Friday, November 2, 2007

its friday woooot

my favorite day of the week, much nicer than say a monday don't ya all agree. i got my machine and ya know something i have not had time to use it this weekend for dang sure . things are hectic around here. still cleaning house will probably take me till the end of nov to finish it enough for holiday entertaining. speaking of the holidays, i need to ask ya all something. as you know my sweet mil passed this last july 11th for some reason no one in the family feels we have the need to continue to celebrate holidays, is like the whole world revolved around her and i am so frustrated. fil won't leave his house, is afraid now that he will be robbed. odd he didn't think ANYTHInG of leaving mom there alone defensless. makes me angry , but i guess it don't matter now.

and hubby he says its going to be awful for HIM, what about the rest of us i ask, you don't understand he says. i who have lost my entire family except for brother and sisters don;'t understand? this hurts but i say nothing as i know he is grieving but dang it, we are important too. kids are pretty much the same way. don't feel like doing anything for thanksgiving, or christmas for that matter. and when asked why not i get because is not the same. i wonder if they would grieve this much if i died. seriously make me wonder. maybe i should go away for the holidays take a trip somewhere alone, but i don't have either the money or the energy to do it. maybe i will adopt a family instead. that way i could be helping someone and not so depressed myself
i understand its hard to get thru the firsts, first birthdays, anniversarys holidays ect. anyways just needed to vent thanks for reading and if you respond thanks for that too.

well today is a bright sunshiney day but cold. we had frost last night too, down in the 20's can we say brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

well am off to clean clean clean, gad i am sick of cleaning, i joined flylady though cause i so need some encouregmant and not getting it from my family , ya know its a sad day in our lives when we have to depend on others who we only know online to give us encourgment. sucks if ya ask me, not that i don;t love ya all , but my family is suppose to do be here for us. oh well life goes on, off my pity box today, this weekend will be the 3rd weekend in a row we have not had our date day on sat. i am getting a tad upset but can't force the issue and next weekend my lil sis is coming , i am so excited have not seen her since last christmas , even though we talk all the time its just not the same so thats why this weekend will work work work to make the house better. don;t ya wish you were samantha from bewitched, and could twitch your nose and instant clean. wow would that be awesome.

well am off to clean wish me luck, i hate house cleaning and wish i could afford a house cleaner. but alas not happening so is up to me to do the work, boy will i be glad when i see the doc next week and get my meds refilled am so low isn't even funny so am suffering now because i needed the meds then, life is a struggle for me knowing i have to budget them even when hurting so very badly, tell this to my pain filled body.

yesterday the trial wrapped up on a man and the companys who caused a poor woman to be permently blind and disfigured for the rest of her life. her name is maria Federici, here is a link on the story this poor woman has gone thru hell literly and they are trying to place the blame on her. just ticks me off,

kk on now to say ciao i will be back tonight and hope ya all have a wonderful day ciao and god bless hugs too from me to you, bye for now


Jenn/Angeleyz14 said...

Hang in there!!! You know we love you at the 'ville. Am so sorry for all the pain though. Just remember we love you and are thinking about you and sending you the best.

Anita said...

I'm sorry to hear your family doesn't want to get together for Thanksgiving. I would plan it anyway! Those that want to, or feel obligated :), will show up. I understand their grief. Or else do what you said, adopt a family, or serve food at the local soup kitchen. That's a great way to forget your troubles, serve others less fortunate.

So glad the house cleaning is coming along! You have to be so satisfied with your accomplishmednt.

Congrats on the new sewing machine!

WilBlg4Yrn said...

You can come here for the holidays!
I love ya! I hope things start getting better.
The holidays are stressful enough without having to throw in grief into the mix.
I wish we lived closer.

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