Thursday, June 26, 2008

prayers needed badly

i called my baby sister today as i had not heard from her recently and have been extremely worried about her, well she didn;t answer the phone but after about 10 min i got a call back but was not nance was my sister jeannete jeannie for short, she had abbers over at her house and said that nance was sleeping, i asked her with terror in my heart if everything was alright, i knew when she said it it wasn't. she recently had a mri thanks to her stupid ins company, according to them she is allowed 1 yes one mri a year, well her doc said no way that wasn't going to happen she needs treatment now not 7 months fro+m now he then told the ins co that if they didn't allow it he was going to recommend my sister to go to the er room where they would do a complete work up including mri ct scan and various other things , they quickly agreed morons, well today her own DOC not the nurse called and there is bad bad bad news. first thing he said she has blood in her skull but the good news was it was dried up, so hopefully whatever trauma that caused did not do more damage please god , then he dropped the bombshell, he said that some of her lymph nodes are suspicious, i don;t know what he means by them , but he did say he DIDN'T think they were benign , which brings me to the concluioun that maybe they are cancerous, lord i give it to you, thy will be done, i pray lord that nance is not suffering and that you will heal her of these horriblw things she has happening to her. lord give her strength , i ask this in your precious name in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit amen i love you nance sooooooooo much please be strong i'm here for you

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

something i just finished sad to say is to small for me :(

i made this shrug usding vanna whites new yarn was the purple tweed effect and i ran out so got the darker as a border , one weee little problem though im to fat. i look like shamoo the killer whale
so was showing my friend heather from the ville andf she said she loved itso i asked her if she wanted it and she said yes can't wait to get it so wooohoo has a homejustgot to pack it up and send to her tomorrow or whenever i get to the po back to the drawing board for me by the way was not my pattern i found it in the book 100 crochet projects. just wanted to share with ya all thanks for looking and reading my boring blog some day will have exciting news like i won the lotto or something yea right like THAT is going to happen

NOT!!!! hugs to ya all love ya bunches

Monday, June 16, 2008

why why why why why why why why why why why why

o.k remember how i posted a bit back about my nausea medicine. well now i have another problem, seems that now nurse ratchet is worried about my health from me taking a stupid antihistamine. he wrote 1 or 2 as needed 4 times a day i need 2 4 x's a day he only wrote for 1 4x's a day so am almost out and half way thru the meds. only problem is he told me right on the bottle take 1 OR 2 for nausea 4 times a day. i hate my life i want the world to stop so i can climb off and go hibernate for the next 100 years. maybe then it will be better heck if i know but in the mean time here i am stuck in the middle with all of you whining and crying to you to use the meds im so sorry i don;t mean to be like this i have only you guys to talk to who will understand i love you all please send me some ideas please i'm begging you please helps me find something that will work so i don;t have to listen to them moan and groan

oh on another note please include my son in your prayers or good thoughts, as of today he is unemployed and is hoping to pick another job up hopefully at that school. i love you all pleaea

Thursday, June 5, 2008

hey ya all sorry been so long have been pretty down lately and just didn;t feel like blogging much, still having that ear pain and am very dizzy when i stand up which means i lay down ALOT!!!!! but am hoping to get the house cleaned up then i get to have a new reclyner chair. hubby promised me that :D

not up to much same old same old, have talked to a few people, tonight got to talk to fran oh my gosh is she talented , she designed this wonderful shawl, wish i could show ya but that would be wrong without her permission so can brag about it lol
talked to my sister jacqui downin oz, have missed you alot darl, kathy my other sister i sure am trying to make thius project happen, i need to be able to get to the treadmill because once am done at physical therapy i will need to continue otherwise is kind of pointless hahahahahaha, ok i will stop boring you with my life history

the weather here has been so so cold and wet one day damp and wet on another day sunny and warm i give up summer hurry up and come back.

not much else to say here is a few pics of itsy in the jungle as we call it she likes to lay uin the iris beds and snooze and sometimes she curls up so small we can't even see she is in there and one of shadow the rest are some flowers in my back yard.i love rhodsys but they don't last thats the problem,would love a plant that lasted from early spring till late autumn. i know i know good luck right? anyways 9u

not much else to say working on a couple things for my secret pals and have a few things to get together and will be sending out a couple of packages towards the end of the week, oh wait is the end of the week, you who are about to recieve still won't have a clue cause im not telling when i am sending ]either cause then they woulsd gueas
wel ciaio for now at leasi]un

. ithis being a book now has mase

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