Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hey ya all

sorry have not posted in over a week, me bad , so many things going on right now, am trying to get house cleaned for thanksgiving(hubby is sooo picky i might tell him do it yourself :D) also have alot of orders i need to finish and get out. 3 tote bags sold one more for a friend and then on to christmas things also have a baby and mitten set sold almost done, also finished a scarf i had a order for and a crochet hook holder is done and waiting to be sent. also have sewn a bit more thing, sof ar 3 almost 4 hook holders a sateen pillow case, and 2 neck warmers. oh those are sooo good. i made one for dd and also my auntie.

need to get busy on christmas presents, i think after thanksgiving will take a entire day and just craft, i know i can get them done RIGHT???? ok so if i don;t is not the end of the world means more work next year lol.

what are you all up to, any special thanksgiving plans, anyone traveling on a big jet plane to go home or to grandmas house, sort of over the hill and thru the trees to grandmothers house we go. gosh i wish i could, this time of year i miss my loved ones who have gone to the other side sooo much, all i would like to do is sit down to my grandmas fried chicken mashed potatos and gravy and green beans,. oh the memories. i have alot more than that but won't bore you

today my little itsy got mad at me, i don't blame her really when i was giving her her can of cat food i accidently ahem dumped it all over her. OMGOSH was she mad at me, started meowing like i had stepped on her. so had to come in and open another can for her. then and only then would she allow me to pet her. little stinker, wasn't like i did it on purpose or anything.

well am off to clean house, just thought i would pop in and say howdy,. a great big shout out to robert , have missed ya my buddy glad your back around god bless ya all this day and keep those who are serving in the armed forces in your thoughts and when you sit down to yourbeautiful table using your best china or even paper plates and tv stands, remember those brave men and women who are giving up their thanksgiving at home se we may be free, to my marines i thank you and you will be getting a nice size b0x in a couple weeks well maybe 3 got to wait till payday to send besides gives me more time to REALLLLy stuff it full, god bless you all each and everyone of you. remember your blessings and if possible maybe reach out to those who are in need. every year we donate 25.00 to the rescue mission, that feeds 10 people on thanksgiving so little does sooo much. my wish for you all is you have a happy healthy day and enjoy all the good foods coming your way, but remember not to over eat or mr tummy ache will pop in and make himself known darn that guy, tums de tums tum as the commercial says, personally i like rolaids chewables lol ciao for now and remember i love you all

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