Monday, November 5, 2007

what does it mean to you to be a american

As i look towards November 11th coming up i think even more about our men and women in uniform.both those who are serving this country, and those who have already given so selflessly of themselves, and their families, for all of you out there in cyber space (and where ever else this blog seems to be read)

i sit here in gratitude unlike any other you will ever know, for the men and women in uniform who died for this country so you and i can be free, so many people take freedom for granted.. what is freedom,

lets break it down

in some countries, if you speak out against the government, they behead you

in some countries, women and children are raped and mutilated because the tribal elders say its this way, would that happen in america<>its not suppose to. sometimes bad things happen but the law does NOT allow it

in some countries you

might have some dictator who decides that you looked at him wrong so your a spy(yes it does happen) then they execute you

in some countries the people don't have the right to say how they want the goverment to run, its all picked out by the good old boy system

in some countries people can NOT vote and it is useless to even try. won't happen

tomorrow is election day for some of you. in the consitutuion of the united states, we the citizen shall be given the right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. now and for always

tomorrow get out there and vote, tell your government how you want our country to be run, there are laws being made this way. get off your duffs and change this country back the way it use to be before so many evil and greedy people decided to make america THier america, . if you believe in our country post a bit and tell me how it feels to make a diff.

so for our veterans and those who are serving now i thank you and am deeply indebted to you for my freedom. and ya know something I LOVE AMERICA yes thats right i shouted it out for all to read, be proud of this country and make a diff if you can in someone life, you know the old saying its better to give than recieve. it is such a true statement,

for all my friends who are veterans, i thank you and salute you, for all of the men and women who are risking their lives in a country and region where americans are hated above all , i pray for your safetyyour sacrifices and your loved ones sacrifices also, may you soon be home each and every one of you home to live your life in freedom and love, god bless you all hugs to you all and my marines who i am in contact with all the time. i salute you thanks my friends.


PeWee said...

God Bless America!

vicki said...

amen to that my friend :)

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