Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Its been some time since I was here. I promised myself I would  check in every day and I didn't follow through with that and I apologize, Life has been a bit difficult but  moving on and forward as always.

This year I decided to  dedicate the  majority of  my  knitting and  crocheting, also   perhaps   some sewing to those in need. I've  started a  group on   facebook if anyone is interested in joining its called  hats from the heart and is a public  group so please feel free and join us please also mention if it you  found the group  through this post of this blog.

Its late now I am going to try and sleep. Happy  crocheting everyone                                                     

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Sorry to all who have looked and seen the same old same old holiday posting.  this is a brand new year and i am  attempting to keep up with the blog once again.

Time like for all has  eased the raw terror i felt last year when my beautiful daughter almost  died.  She is doing alot better and  i for one am  thrilled that she is doing so well.

I have been busy   getting yarn ready to sell and will post when i have  it ready to  go for those who might be interested in buying some.

so today i leave you with these   gorgeous pictures  from my yard  enjoy and please post a   answer  or a hey you or just  a  hello  i would love to hear
from ya all.  happy  crocheting now :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Holidays

Happy  Holidays to you all. 

Its been a  year of  good and bad  This time last year  we were dealing with the aftermath of a horrible accident where this lady  who had no license or insurance drove through our  fence  and destroyed  3 of our 4 cars. I thought at the time that was one of the worst things that could happen  i was WRONG

The worst thing that  happened was my daughter almost  died this spring  a few more minutes and she would have so i am  very thankful and very very blessed.  

She is not out of the woods yet but doing much better   but if anyone is inclined  please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

As i thought about  all that happened i  wondered what i could do to help  those less fortunate  than myself and i found  a group  on facebook that helps people in my own area and am able to help several young people with the gift of  jewelry that i make. I also am  making hats for the homeless and working with another  wonderful woman  who will distribute this for me.

If you  are  fortunate and blessed  please feel  free to help others in any way you can.  You would be surprised  at how good it makes you feel.

  Happy holidays to you all and  God bless and keep you and for those who  do not believe  i  wish you peace and happiness
Have a wonderful  holiday season and  wishes to  a wonderful 2015

Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy October

Its that  time of year  October  time to have fun  running through freshly raked leaves  to  bake up yummy goodies and to just celebrate  the season.   i just want to say happy  fall and happy  crocheting or  knitting. please feel free to post a comment  and share what is on your  hook  I myself am making seahawk colors  hats scarves  slipper and alot of other things also working on some christmas  projects   happy hooking my friends   hugs and love vicki

Got the approval

To anyone who read the previous post  and prayed or sent good thoughts  thank you it worked and we have her coverage back up and running.   I apologize for the rant but i was at my wits end  not knowing what to do and needed to vent.   carry on back with the  crochet portion of our program soon   hugs Vicki

Monday, September 22, 2014

Why are citizens punished for what the government does

My daughter  received notification that she would be losing her health care coverage  at the end of the month, why? because the  idiots who got the  faxes i sent did not  bother to read them, now we have to go through the appeal process and  hope and pray she  regains  coverage, because this is not  just for someone with a cold  flu ect this is for someone who almost DIED  because she did NOT have it before(health Insurance). so the jackasses in Olympia have not bothered to  realize without the coverage she  easily could still die due to her blood clot that is clogging her carotid artery.totally blocking it and if it happens to break loose. she will either suffer a massive stroke, a heart attack or it could very easily kill her. please please pray she gets it back  thanks to all my followers and those who care enough to read this blog love vicki

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

RE: Does anyone read this blog

Im curious if anyone  is even reading  this blog as no one comments. If someone does can you please post a comment so i know or its pointless to even   post  thanks in advance and no offense to anyone just wanted to  know if  anyone wants me to continue  thanks  vicki

My thanks to winni in Australia i will be sending you a message soon. I have not been online for a while so i did not see the comment until now. Its almost  3 am and time for sleep but soon i will post on how crochet has helped me through  some really hard times so thanks for  posting and i will chat with you soon  have a good day and keep smiling it does help trust me  until we chat again my friend   hugs and sunshine

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prayers still needed

my poor  girl has a bad headache i am worried as the doc said to watch for that but it doesn't seem like its a  horrific one just maybe sinus. when do i know the difference  though  so will be up with her all night making sure she is going to be ok.   please keep her in your good thoughts and prayers as she has a long ways to go to fully recover but she WILL recover and  move on from this
. Crocheting has helped me relax and am working on something special for our girl  so hope she loves it it will be a  blue tardis purse from doctor who which is one of her favorite programs on  tv. its a surprise so shhhhhhh hehehe

hope you all have a wonderful tomorrow may the sun shine on you all and your days be filled with  good health and  happiness and love for  all  of those who need it God bless you all


