and biscuits dh loved it said was very good but different well of course it is different i have not made soup in so long not even funny lol is good though hot chicken soup and home made biscuits what a combination lol yummmmmmmmmmmm off to have some oh added eggs too so had chicken and egg soup bewahahahahahaha if those who say ick try it i bet you will love it till later hugs vicki

raffle for the fur kids

as many of you know i am a animal lover i love my cats dearly, well i belong to a group on ravelry that is afghans for animals. we have several people on this site who are foster parents to their furkids. anyways on this site they are having a raffle to raise money for the groups they are all legit foster groups and need to raise money to care for the furkids until they are placed into their forever homes. here is the link if you want to check it out it is a great great cause and the goodies are just awesome go look if you belong to ravelry its the afghans for animals group
thanks and hope ya all bid vicki

Thursday, September 30, 2010

hello all of my blog readers

im sorry has been such a long time since i posted, life has a way of getting into my space and time.

a big hello to all who follow, i have been busy once again working on the craft room from hell .

i need about 4 days all alone which i can lay things out and then decided what to keep and what to get rid of and then decide who to give it to.

i am going to share with the women prisoners at the womens prison at purdy. they make things for their family for gifts and have to supply their own yarn, this is something i can help with they will be able to use the yarn and make things for family and friends for gifts which i think is awesome so am happy to help will have help with this by a new friend i met on ravelry she said would be happy to take it to them which saves me a ton of work and travel time as this friend lives close to there.

well tomorrow i hit the big 54 my dd and i are going to go out to lunch and then tomorrow night will have dinner at the kids and my son said pressies woohoo i love pressies. i have already gotten some birthday greetings even though it was ahead of time and i loved them all and those who sent them to me tytytytytytytyty

back pain is getting worse i sooo wish i could get a job that would help with bills and medical premiums, i KNOW dh wants to retire asap we had talked about him waiting till he was 62 which is only 2 more years from now, i can not believe he will not wait knowing how much it will cost us 1500 x 14 months is alot of money and thats IF i can keep what i have, which is doubtful for the first year yes but after that i have to have ins that will cover my medical issues and prescriptions when he retires his net pay now will be his gross pay for retirement until we get social security which he can get at 62 as well as i can as his dependant and being disabled i qualify course if things keep going the way they are now in 5 years there WON'T be any social security or so frustrated can you tell?

i'm worried about mojo have not seen him for a week now he may be coming and eatting when im not watching but lately tried to just catch a glimps of him but he seems to have vanished along with poor old midnight.

that poor old cat was coming to eat every single day and i have not seen him around since last week in fact was same day mojo was here now i think of it that REALLLLLY worries me, have checked the web page of the animal control and everywhere i can think of mojo please come home i miss you and love you

well gonna scoot for now here are a few pics to entertain you all

tonight been playing with my fur kids. for some reason they all wanted to pick on sherbi poor little guy okok im going lol till i blog again(and will try hard to do so soon) ciao

Thursday, September 16, 2010

this week sucked

this week totally sucked. i started out tuesday on a lovely note, was headed out to best buy to get a couple dvd's for the kids then was suppose to go to the dentist when i started the car i thought nothing of it, cloney came into the yard(neighbors cat) so i opened the door of the car got out to move him, because he was laying in the middle of the driveway so got the little bugger to move headed back to my car, and the door shut. im like oh no biggie can open it right? NOT the damn thing locked on me, how i dont know but i did it so here is my car running in the yard and i have no way to get in and shut it off. thankfully dd was home and she got the keys from her dad and brought them to me ................ sigh..............

so then i decided to indulge in some retail therapy and went to tuesday morning got some awesome deals and will be posting some in my etsy store soon, then headed out to the kids and remembered i needed to get my meds, so got them stopped at the grocery store(not saying which one right now) and had gotten some grocerys was headed back from the frozen food aisle and i slipped in some fort of liquid and if not for my cart i would have fallen. as it was i wrenched my back and its still hurting. the manager was atotal jerk didnt even seem to care i was hurt, didnt ask if i was ok if i needed medical help anything didnt make out a accident report nothing. so yesterday went to the store asking if they would make a report out, i said i was hurt and they acted like i was faking it, i saw the boy who had cleaned the spill up and said he saw it, so then they decided to believe me, the guy asked me if i had fallen and i said no the cart caught me, he laughed and said something to the line oh the cart caught your fall thats wonderful then LAUGHED, i said gee it might even be funny if i wasnt HURT total jerk tried to get into docs today but he is booked till monday so will see him then what a day totaly sucked hope today is better hugs vicki

