Wednesday, October 24, 2007

am i tired or what?

hi ya all, boy am i tired. after a long haul i can honestly say to you its finished, floor cleaned, any little thing out, new machine time woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo

i can't believe it i worked sooo hard at it and now i am so excited given me more energy and determination, tomorrow the kitchen then after that will decide where to go, this house is much to small and we have talked and talked about building a shed or a garage and why what for so we can just store it for our kids to have to deal with it . thats STUPID in my opinion. so therefor am flyladying my house thanks so much to all of you who have given me the encouragment to help me get thru this big job.

this year is going to be hard for us for the holidays, some talk of just not doing anything and i am torn between letting my family grieve or for forcing the issue because as much as we miss mom life goes on. i miss her so darn much i stopped at the cematery the other day just to say hi need to get some flowers and place them in a vase and put them beside her and sit a spell . is odd ya know

ya always think that it is never going to change,that life is forever. one doesn't take their mama to the doc for a sore throat, just expect they will get some meds and come on home. i can still to this day see her smiling face telling me how much she loves the music i had put in the cd player. even not feeling good she loved music. what ya all don't know is my talented beautiful mother-in -law had a music carear before she married my fil, we have alot of her recordings and let me tell you, she could sing, i remember grams telling us how she broke a champagne glass with her high C note, she sang with the voice of a angel and was offered a recording contract, but in 1950 very few women had both a career and a husband and child and especially not in a italian family, she was told nothing doing so that was that sad if you think about it

sorry for rambling on about my special angel i feel her with me today. rubbing my back as she always did when it hurt so bad i couldn;t stand it, mama, i sure miss you sweetie

i talked to my sis today, she told me that my ex bil died of lung cancer, he was only in his early 50's and a heck of a nice guy, rest in peace ed, you will be missed

so now am trying to figure out what to make with my new sewing machine i think i will make the christmas quilts for the nieces and nephews,. simply easy ones to make, just 2 pieces of material that you put together with batting abbers is going to get dora you know who dora is don't ya? and sam my man is going to get fire engines and stuff. cause he is de fireman
on that note am off right now but will be back tonight lol after my sons halloween party if i have the energy, if not will be tomorrow take care and talk soon, have a great day ya all

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