Wednesday, February 28, 2007

hey ya all

howdy ya all, thought i would say howdy, not up to to much, pretty tired tonight, today was payday so went and paid bills, dang would be nice if i could keep the paycheck. but not like THAT is going to happen right? so i also went up to 6th ave and paid the cable bill, while there i figured oh artco whynot go over and see what the haf in the yarn line, after all i have a secret pal and wantd to spoil her with something different. HA what a piteful excuse for a store that place has become. their once thriving yarn department is no more, it was such a dissapointment, i did not find one single skein of yarn that struck my fancy with its piteful yarn selection, what use to be a thriving section of the store is just about 1 1/2 end caps and one small part of the wall from fabric department. so i bought no yarn, so i managed to look in the bead department and do some serious businss in the bead department, got all the stuff i need to make some awesome stitch markers. so tonight i have been busy making stitch markers that was fun to do too. been a long time since i beaded anything and i think they came out good for not having played with beads for a long time. tomorrow am thinkin about playing with my filo clay and seeing what i can make. i soo want to get good at that. so i can make more stitch markers and other things,

well am really tired so am off to bed for now i think. might just hang out for a while but then sleepy time lol thanks again shell and hilary for my blog . i have gotten a ton of compliments. god bless all of you, peace go with you all, am off for now oh don't worru i am fine, just tired, byeee

Monday, February 26, 2007

hey ya all

as you all can see, i have a new look, isn't it wonderful, i love it l.soooo much, today i worked on a couple of fat bottom purses out of the stitch'n'bitch happy hooker book, one is for misty momx4 over at the crochetmania forum for our swap, the other one i am making for a special someone who will be forever greatful for her help in making my blog a nice place to stop by, now for the other friend , i have some ideas that you will love, but have to wait for the stupid mail service.

tonight i worked on the bags for a while. mil loved the one i showed her yesterday, spent part of outside thinking how niceit was and how i am waiting for spring to come, it rained most of the day but had a small break in the weather long enough to put the other kid out on his run. shadow loves that time of the day and looks forward to running around and then having his freedom.

tomorrow am hoping to get those purses done and finished so i can finish cupcakes suprise since her b-day is in march and want to make hers before hand, also need to get these wip's done . i will be finish it this week i promise hehe

well am off to bed as i am beat and need more sleep to get over this crud, right now am not feeling to good tonight, is very hard to breath and i have already used my inhaler as much as i am suppose to do tonight but know i will need it so am going to use it as i need it, well am, off to bed since its almost 2 am goodness how the time flys buy, i just looked and it was 12:30 wow. anyways god bless to my special friends, until we meet again to log or chat or just whaever we need and want to do, hehehe, ciao and have a great monday:D

Sunday, February 25, 2007

thank you soooooooooo much to 2 of my bestest buddies

first a great big thank you to hilary for trying to help me fix my blog up, she is responsible for the new format on it, and then when she left off, my dear friend shell too over and fixed it for me, added all of my links, and everything else, in other words she created my blog for me the way i would love to be able to do and suck at soooo bad. so for both of you my wonderful friends i thank you from the bottom of my heart and give you all of my love too for doing this. i am so happy today was a good day to begin with as i got to see my sis and bil for a while, have not seen them for over a year and sure was good to see them, but this soooo makes me happy and i am just thrilled with it, thank you again and again and again my friends. you made this old lady very happy and proud of my little blog now. once again thank you sweeties, you really do not know how much this means to me. thanks again and have a great week love and hugs for both of you

Saturday, February 24, 2007

testing testing testing thanks hilary for helping me

and I am going to thank myself for fixing it!! yay for Shell!!!