Thursday, September 2, 2010

thank god for prayers

got a call this morning from my friend and sis in yarn that her dh was hit by car on the way to work. he rides his bike and was on his way to work. thank god he is ok bumps bruises and sprains snd his hand was dislocated then went back in so god was watching over him glad you are ok sterl love ya guys

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

poll here

my sis cheryl says i should get a job in yarn shop when my dh retires what do you all think? should i or should i not this is not a scientific poll just am curious as to what everyone thinks lol let me know hugs vicki

morning all i hope you are all having a good week. today is wednesday and i am more than ready for the weekend to come(even though it means dh will be home)

he went back to work after almost 6 weeks off and if this is a prelude to retirement i am sooooooo going to look for a job or something can't deal with him 24/7 for that long.

joined several swaps on ravelry such a nice place and most people on there are awesome, met a few who were users but not to many and since i have cut the ones out of my life that are users i feel so much better.

still going thru my yarns and will be putting some up for sale also patterns lots of good deals coming soon so come back and check often, going to try and get the items listed by the middle of the month so please check and see if there is something you want. am willing to ship international but payment must be made by paypal, domestic i will wait for a money order but i need to have it paid paypal im sure you understand with the rate difference in all countries but am willing to ship international no problem

hope ya all have a wonderful day and a great weekend hugs all love vicki

Monday, August 9, 2010

our trip to the zoo

hello mama tiger and her new cub she sees us just adorable aren't they
if you are here or visiting the pierce county area feel free to come on down to the point defiance zoo and aquariam and visit these rare and beautiful tigers and may other animals , trust me it will be well worth the price of admition hugs and love to all happy tigers to you guys!!!!

goodbye snickers

sorry been so long since i blogged been one of those summers lol, well we did catch the other baby kitten and the mama cat and they are all off to new homes in long beach washington area. what i found amazing was that no one in my own community could help me but then i asked for help from a wonderful organization called pasadas safe haven. here is the link for anyone who wants to know about them i called and left a message and in a couple days a wonderful man named byron called me back and said they would be happy to help us with these precious cats.

i gave him the name and address of where the cats were and he said he would call me back in a day or so, he did indeed, on july 3 ,2010 he met us at hubbys work and said he would do everything he could to help us, on july 4th a holiday here in the usa he made a long 2 hour trip down to bring us traps and cages to catch the cats.

since then we have been in touch off and on and when we had all 5 of the kittens and the mama cat he came to take them to their new home, unfortenetly mama cat got loose in the garage and snickers was not taken, dh and ds and myself had to dig her out of the garage, she was hiding behind a wall poor babygirl.

we got her back into the kennel and called byron he came down to get her and instead of us risking her getting out we sent her in the kennel down to her new home, we at that time decided to donate the kennel to them as she had been so good for us we figured maybe she would be ok in there. i was sorry to let her go though and still miss that special little one, the day before and day of her leaving she let me pet her and was actually purring for me. i cried when he took her and am right now writing this so am going to sign off on it now i know she will be going to a new home and i hope and pray they will be good to her goodbye snickers mama loves you sweetie

Friday, July 23, 2010


hi everyone sorry been so long been super busy giving my yarn and patterns away. found someone who can use them and acually even cried when i told her no charg see she lost all her yarn and all her patterns to hurricane katrina that evil bitch. when dd and i went up to see bunny she was so happy she kept saying i had this and i had that it soooo made my happy that she was happy

today marks my dear hubbys and my 31st anniversary dang thats a long time lol not sure what the plans are for celebrating but the kids always do something so will have to wait and see. been busy making my jewelry and hope to have some posted on etsy site soon check it out and if there is anything special you need want or just HAVE to have check with me first the addy is thanks all

off to visit the 4 baby kittens am fostering while we catch mama and the other baby before taking them to their new home in long beach will blog more about that later hugs and love to all i know who care what happens love ya vicki

