Monday, February 23, 2009

hey ya all been a bit since i posted sorry for that.things are pretty much at a stand still right now we go to the oncologist today and hopefully will find out he can have some kind of treatment that will help him i called to make sure the results are in and no they have not bothered to get them so i told the idiot girl who has no clue as to how to treat a patient that unless the doctor has them we would NOT be coming in, there would be no point, she said oh i can get it today what time is your appointment ? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO dumbass look, anyways she is suppose to get the results for us today and please pray that there is hope, i honestly don't think that he will make it much longer his breathing is ok but he has a horrible time for swallowing can not eat much more than soup i feel so damn bad for him, anyways keep him and us in your prayers will post more tonight hugs and love

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hey ya all

things are hard for me but am making it through, thursday we take dad to the kidney doctor and hopefully he can give us some answers. i did talk to nance about dialysis and she said that he can have it without having to continue it permentaly so we have hope in that.(nance is my sister and worked with kidney patients at the northwest dialysis center in kitsap county for 10 years so figured she knew what i was asking) i called and asked the doctor to call me today to find out aboutt it as he is swollen in so many places that make it very hard for him to walk even his ankles are the size of tree trunks way to big

is snowing today just what we need am making beef stew for dinner` and i think am going to make brownies and maybe cupcakes for the kids or maybe a banana cake. probably the cupcakes as they are alot easier

working on a shawl for jobug its not a secret she knows about it so am almost half way done and am working on it every night also am making helmet liners for marys godsons unit(hockeymom) and want to work on something very special for a special angel friend of mine , you know who you are and i can not thank you enough for all of your love and caring and what you have done for me, you are the best my sister and friend i love you so very much.

talked to another friend today was great chatting with you sweetie(you know who you are)

i have been invited to join a new forum for multimedium products i think it will be a blast, if you think you would like that contact me and we can talk about this special place we have to go to. made by a special friend and i so enjoy being there even if it is small right now. it will grow

the house smells sooo good with the stew cooking and am making buttermilk biscuits too hubby will enjoy that with his stew is a cold day and it will be a good dinner for us, course the kids will probably stick their noses up and if so can make their own lol here is the recipe as i made it, i don't really have one but this is what i did

2 pounds of stew meat browned in olive oil(or any that you want to use)
fill the kettle with water and add a seasoning packet of beef stew (i used 2) also if you want it really dark brown gravy add some aujuice

i cut up a stalk of celery into small slices , added 2 canned of italian tomatoes

peel and cut up a pound of carrots into bite sizes pieces

and let simmer for a hour and a half in this pot on medium high, about 40 min before the meat is done add 6 cut up large peeled potatoes and add to stew cook until done,
for gravy(if you choose) add some corn starch or flour in a cup add water and add to mixture in kettle stirring and thickening as you go, makes a large amount of beef stew will last here maybe if lucky 2 days lol

i also am baking buttermilk biscuits (i cheated and am doing it out of the can tonight hehe) brownies with ice cream for dessert(or alone) enjoy

have a great day my friends hope to hear from you soon take care hugs and love vicki

Monday, February 9, 2009

hey ya all

sorry been a while since i blogged so much going on and not alot of time for me been very busy with fil talked to my sister nance today and asked her about dialisis she saie could have it occasionally as needed as long as his kidneys don't give out so am hoping that the kidney doc will do that so at least he has a fighting chance thursday he will be recommending the oncologist for dad to go thru chemo i hope he is strong enough to make it thru, otherwise he has months if that to live. the kidney doc is a very dedicated doctor, i believe he is chinese but not sure, but i can tell you after meeting him one time i am very impressed with his dedication, he spent several hours at home studying dads condition. that shows me he is a good doctor and not like his gp who only wanted to deal with one condition at a time which is why dad is as bad as he is. sorry need to stop thinking about that cause it is just raising my blood pressure grrr anyways anyone who reads this pop on and say hi if your my friend from the ville come post i would love to hear from you. thats the part i miss from the ville the rest i don;t miss at all when it becomes the same for all i might consider coming back but doubt im sure the adm would not allow it anyways whatever anyways i miss you guys but not the hassle hugs and love for all of you

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

things are not good

got a call from the kidney doc today things are not good, it seems that the previous post i made is what dad has for sure, the bad thing is it IS a form of cancer, he is confident that it can be treated with chemo therapy. but can dad survive the chemo, while i know they have made great strides in lessening the side effects basicly it will kill you if it is to strong , our delema of course is wether or not dad will even agree to have it and if he does have to then we are going to go to seattle tothe cancer care alliance, i feel confident that if there is a way to save him they can do it i know they have helped so many people where as main stream oncologists are more opposed to less than normal treatments i also know that the cancer care alliance has had great strides in helping people live a longer life, granted dad is not young he is 79, but the doc said without treatment he has less than a year to live, something i have often wondered about because of how rapid his illness has progressed. is sad though ,m he was so excited because we didn;t think it was cancer but dr wang said that it really is a form of it and chemo isthe only chance so please please let dad make the right decision. please include us all in your prayers as we are in great need of them thank you all of you for reading this and for sticking by me i love you all and appreciate everything you all have done for me take care and hugs and love

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