Hijack over, you can have your blog back now Vicki :D

Friday, February 16, 2007

feeling a little better

hey ya all, thought i would pop on for a minute and say hello and to let ya all know i am slowly starting to feel better. this bronchitis has been kicking my butt, not sure where i picked it up or how long i have had it but i don;t want it anyone want it? lol anyways am feeling a tiny better. but am still tired alot so am headed off, just wanted to let ya all know i am alright and will be on more tomorrow. god bless you all and hugs . goodnight for now

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

day 3 of the crud

omgosh i still feel like crud. but its slowly breaking up, i can;t believe how sick i got so fast. thank you all of you for your kind words. i am so thankful to have such great friends. will post more when i feel better. am hoping tomorrow i can talk without croaking anyways priscilla hang in there hon and go to the doc if you have to alright. don't be stubborn like i was and get this sick, hugs to you all

Monday, February 12, 2007

results from the doctor

well i knew i was sick, but not this sick, he said i have bronchitis and if i had let it go till tomorrow most likely i would have had pneumonia and be in the hosptial ack no thanks. well just wanted to update you and tell you all. will be on and off as i feel up to it, right now am getting off hope ya all stay well and warm and stay dry if you need to, take care ya all hugs for you all vicki

mondays musings

well today is monday, dang weekend went by so fast. seems nothing is working out for me. yesterday came down with the crud and am hacking my lung out, shadow thinks i have a hairball lol kept trying to kiss me ewwwwwwwwww .

this weekend on the ville i saw a post which made me so sad, yet thankful for this person getting help that was needed. was talking with shell and told her i would like to make a comfortghan for out fellow villager,. boy the responce has been awesome. just fantastic thats about the only good thing that happened this weekend

still waiting on my squares, has been almost a month since i tried to get them from her, guess i will e-mail again,.is frustrating but i also know she has something going on, but i wish she would just mail them , takes whathalf hour max? but i suppose i will get them eventually, it makes me so sad that this has worked out this way. people made those squares so i could wrap myself in their kindness and well wishes. very frustrating, maybe they will come today., if not then will contact her again.

also been working on some more squares and also a shawl for another friend. one more for a friend then am going to try and sell them anyone interested in one please let me know, i make to
order, so please don't be shy, i am sure we can work something out.

the weather this weekend was awesome we had sunshine yipppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

going to doc this afternoon, hopfully he can give me something that will help feel better. right now is hard to breath i have a really mild case of asthma and omgosh i was so bad son gav me a hit off of his puffer and it helped some, but not a huge amount since the use date was outofdate, but i didn't care. it was that or the hospital so of course i chose the out of date puffer. i did call the pharmacy and ask, wether or not they were safe, and she said as long as it was not like 10 years ago, all it does in age is become less effective.

been dosing myself up with antihistamines decongestents and also some expectorant. and it is slowly breaking up, but still hard to breath. darn it darn kids lol
well that was pretty much my weekend. oh also went sat and visited mil, she was in fair spirits.

this weekend too we went out to the garden and tried to decidehow we want to plant, making charts now, lol, my hubby and his charts i know exactly how i want everything lol, we need to find a pollenatior for out yellow plum tree its a heirloom plum and omgosh is sooooo good. well am off to sleep now for a while, didn't sleep much at all, wellll to later my friends. hope this week is filled with happines and love for one another take care and will try and blog more tonight no promises though as i feel like crud and have that appointment to go till later my friends hugs and god bless

Friday, February 9, 2007

friday, thank the good lord

tonight is friday night, i was able to get alot of house work done these last couple days was very rare that i got soo much done, today wanted to clean the floor but alas all i got done in the kitchen was a few more things. got alot of things done in the living room and of course i went shopping and bought a few more things ie yarns so now need to get crocheting on them.

talked to several friends tonight, talked to fran, shell and tammie, have not heard from tammie in so long i was really glad to talk wit her. hope that things get better darling for your dd and your family. am off to crochet

still no squares but heard from her , so hopefully soon. wonder whats taking so long. grrrrrrr bloody post office is so slow. on the other hand fran got ambers (her dil) shawl. she loved it she said and i hope amber does, and is soon feeling much better. its got to be hard for her i hope things get better soon, hugs to her and you all.

worked outside in the yard a tiny bit today. fed the birds and cleaned up some of the branches around the yard that has been there since the last wind storm, poor son had the yard all cleaned up then we got hit with another windstorm, and now they are saying we could get another one before spring is over, at least thats what the almanac is saying and ya know guys, so far that thing. has been right on kind of scary.