Friday, June 11, 2010

drunk drivers and why they deserve to be put im prison

last night on the news i heard a story that broke my heart. 3 young men in the cusps of life ready to graduate on saturday from decater high school in federal way washington were struck while their car was disabled on the side of the road by a drunk driver , and 2 of the boys died. one at the scene one later at the hospital, and while many people will look at this and say thats sad but it happens, yes it does but it SHOULDN'T have happened this time. The man who hit them and totally destroyed 3 families lives forever had 2 prior convictions for dui. yet he continued to drink and this time it cost 2 young men their lives. they were sons,grandsons, brothers, cousins boyfriends and friends to many people, yet this happened once again and why? can anyone tell me that? can anyone tell me why the laws in this state care more for the person who commits a crime and gets a slap on the wrist so he can go out and do it again? does anyone know the answer? is there one? it would be so nice for there to be a answer to give these families but there isn't, we need tougher drunk driving laws people who just go out and get blitzed and then have NO care of anyone , not even themselves, of course none of that matters now these young men are dead forever gone but not forgotten. god bless you the families of nick hodgins and derek king rip guys, you i know will be missed by so many and loved by all who knew you, as for you mr drunk driver i hope you rot in hell for the things you did to these families if you want to read more about it at here is the link
laws need to be changed and people need to stop and think what their actions can cause, rip guys

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a friends blog check it out

my friend sirena takes awesome pictures, professional pictures and she is very reasonable, so if you live in the western washington area near or around tacoma check her out and see what wonderful work she does its fantastic check it out. she will be posting pics soon on her new web page at

will chat soon all of those people who ARE truly my friends more later love ya guys vicki

Sunday, June 6, 2010

sorry its been so long

i am sorry has been so long since i posted so much has happened and just am worn out dealing with it all, this post i guess i need to try and explain, a death of a friendship, it like all friendships started with promise someone new we had something in common crochet, both belonged to the same forum similar interests, so over the years we would email chat on yahoo messnger ect. lately on skypes until i finally realized she didn;t care one little bit about my feelings, the convo was similar to this, i said hi she said hi, same old thing but instead of listening to her bad day that she had had or how things were so bad today i said i was really upset, she said she understood she had been upset too. again all about HER, so then when i tried to explain to her i had to get rid of a huge amount of my stash she had the balls to tell me i should go on the show horders, i said excuse me? that was not nice, she says well i didn;t mean anything by it, im like then why did you say it, she made some excuse and said it again, i said forget it i don;t want to talk about it with you lets talk about something else. she said fine THEN she said have you thought about getting professional help? im like wtf is going on with you, that hurt my feelings, she again says i didn;t mean anything by it, again i said you really hurt my feelings, but does she care. does she stop, no she did not in fact she continued on in the same vein i said i don;t want to talk to you anymore said goodbye and clicked off
i wanted to talk to someone else about it one of my friends and sisters who DO care about me and she popped back in. i again told her i didn;t want to talk to her i was to upset but did she stop even then? oh hell no she kept it up and up and up and finally she did it, she made me so angry and hurt i don't want to be friends with her anymore. it was always about can i do this or that how many times did i get things for her when she said she couldnt afford them then she says i need to be on horders what the heck is wrong with you jean i know you read my blog and even if you answer on here i am not posting it so please don;t and do not keep trying to contact me the friendship(if we ever really had one now i think about how all you did was gripe complain and bitch 95% of the time) is over you don;t need to be concerned about me or worry anymore i am no longer nor care to be your friend . you killed it with your insensitivity and lack of concern for me , and no im not sending you your hooks or yarn i promised you , i would burn them first

sorry the rest of you have to read this but i have reached my limit with this greedy person say some prayers for me so i am not so upset she dont warrent my attention anymore and im using this to purge her out of my life to all of those who DO care thanks and hugs for you all

Monday, May 17, 2010

blog contest to check out

check out this blog contest is a great one

not sure why my postings so big need to rest sorry everyone hugs vicki

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

morning all, not sure why i can not change my font size driving me crazy, just letting you know i am alive so will repost when i figure out whats going on hugs to all love vicki

Saturday, April 10, 2010


good morning everyone, today is the day before my dd birthday. the last child i gave birth to she is going to be 26 years old tomorrow

