Saturday, July 13, 2013

JULY 2013

July  2013

Its been some time since i blogged, lots of things have happened and been going on since april, one of the biggest is my hubby  retired after  42 years yes 42 years of working for the same employer and   as a reward they are  going to name  a building after him in the complex where he worked  how awesome is that!!!

we are adjusting to being together all the time and its  nice but sometimes a bit  crazy hehe. 

while i  do have some time to myself  not as much as i am use to but again i know it will take time

as for crocheting i have been busy making toys yes toys hehe   for some friends on ravely i have made  these cute dragons as a swap for yarn i love  (like i need more yarn right?)  here are a couple pictures of them

i am also  of course working on my favorite charity of making hats for people who have suffered from brain trauma and those who have had to have surgery  to help fix whatever was wrong here is one i finished recently
and am working on another  if anyone wants to help make these  you can contact me at this blog and i will tell you where i send them or you can donate at your local hospital if they have a collection site(and if they don't ask if they will set one up)

and lastly i am just enjoying the summer weather and all my  beautiful flowers  here are some of those for your enjoyment

Happy July :) peace love and happiness to everyone   and happy  crocheting to those who love it as much as i do :)

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