Friday, June 11, 2010

drunk drivers and why they deserve to be put im prison

last night on the news i heard a story that broke my heart. 3 young men in the cusps of life ready to graduate on saturday from decater high school in federal way washington were struck while their car was disabled on the side of the road by a drunk driver , and 2 of the boys died. one at the scene one later at the hospital, and while many people will look at this and say thats sad but it happens, yes it does but it SHOULDN'T have happened this time. The man who hit them and totally destroyed 3 families lives forever had 2 prior convictions for dui. yet he continued to drink and this time it cost 2 young men their lives. they were sons,grandsons, brothers, cousins boyfriends and friends to many people, yet this happened once again and why? can anyone tell me that? can anyone tell me why the laws in this state care more for the person who commits a crime and gets a slap on the wrist so he can go out and do it again? does anyone know the answer? is there one? it would be so nice for there to be a answer to give these families but there isn't, we need tougher drunk driving laws people who just go out and get blitzed and then have NO care of anyone , not even themselves, of course none of that matters now these young men are dead forever gone but not forgotten. god bless you the families of nick hodgins and derek king rip guys, you i know will be missed by so many and loved by all who knew you, as for you mr drunk driver i hope you rot in hell for the things you did to these families if you want to read more about it at here is the link
laws need to be changed and people need to stop and think what their actions can cause, rip guys

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a friends blog check it out

my friend sirena takes awesome pictures, professional pictures and she is very reasonable, so if you live in the western washington area near or around tacoma check her out and see what wonderful work she does its fantastic check it out. she will be posting pics soon on her new web page at

will chat soon all of those people who ARE truly my friends more later love ya guys vicki

Sunday, June 6, 2010

sorry its been so long

i am sorry has been so long since i posted so much has happened and just am worn out dealing with it all, this post i guess i need to try and explain, a death of a friendship, it like all friendships started with promise someone new we had something in common crochet, both belonged to the same forum similar interests, so over the years we would email chat on yahoo messnger ect. lately on skypes until i finally realized she didn;t care one little bit about my feelings, the convo was similar to this, i said hi she said hi, same old thing but instead of listening to her bad day that she had had or how things were so bad today i said i was really upset, she said she understood she had been upset too. again all about HER, so then when i tried to explain to her i had to get rid of a huge amount of my stash she had the balls to tell me i should go on the show horders, i said excuse me? that was not nice, she says well i didn;t mean anything by it, im like then why did you say it, she made some excuse and said it again, i said forget it i don;t want to talk about it with you lets talk about something else. she said fine THEN she said have you thought about getting professional help? im like wtf is going on with you, that hurt my feelings, she again says i didn;t mean anything by it, again i said you really hurt my feelings, but does she care. does she stop, no she did not in fact she continued on in the same vein i said i don;t want to talk to you anymore said goodbye and clicked off
i wanted to talk to someone else about it one of my friends and sisters who DO care about me and she popped back in. i again told her i didn;t want to talk to her i was to upset but did she stop even then? oh hell no she kept it up and up and up and finally she did it, she made me so angry and hurt i don't want to be friends with her anymore. it was always about can i do this or that how many times did i get things for her when she said she couldnt afford them then she says i need to be on horders what the heck is wrong with you jean i know you read my blog and even if you answer on here i am not posting it so please don;t and do not keep trying to contact me the friendship(if we ever really had one now i think about how all you did was gripe complain and bitch 95% of the time) is over you don;t need to be concerned about me or worry anymore i am no longer nor care to be your friend . you killed it with your insensitivity and lack of concern for me , and no im not sending you your hooks or yarn i promised you , i would burn them first

sorry the rest of you have to read this but i have reached my limit with this greedy person say some prayers for me so i am not so upset she dont warrent my attention anymore and im using this to purge her out of my life to all of those who DO care thanks and hugs for you all

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