26 years wow how time has flown and i aam saddened by how fast she and my son grew up but such is life.
i am trying to decide if i should bake her a cake today or buy one anyone have any suggestions? i don't mind baking and the cakes are usually pretty good but today i am actually feeling semi human again so don't know if i want to use my spoons up baking but then again is her birthday sigh decisions decisions hehe
So is april 10th we are almost half way thru the month and what do we have to show for it
LOTS OF RAIN and SNOW in the mountains
but we need it since had less than normal precipitation this winter(or so they say seems like it rained constantly to me )
today is the daffodil parade i remember going to see the parade when i was young now there is no way i can and they don't televise it anymore either so will miss it totally makes me sad.
Went to the doc yesterday for my meds, he said to stop taking zyrtec and try clariton so did and my nose stopped running hehe also told him my pain is getting worse but not ready to try anything else if he wanted to change the meds i DO have as they at least help some.
Joined a new group on ravelry its called chronic stitchers and i LOVE it, thanks kim for starting it its a fun and comforting place to be. so if anyone suffers from chronic pain or illness and want a good place to hang out come join us there
here is the link you DO have to belong to ravelry but its free and a wonderful place to meet new friends and also visit with old friends
Well am off to figure out the rest of my day hope ya all have a wonderful day filled with sunshine and rainbows(even if cruddy picture this in your mind you will be suprised how good it makes you feel) hugs and love to all vicki

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

warning for all

a friend of mine told me about a site that if you type your name in it will take you right to a gold mine of information the site is this

and if you do not believe me then go hear and see for yourself snopes is the number 1 place that will tell you if its true or not so check out this site to tell you about the other damaging one no one needs the info on there

you can remove your information by clicking on the privacy button on the bottom of the page i went there saw our info and deleted it, you do have to give a email addy but i used one i only use for stuff just like this without my personal information being on it anyways please dont think this is just a prank believe me it is NOT thanks melissa for telling us about it on facebook too am spreading the word myself because of a friend like you thanks again and big hugs vicki

thank you kari

thanks to my special friend kari who made this happen, my blog was over bandwidth so i bought the photobucket pro and couldn't make it work despite her busy day she took the time to fix it for me and am very greatful and happy so thanks again sweetie . am off to take care of the end of month things thank goodness is payday wooooohooo so until tomorrow same time same place love and hugs to everyone

Sunday, March 21, 2010

update on missing child

she was found safe this afternoon and is fine the person who took her is in jail thank you for your concern and care hugs vicki

Saturday, March 20, 2010

missing child

this child is a friend of mines god child, this is not a phoney posting, kristi called me at 3 this morning in tears this child is in danger and needs your help please pray she is safe and soon home where she belongs here is her pictures. please if you see this child call her nanny but first call the police thank you so much


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

mid week aka hump day

today is wendsday also known as hump day why who knows is just one of those wierd things people say lol

well this weekend marks the end of the bedroom cleaning/destashing /getting rid of a ton of stuff can i do it? i hope so as i have a nice computer desk and printer set up riding on it, so while "hump" day s are tradionally suppose to go fast this one is slow mainly because i am haha. going to get myself some breakfast soon and get my rear in gear, soon will be headed out to the other house as dd has to get her brakes done and i have a eye appointment at 11 so not alot of time to finish here today so may come back after eye exam and work for a hour or so. surely do need to finish so tomorrow is dedicated to doing just that not a whole lot left to do but enough i want to get it done by friday so don't have to work on it sat and sunday as that is my self imposed deadline. think i can do it? OF COURSE i can. sent a ton of yarn out and hoping to get my payments for shipping back soon from those who are sending them not worried about it , just would be nice to have in checking. oh well what will be will be

can not believe how fast the time is flying by feburary will be here before you know it and then march,april, may and then finally woohooo SUMMER TIME, well just thought i would pop in and say hi has been a while since i posted so will chat again soon hugs to all vicki