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer

today is the first day of summer so  HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for not posting in a while

I apologize for not posting  recently but my daughter was in the hospital  for a month a half and she recently was  released and is now staying with hubby and myself.   if anyone needs any help with crochet questions please leave me a message with it and i will try and answer them.

please send prayers positive thoughts good energy whatever is your belief(i do not judge others for their beliefs as we are all  individuals and have our own things we  believe in) for my  girl as she has a long ways to go but is doing much better. it was so close we almost lost her and i am so thankful that  she is with us still  

take care and  God Bless all of you will be back soon with  crochet tips and things  hugs to all who need it and  thanks for following my blog it has been  quiet much to long :)  love ya all

Friday, May 2, 2014

A few of my latest projects enjoy

seahawk colors  12th man fan sweater for my great nephew Archer

little flower  tape measure i designed

slippers for keesha

little  kitty amigirumi

red  octopus for kristy

Melvin the snail for my friend  Lynn

little alien  ami

  more to come soon !!!

new update

So today my agent called me   with news  seems that because the Cabrera's have refused to even TRY and make restitution  the state is yanking his license as the car is in his name  his wife was driving and is responsible and so is he  so that was a  wonderful way to start my weekend.

 Maybe now they will realize that you can't just cause thousands of dollars in damage and just say  well we don't want to pay so we are not going to  guess what   karma is a bitch and she is coming after you all  i am so happy  ok vent over rant over and back to my life in crochet !!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014


So i talked with  my insurance agent and she explained to me whats going on now.  While the company  is  not  going after them  personally they have hired a  credit collection company to try and get them to pay. 

IF they do not pay  in this state the owner of the car  and her husband  will lose his license. while that does not really help  us with  getting our money back it will make things hard for them to get their  vehicles  licensed and Rosangel Cabrera if  found  driving  (which she is as we saw her several times)  if she is pulled over  for outdated  license tabs she will show up on the system as causing this accident and  if the police do their job  she will go to jail where she belongs.

I find this  so outrageous   these people who proclaim to be christians and loving the lord so much are refusing to pay what they owe.  i personally  hope that  something happens to make them  to make them realize  their actions. i wish nothing more than what they deserve and karma has a  way of making that happen.  

sorry for the vent am just so angry about all of this  ok back to my normal happy self  rants over.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


that the people who caused  us thousands and thousands of dollars  feel  that they don't have to pay us and our insurance company back. 

Really pastor Juan  Cabrera and  pastor  Rosangel Cabrera   you  think you don't have to pay this. what kind of church doctrine  is taught at your church  at mine we are taught to accept responsibility  for your actions and since you chose to drive while not even having a license OR insurance  then you broke the law and when you damaged our cars so bad one had to be totaled  that is just fine because we have ins? 

front end damage on hers    where she finally came to a stop  on sons car

shows the damage she did to all of the cars

shows hubs car into daughters after she hit husbands car and then daughters
Welll GUESS WHAT. we are out a  entire car and  have lost hundreds of dollars  to your carelessness   so suck it up and pay out what you owe. 
Until then you should be ashamed of yourselves. Must be nice to  just say no we don't want to pay and not    shame shame shame on the Cabreras  who profess to be 
pastor cabreras car did all this damage
christians and in God.  come judgement day you will pay and  until you admit to the lord and make right what you did wrong you are headed to hell.

Friday, April 18, 2014

I wish ..................

I knew why my body is giving out on me.Tonight the shoulder pain is so bad i can not even crochet.  NOT CROCHET???  what am i going to do.   lately the pain has been worse in the evenings  shoulder pain so bad i cry.

 I think what has happened is the discs that were  compromised in the accident in my neck are raising their ugly head so to speak I am feeling  nerve pain in my left shoulder and the strength of it has left me  gasping for relief.  

That being said  i WILL NOT give up or into the pain.   starting to rest a bit more with it but i will continue to crochet  when my arm allows it

On another note  my best  friend and fellow hat maker  is out of the commission for a while   so if anyone  still wants to help and donate  by making a hat or in any other way please do not hesitate to  post a message so i know i am not alone in reading   this post lol

Rain  is back and i'm hurting worse because of it. spending my time though  trying to  design the cute patterns you  all know and love  right?

Until  tomorrow have a better day peace and love to you all  ciao     vicki

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