hubby and i talked about the garden and what we want to do this year. we have thought about totally enclosing it so that no one can get in or out of it including humans should some of our neighbors decide they want to pinch some of our veggies like last year,. i didn't care except for they took my BIG tomato grrrrr

mostly we want to keep the raccoons out and the other creatures. they are ruthless when it comes to eating the tender plants. made me so darn mad, last year we planted corn, stupid squirles and raccoons. grrrrrrrr we started with 14 plants, ended up with 1 along a small (every darn stalk of corn was gone except 1 stalk) so we are hoping to be able to at least grow that, and then once we get that done if it don't grow then we will quit. stupid corn. green beans is another thing we are putting in. last year we had 5 different kinds 2 pole beans and 3 no wait 4 bush beans. i want to get some hybred beans, actually what i want to get is a bean called oregon giants. we grew these when i was a kid back home and omgosh are they good, trying to locate them now. wish me luck, well am headed off to crochet and sit back and enjoy my heat pack, am tired and sore but will make myself crochet some more if i don't go to sleep that is hehehe, take care dear ones talk to ya tomorrow and hugs for ya all. maybe tomorrow it will let me post more and can have my pictures up. oh i wish i had my old blog, stupid thing is still blocked from me posting in it. take care my friends god bless and keep you, i hope ya all have a great weekend hugs

Thursday, February 8, 2007

boy am i tired

does it ever seem to you that you do nothing but work, and have energy only when you HAVE to do something. thats the way i feel right about now. i worked in the kitchen today again and now am so tired, having a hard time functioning lol, as soon as i post here am off to make some squares for a few people on the ville. also need to finish my stuff for the kitchen /bath swap over at the mania. got the shawl all sent off as well as the other packages i needed to

i was soooooooooooooooo bad again today ummmmmm shall i tell you or let you guess, think i will let you guess bewahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

on hint its pretty hehehehe.

got so much to do, am working on a cami for dd for her b-day also have to get my butt in gear and get her quilt cut out its going to be made out of skull material as she is into that type thing. lol, some of it is quite cute. wonder what else i could make her with it. any ideas? come on guys help me out here
i was thinking maybe a skull pillow, you know a skull shaped pillow crocheted. hmmm would be a challenge, but you know i might just be to something lol

some of the material i have is the skullfinity in red
where it goes around, and around and around, then i have one that is pink and has red roses on it, fran was kind enough to get it for me , i paid for it of course,she also sent me alot of other ones she found. thanks me pal,, gosh i can't remember them all, one is cammoflauge, and i got one the other day which is black and white and has a skull amnd pirate swords, then i found the cutest thing is material that has skulls on it, but picture this, little old grannie gardening hats, you know the ones they use to put flowers on to show off. not gardening like growing things, like showing off, does that make sense? hope so lol

anyways lots of material for me to mix and match for her quilt, oh also day of the dead material again thanks to fran and oh poooh i can;t remember them all, just know i have some cool materials. was also thinking of making a bag or 2 for herand maybe a smaller one into a purse, something that would be "hers" no other like it anywhere. that might be fun

hubby is driving me up the wall tonight, he seems to think that because its been 3 weeks that he should be alright, gak i have tried to tell him that back pain does NOT go away right away. and in some cases like mine, it NEVER goes away, ya know i thought maybe he would be more understanding now that he hurt his back, but all he can do is bitch and moan about how HE hurts so bad and how I don't understand, bloody men are such prissy babies sometimes. gak

i really hope he does start feeling better soon as he is making my back much worse, he seems to think i need to wait on him hand and foot, because HE hurts, well i hurt too and tonight i put my foot so to speak down, i don';t mind if i am up, never have, but i am not going to jump up everytime he wants something. k enough hubby slamming

went out with shadow this afternoon, was a balmy 50 degrees, me thinks maybe spring is coming soon. will find out before to long. i have daffodills up that are about 4 in, my japanese quince bush is blooming, yes blooking pretty pink flowers,, roses are getting their new tender green leaves, all told the plants are waking up, day liles are up also, poppies are up, blue bells, hyanciths and a couple tulip leaves are showing, the lilac bushes are starting topop their leave buds open as well as the magnolia is starting to swell the buds, oh that tree and me are best friends, is a beautiful white star magnolia, it smells devine too when fully bloomed.

well best get off here and get some crocheting done. take care ya all and have a wonderful day today and hope to chat soon hugs to all

