Monday, January 7, 2013


    Year  started out  same way old one left,  good and bad things but  try to  focus only on the good things
    Want to wish each and everyone one of you  a happy new years and  my hopes and goals this year are to do more crocheting to help others. have sooo much yarn i dont need or use so may have a contest   with the winner getting a box of yarn  that they can use to help others.  let me   get that  set up on my brain then here on my blog and will let u know when its ready.

   SO  get your  thinking hats  on let me know what u think of this idea, i am thinking that it will be something like the winner  who  has the best use of it for charity   will win if there are several different  ones  we can have a  drawing to see who wins. i think  we should make it a  judging by the people and only can vote once  but has to be to help charity  what ya think?  send me your thoughts and will try and get it set up asap. yarn will be  cotton or acrylic and  will be a  medium sized flat rate box. because of cost unless the winner  is willing to help with  shipping internationally will be a  usa only contest(sorry but i can't spend  50 for shipping a box this size somewhere besides usa)  let me know your thoughts and we will do it   have fun be good and behave especially lol (i know not as much fun but  need to do that sometimes lol)  hugs and love vicki  

ps winner will also receive a surprise from me   for them only      hugs and love vicki

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