Saturday, January 9, 2010

i HATE VISTA operating system

ok i have had it with this stupid computer i am about ready to throw it out the window yesterday i uploaded the latest version of firefox mozilla well instead of making my computer work better it shot it all to the devil and now i can only get online in safe mode which of course limits me in so many things i am doing. i want to know from you my readers how many of you have vista and how many have the new windows 7 and if you like it any better. i have had mixed reviews as for how people like vista all i know is there is softwear glitch after softwear glitch and am darn sick of it ok now i vented you can all go to sleep as its almost 2 am here in the pacific standard time. ackkkkkkkkkkkkk is all i can say tomorrow will have to sweet talk my son into figuring out what the heck is wrong with the computer and why it keeps crashing)(although there is a sign up on the board for like 20 seconds an eventually i MIGHT get to read the entire thing and figure it out for myself anyways anyway want to make a guess as to how long THAT might take? thought not ok off to dream land goodnight bloggers sweet dreams and until tomorrow gnight

Thursday, January 7, 2010

blog delurking week

ok those of you in blogland its that time again, national blog delurking week. thanks to my friend ghost for the tag i snagged it off your blog lol sooooooo anyone out there who has not been honest about where they are , whats going on now? means you have to leave a message so we all who blog can come see that you are here ty so much and hugs for you all

another decade

well we started another year and another decade. this last 10 years have been a mixed batch of emotions. as the new century came in we often worried what will happen will everything shut down when the computers went to 2000 from the 1999's we all stressed worried and wondered and then nothing happened. what a relief all the pre preparation was done well and nothing major happened. of course we did not realize it but this was because the original terrorist attack we would have suffered on us soil was thwarted by a border guard in port angelas washington having seen something suspision in this person they detained him and found that he had a trunk full of explosives thankfully he was thwarted as he had plans to blow up LAX (losangeles international airport) so the year started good, for me anyways it was bitter sweet i had just lost one of my best friends in the whole world and that was my sweet neighbor rosie i loved her like a grandmother and she loved me right back i to this day STILL miss her so as the year progressed we were all excited as was our sons high school graduation coming up had a huge party planned over 100 people were coming then tragedy struck my dd and i were rear ended on june 7th 2000 and this started the decade of pain as i call it. to shorten it and not bore you i will tell you that it was not easy for our family as i was hurt pretty darn bad and had to have not one but 2 surgerys on my spine. not going into it as many of you already know it and its ancient history . anyways during these 10 years our family suffered many losses both of our parents both died lost aunts and uncles cousins who died to young and i can go on forever. but the point is everytime i think that things can't get worse they do.we had many things happen the worst was 9/11 where those cowards attacked and killed so many innocent people and changed our world forever, then thru the years more and more things happened people were lost people were born life slowly moved forward. can we honestly say that we wish this decade never happened? if we did then where would we all be without our kids grandkids ect. life moves ahead wether or not we do, what i think the worst of it all in my community was the sensless death and murders of 5 police officers and why? because they could, rest in peace officers you know you will always be part of our community i am slowly working on sq for the comfortghans and will post pics wen i am done with it them all

thus now we are fast forwarded to 2010 a new decade. i after talking to many of my friends and yarn sisters online decided that this is the year we are going to help others and maybe enrich our lives a bit better can you think how can i help well there is alot of ways make a new friend i made one at the craft store one day today we had lunch and i showed her how to work on her crochet it was a fun day melody, i really enjoyed it too, we will have lots of fun times together now we have found each other.
as for what i was saying earlier why not do something good to help someone else. right now am working on the comfortghans for 6 police officers families who lost their mom or dads something they can hold and know people care i am getting help from a few people and when more come i will certainly let ya all know. today jody who is a good friend also(i make the best friends online) sent me 9 sq 3 in red 3 in white and 3 in blue. woohoo i think now i might be close enough to having 2 done and put together as i am getting more and more, also my dear friend kathy from the mania is making me some she has 10 done so far, miss kitty sent 2 and am waiting for others to arrive to know what i have left and need to do keesha is even making sq and they look awesome thanks sweetie.

i look back on the last 10 years and can honestly say they were the most trying and diffucult in my life and thats alot, yet i made it thru and not only did i make it thru i learned alot, before 2001 i never had or wanted a computer. now i have mine i can not do without(well i could but would sure miss ya all) while there are alot of bad people out in cyber space(and i have been used by a few of them i have learned my lesson though trust me)for every bad person i like to think there is at least 4 good people, i truly am blessed by all of you as you read this in whatever time zone your in god bless all of you remember to do for others as you wish they would you. remember for every wrong, there is a right, and last but not least remember that if you need a friend be one and know if your reading this you are MY friend hugs to you all and a welcome to a better new year and a new decade love vicki

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