Monday, February 5, 2007

somebody help me .................................................

help me peeps, i almost bought yarn tonight on e-bay ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i must not buy yarn , i must not buy yarn. how can i avoid it, besides the obvious, of not going on e-bay, i found the most awesome yarns at, i must not go there again
i must avoid at all costs. someone stop me please. i need the 12 steps of yarn addiction. , seriously i was proud of myself i didn't buy one blasted cone or hank of yarn and deborah has some of the most beautiful yarn its sad, why i torture myself i don;t know. but i have decided i am not going to buy any more yarns for a while, (well will try not to) does the box i just got from fran count? it should but i think i am not going to as i have plans for all of that yarn and making things to sell so is permitted. its the yarns i buy that i have no other reason to buy other that its awesome yarns lol

am almost done with frans dil's shawl, i hope she likes it, fran loved hers so i hope her dil loves it.

went to the eye doc today for my annual eye exam and came away happy as a clam that got away . my vision instead of getting worse, is rabidly getting better. now for over 23 years i have worn glasses, each year they have been close but nothing to worry about, this year instead of them getting worse, my left eye has improved by about 30% and my right eye about 50% better. so much in fact that the doc don't want me to wear the glasses i have now as they are to strong. so now need to find the old frames and lenses as the doc will make me a new pair for 10.00, in the mean time i can use the sun glasses i currently have, i am excited hehehehehehe,

hubby went back to work today and it about killed him, stupid fool of a doctor should have been able to see that he is not well enough to work yet. everyone was glad to see him in fact his boss made a special effort to tell him that he missed him and welcome back. all fine and nice but the the thing is he should NOT be working, pisses me off the stupid doc should be able to see it. but its L and I claim, get the patient back to work wether or not they are ready, bunch of bullpuckie if ya ask me, been there done that with my own back and never got the stupid t-shirt either. muscle pain takes a while to heal, 3 to 4 weeks minimum, well tomorrow will have been 3 weeks, and while its getting better , he could have used another week off, k am done pissing and moaning about this sore subject to me.

how you all doing? want to let my swap partners at the mania know the packages will be shipped very soon,. i have momx4' her shawl all done and ready to deliver, still working on the kitchen swap, but will get it done soon too, and for the dear friend who i am sending her a holiday suprise its almost done and will be sent to you very soon. take care all of you, god bless and keep you in his care. tomorrow is another day, still waiting for my squares to arrive, perhaps tomorrow. am hoping that they come so i can get them put together and use the afghan as it was meant to be before summer comes. thank you to all who read this blog, stop in and leave a message, would love to know who drops by , angela in italy, your package will go out tomorrow my friend god bless and keep you all, oh before i forget, a special thank you to jimbo who is offering a special contest to all who visits his blog, his addy is

check his site out, he has some awesome wooden crochet hooks he is making, i am lucky enough to have 2 of his wonderful hooks, thanks again jimbo you rock lol hugs to all and to all a goodnight.

Friday, February 2, 2007

i did it hehe

tonight i finished the knitted scarf i was making. can;t decide what to do with it. i might keep it or i might sell it. not sure. am hoping to get a pic of it up soon. now on to other things, what should i make next. i am so behind on my afghan i am making and i know as soon as i get my squares that are suppose to be shipped out today i will enjoy putting the squares together, i realize most comfortghans are not put together by the one who needs them, but since its been so darn long at least if the person who sends them as she said she would would, then i will put the ghan together and think of all the love of the ones people made for me. i guess is better late than never right?, so i guess that will be the next thing i make one thing i would ask anyone who did help with this, if i don't mention your name in the posting please contact me and let me know as i realize not all who helped are still on the ville. another thing i ask, if you have a comment to make about it, please make it a nice one, things happen and people forget that they have commitments sometimes or time gets away. so i will just be thrilled to get it the squares.the person who offered had things happen in her life and i won't go into it i request you all respect my choice also. and if you do have something to say. please say it to yourself and not spread anger and madness any more, its been a year and i will be getting my squares for my comfortghan and thats what matters to me. thank you all for your love and kindness hubby is released to go back to work,will see how well it goes. take care and god bless love and hugs

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