Sunday, November 25, 2007

hey ya all

thought i would pop in and say howdy, how was all of your thanksgivings? mine was very hard but we made it through, although i swear my mil was there. i was whipping the cream when i tried to turn the mixer off some how as i lifted it up it came back on and OMGOSH whip cream EVERYWHERE, now you ask how i could possible explain how my mil was with me? well one year we were at my house and mom wanted to make divinity. she never could make that so i said alright. so as i was pouring the hot corn syrup and sugar into the pan, and mom was suppose to be doing the mixing, well i had said something and she didn't hear me and instead of shutting the mixer off and asking me again, she turned with mixer on and OMGOSh divinity EVERYWHERE. on the floor, ceiling, on the cupboards. counter EVERYWHERE, and talk about sticky cause its full of sugar and corn syrup. gosh have not made any since. maybe this year will make some. sitting here watching the seahawks getting their butts kicked. comeon guys you guys are better than this. darn it now i have to listen to my son and hubby driving me nuts.

yesterday i sewed all day made 3 tote bags for sale, a hook case and a plastic bag holder. well until later will talk to ya soon god bless and keep those good thoughts and prayers coming, i can sure use them ciao for now my wonderful friends talk with ya soon

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